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The Technology Behind Weighbridge Truck Scale Systems

Weighbridge ScaleWeighbridge truck scales are large steel deck truck scales that are often mounted on a concrete foundation in a fixed or permanent fashion. Steel deck weighbridges are used to weigh the trucks or heavy duty vehicles and their contents to determine the load weight.

In essence, weighbridge scales facilitate the calculation of the load carried by the vehicle through weighing the vehicle when empty and when loaded. Load cells are the primary component that are used in the weighin mechanism of most weighbridge truck scales. These scale systems can then help users avoid overload fees, determine payload weight, as well as a number of other needs in weight management.

Nature of Weighbridges

The ramp is surface mounted on a weighbridge, which leads up weighing equipment underneath, as well as a short distance. In addition, to make the weighing surface be at the same level with the road, a pit is mounted with the weighing material and the platform found in the pit. Weighbridges are not only extremely robust by nature but also typically built from concrete and steel.

Earlier versions of truck scales are installed over a pit, which is rectangular and has levers that eventually connect to a balance mechanism. The arrangement of the levers below the weighbridge is the most complex portion in this type; it requires the response of the scale to be independent of the load distribution. Modern weighbridge truck scales use several load cells that connect to electronic equipment.

Weighbridge truck scale systems are therefore efficient since they can easily totalize the sensor inputs from this unique technology. Currently, a number of weighbridges are linked to personal computers. These personal computers have truck scale software that can print ticket and offer reporting features.

To a get an idea of a weighbridge scale in action, see the video below:

Technology of Weighbridge Truck Scales

In places where a weighbridge has multiple uses, such as temporary road intercepts, a large supplant of thin and simple electronic weigh cells are used. A vehicle is slowly driven over these weigh cells to allow the computer record the cell output as well as accumulate the total weight of the vehicle.

For assurance that the vehicle is within statutory limits, you weigh the force of each axle. Through this, you will be able to know the total weight of the vehicle, an individual limit axle, and a maximum weight within the limit of the axle span. The gross weight of the vehicle and the maximum weight within the axle span limit ensure the safety of the bridges while the individual axle limit protects the road surface.

Working Functionality of Weighbridge Scales

The main uses of truck scales include charging or selling according to weight over the bridge, and checking the total weight of the vehicle and the axle weight. In charging or selling according to weight over the bridge, weighbridges are used in industries that produce bulky goods such as quarries, electronic equipments, household items and dumping centers. Use of a weighbridge enhances the measure of the flow of bulk items in and out of various locations since the weight of the vehicle carrying the items is known.

To check whether the vehicle is safe to travel on public highways and avoid possible fines due to overloading, the weighbridge truck scales are used; to check the gross weight of the vehicle and the axle weight. To find weighbridge truck scales for sale, visit, a leader in all types of truck scale systems.

It is important to note that commercial scale must be National Type Evaluation Program certified or approved. National Conference on Weights and Measures, commonly known as NCWM, is the body that issues this certificate. NCWM collaborates with the National Institute of Standards and Technology during the issuance of this certificate.


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