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Bloomington, IL Chiropractor Adopts Laser Therapy Technology

Bloomington chiropractor, Dr. Timothy Bly of Bly-Hillman Chiropractic (located in Bloomington, IL,) has become a leader in the Illinois chiropractic scene through many different approaches. Dr. Bly advocates a patient-oriented and personalized approach to chiropractic care, and he embraces the newest and most effective technology in field. This Bloomington, IL chiropractor's approach to spinal re-alignment and mobility restoration has defined Dr. Timothy Bly as one of the most reputable chiropractors in Bloomington, IL, as well as state of Illinois.

One of the most recent adoptions of this Bloomington, IL chiropractor has been Laser therapy technology. This innovative form of laser therapy provides incredible potential for accelerated healing. In short, laser therapy is becoming a professional chiropractor's (and his patients) best companion. Below you can find out why. laser therapy chiropractic care

About Laser Therapy for Chiropractic Care

Laser therapy is a relatively new chiropractic treatment that has not been fully integrated in its field due to lack of understanding. Because of this lack of understanding, a lot of people have been skeptical about the effectiveness of this type of treatment and only a few chiropractic treatment clinics (one being Bly Hillman Chiropractic of Bloomington, IL) offer the treatment.

Cold Laser Therapy is Safe

The use of laser is often associated with cutting objects in industrial environments. What most people don’t know is that laser has been used in the medical field for several years. This means laser has been proven to be effective and safe in curing various physical conditions of medical patients. Besides, the type of laser used in treatments and the ones used in cutting objects are different. In cold laser therapy, low power laser is used to help reduce physical pain and promote healing.

A Non-Invasive Procedure

Traditional treatment for conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis usually requires surgery which is not only invasive but risky and painful. With cold laser therapy in conjunction with other chiropractor procedures by Bly Hillman Chiropractic of Bloomington, IL, patients will be able to go through painless and non-invasive procedure that produces significant results in a short period of time.

Medicine-Free, Purely Chiropractic Cure

When it comes to reducing neck and back pain, most patients resort to taking medications. While this can be very effective, it may cause harmful side effects after a certain period of time. Fortunately, patients who undergo cold laser treatment won’t need to take medications. This is because it can reduce inflamed areas of the injury that causes the pain. Patients who underwent low level therapy were reported to have healed at a faster rate which can be attributed to the absence of pain relievers.

No Side Effects

Unlike most treatments, chiropractic laser therapy doesn’t produce any side effects. With cold laser therapy, patients can enjoy being pain-free without worrying about suffering from any side effects. It has become one of the most popular additions to enhanced chiropractic care programs among the team of Bloomington, IL chiropractors at Bly Hillman Chiropractic.

Almost a One Cure for All

Cold laser therapy can cure a wide range of physical ailments which includes carpal tunnel syndrome, Bursitis, Plantar Fasciitis, joint injuries, muscle injuries and even spinal injuries such herniated disc, and prolapsed disc. Patients who don’t have any treatment options should give cold laser treatment a try.

A Quick Reminder from Your Bloomington Chiropractors

For those who want to undergo cold or low level laser therapy, it is important to choose a chiropractic clinic with the right credentials. Bly Hillman Chiropractic is run by Dr. Timothy Bly and Dr. Justin Hillman who have recognizable experiences in treating patients suffering from various physical conditions.

Cold laser therapy can be a better alternative when it comes to curing chiropractic related physical ailments. Since it is generally safe and effective, every patient can give it a try without worrying about harmful side effects or experiencing any pain during the treatment. To get the most out of the chiropractic laser treatment, patients should have their chiropractic laser therapy done by chiropractors who have extensive medical experience.


Truck Payload Management System by Walz Scale

Payload Pro Management SystemThe Payload Pro Software Suite by Walz Scale is the ideal payload management system for companies and individuals who want to have complete control over productivity and payload data. It allows users to process weighments accurately and quickly.

The software suite helps users capture and store data of each weightment which gives them instant access to a wealth of real time data. The software suite also gives users complete control over the system components by allowing them to run diagnostic test. These diagnostic tests will help in ascertaining whether all system components are running properly.

