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Advancements in Wheel Load Weigher Technology from Payload Pros

Are you looking for the best wheel load weighers for heavy-duty weighing and payload management? Do you need an accurate, seamless and user-friendly wheel weigher system that's fully portable and offers weigh-in-motion capabilities?

If so, then Payload Pros is your go-to source for advanced wheel load weigher technology. Paylod Pros is a division of Walz Scale, a reputable company is well-known for offering the best truck scales to mining, agriculture, and transport industries, to name a few. Payload Pros customers enjoy top-notch portable wheel weighers that offer advanced capabilities and extreme heavy-duty capacities.

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An Inside Look at Portable Wheel Weighers

Wheel load weighers or portable wheel weighers are totally mobile axle scale systems which are suitable for a wide number of applications. They are also known as portable wheel axle weighers. There are different types of portable wheel load weighers which come with unique qualities for specific operations.

Types of Portable Wheel Weighers

Payload Pros offers a wide range of portable wheel load weighers, spanning from heavy-duty weighing systems to in-motion axle scales. Below are some of the various types of portable wheel weighers from Payload Pros.

HDAW Series Wheel Load Weighers

truck wheel weighersThese axle weighers are specifically designed for heavy duty weighing under harsh conditions. They are tested thoroughly during construction hence are very accurate during operation. The HDAW models are constructed from aluminum and come with removable ramps. Their unique design make them superior over other models when it comes to portability. Lastly, they come with a digital weighing terminal, two weighing pads and access ramps.

OTR Wheel Weigher Scales

The portable wheel weighers offered at Payload Pros are designed to cater for heavy duty trucks with OTR tires. This makes it easier for you to weigh oversized off-road vehicles from any location at any time. These axle wheel weighers provide real-time data for people who work in shipping, freight, mining and farming industries.

AXW-Series Wheel Weighers

The AXW-series is made up of different types of portable wheel weighers. Each of these models come with lightweight removable ramps which makes setting up and dismantling very easy. To increase the data analysis capabilities and features, the AXW-series models come with a integrated weighing terminal, which offers: wheel weigher terminal

  • An operator interface – Makes operation easier.
  • Weigh study software – Enhances accessibility, interpretation and organization of data.
  • Integrated printer – Enables users to print total vehicle and axle weight for tickets/receipts.

These wheel axle weighers are self-contained digital scales with an internal receipt printer and battery operation. The integrated weighing terminals are suitable for various types of portable truck scale systems. These terminals are very user-friendly and compatible with a majority of wheel weigher scales designed by Walz Scale. Below are some of the more popular options among portable wheel load weighers from Payload Pros and Walz Scale.

AXW-30 Wheel Weigher

It’s a very affordable portable load wheel weigher which can withstand weighs of up to 30 tons. Regardless of its affordability, AXW-30 is ideal for most field operations.

AXW-45 Wheel Weigher 

Just as its name suggests, AXW-45 is specifically designed to take weighs of up to 45 tons. If you need to weigh extra loads, this is the ideal choice for you.

AXW-95 Wheel Weigher

Constructed from high strength structural steel, AXW-95 can withstand total truck weights of up to 95 tons. This is a popular choice for people who desire high-capacity wheel weighers.

AXW-110 Wheel Weigher

They offer a greater weighing capacity of up to 110 tons. The AXW-110, despite its high load weighing capacity, is light in weight, very accurate and durable.

portable wheel weighers technology

AXIM In-Motion Wheel Weighers

The AXIM-series in-motion wheel load weighers enables users to take weights of a truck while it’s still moving. These weigh-in-motion axle scales operate by taking measurements of each axle weights and total weight of the truck while the vehicle is in motion. Just like other portable wheel weighing systems, they are very simple and cheap to install.

The portable wheel load weighers present at are the best for taking real-time truck loads from any location. They are also very easy to use and can withstand harsh working environments.


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