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Tech-Minded SEO Tips to Rank Your Site Higher in Google

Most techies and marketers who embrace technology are familiar with SEO. However, only handful these folks understand how to implement proper SEO on their websites.SEO for Techies

The fact is, SEO is far more than just using your target keywords in the right places. Most of what generates a high ranking site is fueled from external sources (or the inbound links and activity stemming from other websites,) whilst a small 30% Google's ranking algorithm is on-site factors.

In this post, we share a handful awesome and actionable SEO tips for the tech-minded individuals who are looking to rank higher in Google. These tips extend into both on-site anf off-site SEO. Let's dive right in.

Nail the On-site SEO Basics

We'll get the most obvious and rudimentary SEO stuff out of the way first. In short, when optimizing a page, you'll want to include your keyword target in a few important places. Mention your keywords in these areas is important to establish keyword relevancy. SEO TIps

  • Page Title (or Meta Title)
  • Meta Description
  • Headers (H1-H3)
  • Page Copy (wrapped in strong tags, italics, and other text styling elements)

You can also benefit by including your keywords as image file names (and the images' properties prior to uploading them to the site.)

Master More Advanced On-site SEO Strategies

The latter SEO tips are the basics. Below are some advanced SEO strategies that can help you maximize the remaining 30% of on-site optimization.

  • Sitemaps - Be sure to include a comprehensive HTML sitemap page and link it somewhere site-wide, such as in the header or footer of your website. Consider the HTML sitemap the roadmap for search engine spiders to easily crawl and index your optimized pages. Also, generate, upload, and submit an XML sitemap on your Google Webmaster Tools account. This notifies Google that your site is all ready to be crawled and indexed
  • Schema - Schema markup is massively powerful for SEO, although not many search marketers and webmasters take advantage of Schema. In short, Schema markup is specific HTML code or tags that add to your site's content, enabling Google and other search engines to better interprety your website.
  • Linking - Within the body of your page copy, you can embed cross-links to other relevant pages of your website. Do this mindfully and strategically use keyword-relevant anchor text. This will help pass some degree of keyword relevancy to pages being cross-linked. This SEO strategy can also result in two listings of your website showing up in the Google search results. We call this a "double stack" (attack!)
  • Calls-to-Action - Make sure your SEO efforts and new influx of search traffic pays off. Implement sufficient call-to-action throughout your website and prompt visitors to take desirable action.

For more information about on-site optimization, check out this awesome SEO guide by the director of TC Top of Mind, an SEO consulting company that specializes in the best Google SEO Traverse City has to offer.

Generate Inbound Links (Backlinks)

The volume and quality of inbound links (or "backlinks") pointing to your website is what ultimate fuels top ranking websites. Even sites that are hardly optimized (using the on-site SEO tips above) can rank hard with a huge influx of backlinks.

Seek out opportunities to generate more quality inbound links to your site. By quality, we mean backlink sources that are relevant to your site. The more popular the site, the more SEO link juice it will pass to yours.

Generating links is not easy. It might take some outreach. Or better yet, make your website so badass that people will want to link to it naturally. This what makes a truly authoritative domain that's owns-it with SEO.

Social Authority Contributes to Stronger SEO

SEO Google Social MediaParallel to generating backlinks is building a strong social media presence. Emerging as an up-and-coming Google ranking factor that's getting more respect, social media and social signals (Google +1's, LinkedIn Shares, Pinterest Pins, Facebook Links, etc.) are helping Google define content and pages that are credible and high quality, and thus deserving of higher rankings.

For the greatest SEO impact, maintain an active presence on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. These social sites have the most weight for SEO. Here you can share your brilliant content and earn all those natural links. Easier said than done, right?

Are you super SEO savvy? Do you have any solid SEO tips to share? Let us know in the comments section below!


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