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Walz Scale Evolves Weighbridge Technology for Custom Applications

Walz Weighbridge Truck ScalesWeighbridges should weigh trucks and vehicles (as well as thier loads) dependably and accurately. Even in tough environments, a good weighbridge truck scale should provide the most accurate results.

Walz Scale has evolved its weighbridge technology for use in the toughest environment and for custom applications. Each weighbridge scale offers advanced technology with robust weight sensors and a high quality design. Here are features, benefits and functional value from Walz Scale weighbridges.

Functionality of Walz Weighbridges

Weighbridge truck scales are simply a large set of scales mounted upon a concrete foundation. These new technology weigh bridges have been supplanted by thin electronic weigh cells over which the vehicle to be weighed is driven. A computer accumulates the output of the cell and finds the total weight of the vehicle.

By weighing the vehicles when empty and when loaded, the load carried by the vehicles are calculated. Walz Scale equipment employ this weighing process for various industrial applications.

Features of Walz Weighbridges

Power and efficiency

The truck scales are custom-integrated to provide accurate results and employ professional calibration services. This ensures consistent and highly accuracy results from the weighbridges.

Durable Design

Walz Scale weighbridge truck scales are made from steel or concrete, they are therefore extremely robust. These scales vary in design that include; the portable axle scale and the heavy duty wheel weigher. Portable truck scales will have a lower framework and can also be placed on dirt. Portable axle scales are portable truck weigh scales for heavy duty weighing.

Legal, Safe, Accurate

Other features of these scales is that the designs are MSHA approved, multiple truck scales sizes are available and multiple capacities also available. One can also get custom designed weigh bridges. Walz Scale will thus be able to assist in any of your weigh scales concerns. For additional functionality, you can get rental weigh scales or specialized heavy duty weigh scales.

Benefits of Weighbridge Scales

These weigh scales are predominantly used in industries that produce or move bulk items. Such industries include mines or quarries, agricultural production, bulk powder, household production goods, electrical equipment production and recycling centers. If the weights of the raw materials or products are crucial for payments, then they have to be accurately determined. Walz Scale provides you with weighbridges that ensure you measure the most accurate weights.

Weigh bridges for trucks are used for different applications. They are a quick and easy way to determine the flow of goods that go into different locations. To access these services, contact Walz Scale to get an efficient and powerful weigh scale that employs the most recent technology.


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