Built in Tools for Payload Management

Walz Payload Pro Software Suite also has several built in tools to help users to build a customized payload management system that suits their business. Some of the tools that can be used are: a) Customized Report Builder b) Automatic vehicle builder c) Off site access

Reporting for Payload Management

The reporting module of the software suite allows user to design their reports and distribute them in a manner that fits their requirement. The module also allows users to manipulate the payload data to suit their requirements. The report generated using the module can be distributed in the organization using the cloud sync system.

Features and Benefits for Payload Management

A key feature of this software suite is does not require any specialized software to process data. It can run on a normal personal computer or laptop that uses windows operating system. Some payload management systems require special software which can increase your expenses.

The Payload Pro Software Suite has been designed keeping in mind the needs of global business environment. The cloud sync technology allows the user to access their payload data from any part of the world.

Automatic backup feature of the software not only ensures the safety of your data but also saves you from the trouble of selecting the data you want to backup. Selecting the data you may need for daily or emergency use, can be a tiring process.

Since Payload Pro Software has been developed in-house, it is easy to customize the software to meet your specification. It gives you greater control over the software which helps in fulfilling the specific needs of your business. Also, it gives users access to knowledgeable support who understand your situation.

Users can control the portable payload system using handheld devices. This is an ideal option for those requiring real time data in their vehicle.

Areas of Use

Some of the areas where the software suite can be used include agriculture, pipeline, construction, asphalt, oil and natural gas, road construction, mining, forestry, landscaping, sanitation, paving, and transportation.

Built in Interface

The built in interface of the payload management software suite can help the users realize numerous benefits, including:

  • Remote weight display
  • In-motion payload weighing
  • Driver alert lights
  • Video Vehicle recognition
  • RFID system
  • Remote messaging display
  • Handheld interface options
  • Bed scanning System

Other Options of Payload Pro Software

If some of the features that you need are not available, you can get custom programming done to include these features. You can also request to Walz to design programs that can create customized reports. Some of the other options that can be included in the software are wireless data capabilities, long-term cloud storage of data, and printer interface.


Berkeley Chiropractor Uses Laser Therapy for Chiropractic Care

Berkeley chiropractor, Dr. Mik Hamilton of Hamilton Chiropractic (located in norther Berkeley, CA,) has become a pioneer in the California chiropractic scene in more ways than one. Dr. Hamilton advocates an innovative approach to chiropractic care known as The Pettibon System. This unique and highly effective approach to spinal re-alignment and mobility restoration has defined Dr. Mik Hamilton as one of the most renown chiropractors in Berkeley, CA, as well as northern California. berkeley chiropractor

Among of the most recent and technologically-advanced adoptions of the Berkeley chiropractor has been the K-Laser. This state-of-the-art laser system offers incredible benefits for healing, and now Dr. Mik Hamilton is able to provide laser therapy to his patients. In essence, the K-Laser is becoming a chiropractor's (and his patients) best friend, as it profoundly accelerates the healing process.

About The K-Laser

The "Class IV" K-Laser employs High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) that's designed to encourage tissue regeneration all while reducing and relieving pain. The K-Laser is not only affordable, but is completely painless and has absolutely no side effects. As the perfect supplement to standard chiropractic treatments, the K-Laser is provides significant relief of pain from a variety of conditions, including:k laser chiropractic

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Hip and back pain
  • Tennis elbow

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The Berkeley chiropractor has integrated this advanced laser system into many other form of his chiropractic programs. To learn more about the K-Laser, watch the video below.

Why Chiropractors Adopt the Laser Therapy


In addition to Dr. Mik Hamilton of Berkeley, CA, many chiropractors are adopting the laser therapy. On a scientific level, the laser transmits photons (which the skin absorbs) aiming to photo-biostimulate the cells (or in other words excite the cells.

As the photons from the laser reach cells, the beams promote a wide spectrum of stimulating cellular activities. In short order, the laser therapy can ignite the production of enzymes, collagen substances. As a result, cells of the body function optimally, helping to accelerate healing.

