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Static & In-Motion Rail Scales: Weighing Technology for Many Industries

Rail Scale SystemRail scales provide many solutions for various industries. They can deliver tailored solutions for your particular demands.They are used in many operations, from recycling and agriculture, to mining and chemical applications. The rail scales are installed on the railroad track in order to measure the weight of the train or cars when they pass over the scale system.

There are two main types of rail scale systems available on the market today: the in-motion rail scales and the static rail scales. Depending on the industry, site characteristics, environment, business organizational needs and other factors, operator can choose between these two types of rail scales for the best suitable solution for their needs.

Rail ScalesStatic Rail Scales

Static rail scales, as the name implies are installed in a fixed location and they are not portable. This type of rail scales is best suited for measuring the loads of rail cars that are stationary in one location for some time. This type of rail scale can be installed on any part of the rail where it is required to measure the loads. In order to measure the weight, the car being measured should be stationary on the top of the static rail scale.

In-motion Rail Scales

In-motion Rail ScalesIn-motion rail scales are a type of weighing scales used for measuring the loads of in motion cars. This type of scales is the preferred choice in the mining industry. They are very accurate and effective. In-motion rail scale technology can be set up in as little as just half an hour and they can be placed anywhere on the rail.

Portable in-motion rail scales can be used anywhere is needed to measure weight and they can be moved along the rail line. Some of the in-motion rail scales also feature smart software. There are various types of rail scales for different types of trains and rail cars.

Industry Applications of Rail Scale Technology

Chemical Industry

Rail scales can help chemical companies to follow the safety regulations and control costs. They help companies in the chemical industry to achieve operational effectiveness. Rail scales used in the chemical industry are designed with special features for hazardous and corrosive environments.

Construction Industry

Rail scales used in the construction industry help companies to measure inputs, finished goods and waste in order to improve the efficiency of their operations by minimizing wastage and maximizing investment.

Food & Beverage Industry

In the food industry rail scales help with regulatory compliance, consistent quality, hygiene, food safety, and efficient production.

Manufacturing Industries

Rail scales can be custom integrated into existing operations and manufacturing networks. They help in improving production efficiency and respecting the industry specific regulation.Rail scales designed for manufacturing industries can stand up to the rough environment and conditions in the manufacturing industry.

Mining Industries

In the mining industries, rail scales provide information on efficiency, regulatory compliance, and revenue. In-motion rail scales are the most preferred option in this industry.

Recycling & Waste Management

In the recycling and waste management industries rail scales are the key to legislation compliance and operational efficiency. These industry applications are typically reserved for high volume waste management and recycling companies.

For more information on rail scales and the various systems and technologies available, please check out the portable and in-motion rail scales at Payload Pros is an industry leading in advanced weighing solutions for many applications.


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