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11 Awesome Toys for Tech-Savvy Kids

Tech Toys for KidsAs the holidays approach fast, the hunt for awesome toys for kids becomes more intense. Long gone are the days when simple toys like hula hoops, dolls, stuffed, animals, and other more natural toys for toddlers and kids are found entertaining. Children now a-days are able to program computers before they can write their names. Below, are eleven toys that are sure to please even the most tech-savvy of kids.

1. MiP Robot

This Segway style robot can be controlled with hand gestures and movements; or it can be control through an iOS or Android capable device. This 10 inch robot can balance items on a tray, dance and more. It is available in either black or white and is powered by AAA batteries. Learn more.

2. LeapFrog Leap TV

This educational tool has been described as a cross bread of the Xbox Kinect and the Nintendo Wii. The motion sensor controls allow children to move freely about as they play the education based games that accompany the device. The vast majority of the games are centered around a variety of Disney characters. Learn more.

3. Barbie Color Change Handbag

By way of LED light technology and a switch at the rear of the handbag, the color can be changed to whatever you desire. The handbag can match any color that it is placed inform off. Learn more.

4. Scalextric ARC One (App Race Control)

The iOS and Android operator race control system allows for a hands-free race and the ability to show key race information on the screen of your smartphone. This new app is compatible with older Scalextric race tracks, etc.; therefore, clean out the attic and add to the racing excitement. Learn more.

Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone Toy5. Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone

This drone weighs 1.95 ounces and is able to fit in the palm of your hand. Geared for older children, the drone is operated by way of the FreeFlight 3 app (available for iOS and Android). It takes 90 minutes to fully charge the drone and that only provides the pilot with 8 minutes of flight time. The drone does come equipped with proper protection against inevitable crashes into walls and such. Learn more.

6. Nintendo Ambiibo

This is Nintendo’s way of bringing toys to life. Each miniature figuring has a microchip in its base and can be used to play a variety of games on the system. Learn more.

7. Lego Fusion

Lego has given itself a technology make-over. This year, Lego landers can upload their block creations into the virtual world. Learn more.

8. Kano Kit

For the most extreme of the tech-savvy kids, the Kano Kit allows them to create their own computer, essentially. Included are a motherboard, customizable, case and cords as well as programming books. Learn more.

9. Anki Drive

This is a millennium update on the traditional slot car racing toy. The cars have been drastically updated and race on a rolled out vinyl track and the cars are controlled via an iOS or Android operated device. Learn more.

10. Kinetic Sand

This high tech, mess free moldable sand is perfect to children of all ages. It is simple but it also serves as the perfect marriage between a traditional toy and technology. Your child can experience the joy and fun that you did when there age, with less mess. Learn more.

11. Littlebits

This collection of lights, magnets and more allow for children to be creative while learning the basics of engineering. Learn more.

Do you have any awesome tech-savvy toys for kid to share? Let us know in the comments section below!


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