Learn more about the K-Laser therapy at to see precisely how this system works on the biological level.

Consult Hamilton Chiropractic of Berkeley, CA

Whether you're specifically seeking the laser therapy or chiropractic to help restore you spine's alignment, Hamilton Chiropractic of Berkeley, CA offers over 40 years of experience.

Dr. Mik Hamilton has set the standard among Berkeley chiropractors be offering advanced chiropractic care to over 10,000 patients in Berkeley and throughout the Bay Area of California. Contact Hamilton Chiropractic by visiting the website, or by contacting the by phone or paying the chiropractic office a visit:

Hamilton Chiropractic
1313 Gilman St, Ste B
Berkeley, CA 94706
Phone: (510) 526-3362


The Value of Paper Shredding Services for Businesses

paper shreddingInformation is gold. As much as you might consider this a cliché, your information should only be accessible to you only. Whether big or small, businesses usually hold very sensitive information like peoples credit and financial information. Information plays a very big role in the society today.

Some people use it well while others look for opportunity to exploit others with it. If you own a business, then it is time for you to consider getting a paper shredding service. The benefits of this service are beneficial to you and your clients.

Proper Document Disposal & Paper Shredding

Organizations that specialize in confidential paper shredding services know the risk of mishandling information. They are in that business because their main goal is to ensure that your information does not reach the wrong hands. It is important that you get paper shredding services if you do not want to take a big risk in your business.

If not properly disposed, sensitive information can be used against your business or even your clients. Get a company that can tailor their paper shredding programs to match your needs. Whether you're a small business needing paper shredding in Quad Cities IL or a corporation seeking document disposal in Chicago, seek a provider who will learn and understand the nature of your work, and will handle your information well as a result.

Safeguarding your Business

For any business, the most important thing is ensuring that clients are safeguarded. Cases of fraud and identity theft as well exploitation are increasing as days go by. You do not want your clients to be among those people who will be blackmailed for information that you did not destroy well. They will not only lose confidence in your trust but they will also quit being your clients. By safeguarding your clients’ sensitive information, you are also sustaining your business.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

If you decide to have shredding machines in your home, then you should be ready to incur more costs for maintenance and disposal. Like every machine, paper shredders need to be maintained regularly. There are times when the money needed to keep the machines in good shape in good shape is more than what you will need to pay paper shredding firms.

These companies also have specific places where they destroy all the information and dispose it well. As for you, you will have to establish a new place for disposal. If you do not want to reduce the stress of more cost and also have your date destroyed well then you should invest in paper shredding services.

Most paper shredding companies in Bloomington also specialize in hard drive destruction. Electronic devices are the target of thieves nowadays. With the advancement of technology, people are getting new ways of stealing form each other using computers.

It is then important for you to always secure your data. Even old and over used computers can be used by hackers to steal information and use it against your business. Paper shredding companies can also help you destroy old computers and hard drives. Before throwing the drives away, they will be fully destroyed in a way that no one can retrieve any information from them. Get a paper shredding and hard drive destruction services to secure your information and secure your business.


10 Tips to Help Keep Your Apple Computer Secure

Apple Mac RepairApple computers, just like any other computers, are not immune to viruses, hacking, and other malware malfunctions. Although many Apple computer users think because they own a Mac, they're fully protected. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

To help ensure your Apple computer stays secure and protected, this article shares ten tips that will help do the job.

1) Ensure your Apple Computer is up to date

First and foremost, it is important to ensure that your Mac is running the latest version of Safari and OS X. Make a point of running the software update regularly; doing this once a week can suffice. If there are patches, make sure you install them too. Just click on the apple icon on the upper left corner of the screen and select software update.

2) Close down Java

The java browser add-on has been attacked several times in Mac’s. If you don’t use this add on frequently then the best thing is to switch it off as getting its updates from Apple can take a while. Turn off the Java from the Safari browser; it is in the preference menu, under security. In case you are not using safari, you can turn it off from the computer; Go to Applications, then Utilities and then Uncheck in the General tab the Java Versions listed.

