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How Technology Revolutionized Recruiting Efforts for College Universities

Recruiting has become a blend of technology, timing, media, and communication. Today, prospective college students are flooded with media and messages. The logistics are complex with a mix of email, viewbooks, Twitter, Facebook, texts, phone calls, mail, website, etc. But still, the messaging premise is simple. So when it comes to craft recruiting giveaways and message that work, your message must be creative, surprising and novel to be seen.

BookWear is an effective, novel communications medium that works as an effective recruiting tool that stands out from the mass clutter. It combines creativity, photos, messages, surprise and a gift. Actually, it is a book printed with your text and graphics on the cover. Inside, there will be a surprise gift. You can mail it like a post card. These types of recruiting giveaways and gift items are refreshingly tangible and unique in a world flooded by media. Surely, the recipient will open the book with surprise and read your message curiously.

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Myriad Options for Creative Recruiting Gifts

Many universities and colleges select t-shirts and other wearable items as the best BookWear recruiting giveaways for college students. However, colleges and other users can leverage a number of different options. Some of the most opular recruitment giveaway ideas are:

  • Flags
  • Beanies
  • Puzzles
  • Custom playing cards
  • Microfiber towels
  • Bluetooth FOBs or Key Finders
  • Phone stands
  • Corkscrews

All these items are functional can be customized to include any brand logos and colors. These are only the tip of the iceberg. BookWear can craft many recruiting giveaway ideas and it can go beyond the norms when it comes to recruiting gifts and promotional products.

Stimulating Surprise & Call to Action

BookWear helps you to combine the magic of surprise with your photos, message and a gift. This novel communications medium takes the world of promotional products by storm. In short, BookWear allows you to print your own graphics, designs and content on cover along with a surprise gift inside. college student recruiting giveaways and gift ideas

Today, high school graduates are aggressively solicited. Some parents of them gather and weigh all mail received by their children. Mobile and digital media are fast and weightless. However, they are very ubiquitous. Therefore, they have become the background noise.

As a result, fun, tangible and surprising messaging is acted and seen. You can print your photos and recruiting story on the BookWear cover. Once, the recipient open the book, they start identify your campus and advertisements. There will be a huge conversion rate. Once they open and read the book, they accept the gift. This is a huge surprise, so people will remember it.

All students like to receive these types of gifts. Colleges and universities use these types of gifts every year. Besides, lots of business organizations also use it to promote their brand. In fact, this is a key to a good gift. You can also open dimensional mail.

These types of books has some additional question, what is inside?’ Today, the world is inundated with virtual media. Therefore, tangible messaging has greater relevance. With an objective to reduce the budget for education, effective recruiting becomes more important. These can be designed by your art department. You can find endless possibility for outside BookWear.


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