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Advanced Weighing Systems for Warehousing & Logistics Companies

Walz Scale is a company that provides a variety of industry-defining products and advanced technologies for heavy-duty weighing and data management. Some of the products and solutions the company provides includes truck scales, on-board weighing systems, automated kiosks for ticketing, printers, axle scales, floor scales, pallet scales, software/apps, lift truck scales, and pallet jack sales, among many others.

Logistics WArehouse Weighing Solutions

Walz Scale is mostly renowned for its advanced weigh scales for sale, which are widely used by logistics companies to measure weights. They not only help centralized logistic centers that distribute goods, but also companies that own their own warehouses and need to establish their own weighing system for proper order fulfillment and distribution logistics. Some of the most notable and applicable solutions are in detail below.

Rail Scales

Rail scales are among the top solutions for many companies. These can be either bought or rented for short periods of time. They provide a variety of benefits including multiple scale sizes, field serviceability, can handle multiple capacities and have local support. There are also static and in-motion rail scales that can be used in diverse settings such as farming, construction, and mining.

Most of the rail scales are portable and easily assembled by the company in diverse scenarios. If your company needs to constant moved many loads, rail scales are the right choice for you. This rail scale technology that can be easily disassembled to free up space in your building.

Walz Pallet Scales

Walz Scale offers a diverse variety of floor scales and pallet scales. They're used by companies all across the country and in many parts of the world. Once integrated into the operation environments of many logistic companies, Walz pallet scales allow for easy weighing of loads, packages, heavy boxes and much more.

These heavy duty, NTEP certified pallet scales that are fabricated with top industry materials including stainless steel to avoid cohesion and mild steel. The designs of these scales are resistant to heavy duty and their reliability has a proven track record of trust by many companies.

Walz Conveyor Belt Scale

Walz Scale provides onboard scales that are state of the art, resistant and reliable which can be assembled to any vehicle. These include portable mining scales, rental scales, weigh bridge truck scales, conveyor belt scales and many others.

If you want to set up a logistics management operation but your company is on a tight budget, you can rent all you need and set them up in your distribution branch. After your company starts to reap some profits from such operations, then you can move on to buying your own equipment. This is the best approach that has been done many times by various logistical companies that are scattered across the country.

Walz Scale is the company for you to consider once renting or making your scale purchases. They provide onsite services such as industrial truck scales rentals, calibration, offering a wide variety of systems for retail, shipping, freight and many others. Their systems incorporate heavy duty axle technologies to ensure high endurance and heavy duty resistance. They have proprietary technology installed in all their pallet jacket scales, wheel weigher, duty axle scales and others in order to ensure a long product lifetime.

This company is your optimum choice once considering to make a logistical investment. Call them today at their toll-free number (800) 747-0701 and learn the payment methods for rentals and new purchases. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


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