3) Use the password manager

A password manager such as Keychain comes free with Mac OS X; it helps you avoid re-entering your password ever time you log in. Password managers allow you to create a very unique and strong passphrase which is stored in the keychain; allowing you to use it instead.

4) Turn on your firewall

Every Apple computer comes with an in-built firewall and it is important for you to ensure that it is turned on so as to prevent unauthorized programs and users from accessing the machine remotely.

5) Make sure that you turn off “Open Safe Files”

This function was useful when there were files which were unlikely to harbor any malware or viruses. Things have since changed and even the most unassuming files can harbor deadly viruses. To change this particular setting, go to safari Preferences, then General and uncheck the “open safe files”.

6) Enable FileVault or full disk encryption

FileVault 2 is Apples encryption solution and can thus be used to secure the entire hard drive. It is a handy solution which can protect your Apple computer if it is lost or stolen. To run it, you need to have OS X Lion or higher and also install a Recovery HD on your start-up drive. Your password will then be used to unlock both your user account and hard drive.

7) Turn off the automatic logins options

Make sure that every time you log in your Apple computer, you either use a password manager or enter your password before accessing your account. It is tiring and boring but it ensures that your data is more secure.

8) Keep your apps up to date

Most if not all browser plug-ins are known as vectors of attack. Most of these plug-ins, such as Flash Player and Shock Wave, can affect the OS. It is important to keep on updating such apps if you have them installed in your Apple computer.

9) Avoid downloading pirated software

Apart from the legal and ethical reasons for doing this, studies have shown that pirated software is one of the leading sources of viruses. The OS X Trojan horse is a good example of a virus that was transmitted through plug-in and other software such as Adobe CS and a variety of computer games. Stay away from downloading pirated softare to avoid dealing with Apple computer repair down the road.

10) Be more cautious with your emails

It is important to carefully review all suspicious looking emails, keeping in mind that fraudsters have mastered the art of crafting some very convincing tell tales. Avoid emails containing “UPS Tracking”, other unknown files labeled important and those that require you to verify your identity.

Removing computer viruses from an Apple computer (or any computer for that matter) can be an cumbersome and expensive process. Take these 10 steps as means to minimize risks of security hacks, viruses, and other issues that might infect your Apple computer.


Home Automation Technology: URC Total Control System

URC Total Control Home AutomationA home automation system is the kind of organization that makes it possible for you to control the various components in your room. These vary from the lighting, audio, video and climate among many other elements. There are a number of systems that you have been developed for you to attain this. One of the best Home automation systems includes the URC Total Control.

Technology behind URC Total Control as a Home Automation System

The URC Total Control Home Automation System is designed for daily use to control various aspects of the home. These include lighting, entertainment and climate. This is made possible through the consolidation of all the electronics in the house into a menu that is easy to navigate. All the control is then channeled into a single device such as the tablet, Smartphone or handheld remote that you can place close to you for easy control. You will have the control right within your hands from any location in your house or around the globe.

Components of the URC Home Automation Syste

The URC Total Control is one of the top home automation systems that offer a number of elements that makes it less complicated and inexpensive. These include the following:

  • The possession of a basic component of television control
  • A Blu-ray
  • A cable box
  • Music with a mobile app or a remote

Home Automation Features

The various features of this home automation system that revolve around the primary controlling buttons are:

  • Press the button to make the lights dim, reduce the shades and start to watch a movie.
  • Listen to your favorite music in the house. These range from Rhapsody, Pandora or your CD collection.
  • Create a path of light that comes up in a welcoming way when you open the garage door.
  • Use live video to check on the kids, change the house temperature and see who is at your doorstep.

All these you can achieve from your Smartphone of other gadget when you are around your house or away on holiday.

Home Automation Benefits

There are a number of advantages that make the URC Total Control Home Automation System a must have component in your home. Some of these include:

  • The fact that it is inexpensive, versatile and simple to use
  • It makes your home smarter as it incorporates a wide range of technological innovations
  • It brings the entire house under control in a highly personal way
  • It offers a new kind of comfort, security and convenience

At one time or another, we have always wished for a gadget that helps us to control several aspects in the room. It is that tiny equipment that enables you to listen to your favorite music and watch your preferred videos or programs and vary the intensity of the lights depending on your moods.

