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5 Advanced Warehouse Automation Technologies Changing the Game

With ever increasing labor costs and heightened supply chain pressures for more accurate, faster and client responsive operations, warehouse automation technologies have significantly grown in popularity over the years.

These technologies have gained acceptance and are currently changing the face of warehouse automation since they deliver productivity, throughput capacity, enhance accuracy and streamline accountability for businesses. They also offer an efficient and cost effective flow of goods to consumers.

Here are 5 advanced warehouse automation technologies changing the game of the industry.

In-motion Cubing & Dimensional Weighing Systems

These systems provide the complete automation that’s needed for advanced shipping and warehousing operations requiring high accuracy dimensional weighing and cubing functionality. With current technological advancements, these systems are capable of high speed operations if the situation or application demands.

In most instances, cubing systems can either operate as a standalone or easily integrate into an existing conveyor system. To ensure ease of maintenance, most of these systems utilize off the shelf components, making it easy to replace components locally. They are widely used in real time cubing for freight and inbound manifests as well as DHL/UPS/USPS/FedEx dimensional weight compliance demands.

Automatic Strapping Machines

These automatic strapping machines are ideal for fast strapping high volumes of cartons or other packages. With most of the machines capable of anything between 20 and 30 straps per minute, they do give businesses a reliable and fast solution to virtually all strapping needs.

Most of the automatic strapping systems do come with an external tension control which can be used to suit various pack applications. Automatic strapper machines are also fitted with a short feed sensor that automatically prevents instances of misfeeds.

Depending on the brand and model, automatic strap systems normally have three methods of activation, these include the console button, foot pedal or ball switch; these make operating the system relatively easy.

Sortation Systems

Sortation systems are generally designed for very diverse product handling and high throughput industries. Automated sortation systems can either be categorized as circular, linear, divert or pouch sortation depending on the model and brand one is using. These warehouse automation systems are extensively used by hardware, catalog, parcel freight and the retail industry.

Manufacturers and third-party logistics providers of fast moving consumer goods typically use such systems to handle cartonized products as they come off their production lines. Smart IT systems have led to an increase in overall responsiveness by most manufacturers and retailers alike as they can receive and dispatch goods just in time. Most also adopt flow through and cross docking handling processes to ensure that cases and packages are efficiently distributed once they are received.

Automated Conveyors & Checkweighers

These automation systems for warehousing and logistics have found extensive use in a number of industry sectors such as the food and pharmaceutical industry. Available in automatic as well as manual operational modes, these systems allow precision weight checking of packaged items, with those items having different weights than the tolerated limit being automatically removed from the process. The system not only allows for quick weighing solutions but also offers a wide choice of customization options for clients.

Shrink Wrapping Machines

These machines are highly sought after in the market for efficiently catering for various bottle wrapping needs. The system is ideal for industries that move bottles, mineral water bottles and cans. They can easily be designed and fabricated in fixed or variable speed conveyor speeds as per individual needs and requirements. Most of these machines are energy efficient, fast and smooth functioning as well as durable and reliable.


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