You can also see the person standing at your doorstep. With this home automation system, you can perform all of these activities from the comfort of your couch. The URC Total Control is a Home Automation System is a perfect example of this. It is just that little magic box for you.


Your Basic Checklist for Computer Virus Removal

Remote Virus RemovalComputer viruses are a common problem today and antivirus program can hardly face this issue properly. The reason is that new threats appear every day and having a backup plan in case your computer gets infected is a must. Anyone who wants to perform a complete computer virus removal can follow these basic steps. This is a virus removal checklist that you will have to go through every time you have a serious problem.

1. Save your Documents, Images and Files

Before you start the computer virus removal process, try to make a backup for the documents, images and other files that you don't want to lose. You could use a USB flash drive, or a portable hard drive, but the data could also be burned to CD or DVD.

It would be best to have another computer or laptop with a good antivirus program already installed so you can verify the data before you put it back in the initial computer. This way if the virus removal process goes astray, you can rest assure knowing your important content is safely stored.

2. Install Antivirus Software in Safe Mode

The next step when doing a complete computer virus removal is to install antivirus software from an uninfected source, such a CD. If your computer is functional with the virus, check into MalwareBytes, which is a free virus removal platform that's highly recommended.

Be sure to start the operating system in safe mode before you do this. Run a complete scan of your computer and clean the infected files. Usually, this virus removal technique will fix the problem, but sometimes more steps are required for eliminating all the viruses.

3. Reinstall the Operating System

If you see that crucial files of the operating system have been seriously infected and there is no way to fully restore the system because these files have to be deleted, the only virus removal solution left is to make a clean installation of the operating system.

Before you do this installation, format all of your hard drive partitions to be sure no traces of viruses remain. Then, reinstall all the programs, including the antivirus software. Run a scan again. Even if this process is time-consuming, it will help you get rid of any virus that you could have in the computer. If you don't know all the virus removal steps required for this, you can use this list:

  • check all your programs before installing the system and make sure you will be able to reinstall them too after you install the system.
  • insert the operating system CD or DVD and then restart the computer.
  • check the bios to see if your computer is set to boot from the CD or DVD.
  • format your hard drives and install the operating system.
  • install drivers and the antivirus program.
  • make sure the firewall is activated in the operating system or from the antivirus program.
  • put back all the programs that you use.
  • after you scan all the documents, images and files you made backup to on another computer, copy them to the newly installed operating system, as now they are safe.

4. Final Virus Removal Recommendations

You don't need the knowledge of a computer repair expert to follow all these virus removal steps. However, in some drastic cases of virus removal, you can opt to contact a local computer repair expert or consult with a remote virus removal company. We recommend Nerds on Call for remote virus removal, as they are known to be highly trusted and affordable.

Lastly, you can take advantage of this operation and split your hard drive in as many partitions as you desire and give them size that you want. It is not recommended to format only the partition on which you install the operating system, because some viruses can remain on the secondary partitions even after you make a clean install of the operating system. If you follow all of these steps, everything will run smooth, you will be able to prevent future infections and you will not have to go through computer virus removal procedures again and again.


Portable Weigh Pad Technology: Optimal Functionality & Versatility

Portable Weigh PadThere has been significant progress in the way truck loads are weighed in order to monitor the daily performance and payloads. The current technology is way more efficient, as opposed to the cumbersome mechanisms that were used in the past. If you're in the business of mining, trucking, logistics, farming, or any other industrial-based profession, then you'll definitely appreciate the technology behind portable weigh pads.

Weigh pad systems are not only portable, but are also very simple to setup which means that you don't necessarily need to be a technical specialist to understand how it works. Once you get your hands on portable weigh pads, you'll be on your way to improving the entire management of your truck's performance.

Engineering Behind Portable Weigh Pads

A lot of research went into the construction of the portable weigh pads; and this is evident in how effective they are at delivering exactly what your trucking business needs. The equipments are built using pieces of aluminum, which makes it very light to move around to. The portable nature of the weighing equipment is very convenient, especially if you're in a business that requires you to measure truck load materials on site.

All you have to do is lay down the weighing equipment and have your trucks pass on top of the scale so that the readings can be entered into the system. You'll actually be impressed by how fast the equipment is at registering readings that are always accurate.

Another important thing to note about portable weigh pads is that they are completely waterproof and can withstand very harsh environmental conditions. We all know that the conditions in a trucking business can be very harsh and most appliances tend to wear out easily.

Once you install the portable weigh pads, you'll never have to worry about its performance since it has been designed to provide accurate weight results regardless of the conditions. It doesn't matter whether you're operating on gravel or earth foundations, the weigh pads have been built with very sturdy materials that can comfortably withstand such conditions.

Optimal Functionality and Versatility

The equipment also comes with conveniently placed ramps that are removable. This provides an ideal platform for the trucks to use during the weighing process. The ramps have been enhanced with bright visual alerts that make it easy for truck drivers to correctly position their trucks on the scale pads.

The weight terminal makes use of a rechargeable battery that can store enough power to facilitate hours of scale operation. The entire scale system is connected to a printer that produces accurate details of each and every truck that was weighed on the scale.

In-motion weighing happens to be one of the most cost effective and time saving method of weighing trucks. The available portable weigh pads have the ability to do just that. You'll now be able to speed up your truck weighing process and thereafter save a lot of money in the end. This method is effective at saving time since you don't have to stop and weight each and every axle. Using this weighing system will go a long way in reorganizing the way you manage your business as well as avoiding expensive overload fines since you'll always ensure that your trucks are within the required tonnage.


Instrument Calibration Services: Globally-Reliant Support for Technology

In industrial and developed countries, around 3-6% of the GDP is accounted for by businesses that depend on instruments. For the businesses to achieve their annual economic goals, products must be made accurately, precisely, and according to set standards.Instrument Calibration

Moreover, these businesses have both internal and external quality assurance criteria to comply with. Instrument calibration services help to compare the readings from instruments used by businesses to the readings of traceable national and international references and measurement standards.

Calibration can be done in the business premise or in the calibration service company’s laboratory. If the instruments display correct readings, calibration certificates are usually issued.

Instrument calibration services are a crucial way of reducing the cost of production or operations in order to maximize profits. When instruments are calibrated regularly, they perform according to specified limits and reduce the number of potential inaccuracies and risks that may escalate the cost of production.

How Instrument Calibration Works

Typically, instrument calibration helps to improve the regulation of processes and reduce the magnitude of errors. In turn, businesses using calibrated equipment can save lots of production capital, sell quality products at lower prices, and remain highly competitive. The primary goal of calibration is to test and determine the accuracy of instruments and sensors, and prevent any inaccuracies that may significantly affect the quality of products.

Accuracy of instruments is important in a broad range of business sectors. For instance, calibration services are invaluable in gas, oil, and petrochemical industries, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage businesses, service provision, and power and energy sectors.Industrial Calibration

In processing plants, for instance, a huge range of instrumentation, including temperature sensors, pressure transmitters, weighing scales, flow meters, frequency counters, and RTDs help in the efficiency of the manufacturing processes. Such instruments must regularly be calibrated in order to perform at specified and optimal limits.

In the highly-regulated nuclear, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries, calibration services help to make instruments to give correct measurements and perform within prescribed critical limits for better consistent quality, traceability, and quality certifications.

Calibration services, like those provided by OQ International, are necessary for new instruments or within specified periods of time. Similarly, calibration is necessary when an instrument has undergone unexpected vibrations or shocks that have stretched it out of the specified limits.

In industrial applications, calibration is useful in the restoration of optimal performance to an instrument that has been exposed to physical stress and pressure variations. Temperature changes and physical stress make instruments to drift from standard limits and generate unreliable data, which may in turn affect the quality of products or services of a company. While calibration may not completely eliminate such drifts, it helps to discover and rectify most drifts.

Value in Calibration Services and Consulting

Calibration services help to prevent unscheduled production and machine downtime, eliminate process and product quality problems, and prevent product rework and recalls. Moreover, when instruments are located or perform hazardous processes, calibration will prevent drifts that may cause employee safety risks. Instrument Calibration

Similarly, calibration eliminates safety issues with consumers, which in certain circumstances may lead to license suspension, bans, costly legal tussles and huge losses. For example, food and beverage industries cannot take chances with their instruments because of potential safety issues.

Equally, instrument calibration services help companies that supply paper and pulp, steel, aviation and power companies, retail outlets and harbors where fiscal metering and invoicing is primary to operations and masses of items supplied is critical.

Typical instruments that are calibrated include clamp meters and multi-meters, oscilloscopes and calibrators, frequency meters and frequency calculators, temperature indicators, weights and scales, pressure sensors and gauges, volume meters and flow meters, thermal energy meters, power measuring equipment, tachometers, moisture meters, engineering technical measuring instruments, torque measurement instruments, and length measuring instruments.

Through calibration services, these instruments can deliver correct volume, mass, electricity, pressure, flow, length, thermal energy, and heat measurements. Moreover, calibration ensures smooth production processes and reduces wastage occasioned by inaccuracies.


Mining Scales: Advanced Technology for Payload Management

Weighing technology is rarely a topic of interest or conversation, especially in mining industries. However, little to people know that the various types of mining scales are imperative in many aspects of resource acquisition and the business models that support these essential operations.

In this Technology Scribes article, we showcase mining scales, their purpose and function, as well as the various types of mining scales (and the amazing technology within.)

The Importance of Accurate Weight Data in Mining

The accuracy of the weight data is critical to the mining industry, as well as to other related industries. From exploration to the disposition of waste materials, accurate weight data is an indication of operational efficiency, effective cost control, revenue management, and regulatory compliance.

As such, mining scales are used to help maintain an effective management of payloads. Effective management demands an extraordinary degree of reliability and precision. Appreciatively, advancement in technologies had given rise to modern industrial weighing scales, brimming with accuracy and dependability.

The Significance of Mining Scales

Heavy-duly mining scales are essential tools to weigh payloads accurately for various types of applications. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the innovations applied in weighing scales have significantly benefited the mining industry. These weighing scales have now been integrated into their control system, complete with software and program applications aimed to improve accuracy.

Additionally, other phases of the mining operation may also require special mining scales, equipped with advanced features to weigh and analyze the extracted materials accurately. Thus, on-site and portable mining scales have become essential tools for the effective management of the payload system. Other weighing scales can now be paired with a sophisticated database and weight indicators. The weight data can be easily recorded and exported to a variety of programs within the control system.

Common Types of Mining Scales

Below we share some of the common types of weighing scales used in mining operations. These are just a few of the most popular scales systems, as there are numerous other mining scales for specific trucks and pieces of equipment.

conveyor belt scaleConveyor Belt Scales

Conveyor belt scales are specially designed to gather weight data while materials are in motion, passing through the conveyor belts. With this type of mining scale, the operation is not disrupted in order to gather the weight data as data is collected while the operation is moving.

Mining Truck Scales and Weighbridges

Truck scales are generally designed to withstand the tough conditions of the mining operation. They have the ability to provide accurate and reliable weight data, despite extreme environmental conditions. Weight data are taken without the need of unloading the extracted materials, as trucks are directly placed on the weighing scale.

Portable Mining Scales

axle scaleAs the name implies, portable mining scales, also called portable axle scales for mining trucks, are not fixed or installed permanently on a specific site. Although there are several variations to this type of scale, generally, they enable target payload data of any given truck or loader as they can be transferred from one truck to another, thereby reducing operating costs.

Regardless of the type of mining scales, they have become essential systems in monitoring payloads, especially when the large-scale weighing process is required. Primarily, the mining industry uses heavy equipment and specially-designed trucks and loaders, which are needed to extract and transport materials. Often, they required Walz on-board scales that are built specifically for mining operations.

Despite the global demand for minerals, any type of mining faces the challenge of tight supply. The efficiency of all existing mines must be maintained; hence, it is essential to monitor operational efficiency in order to control costs, minimize losses, and maximize revenues.


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