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Volume Load Scanning Technology To Soon Replace Truck Weigh Scales?

Weighing heavy trucks and truck loads accurately and efficiently is a critical element in many different industries spanning from mining to farming. Conventional weighbridges, axle scales, and other truck weigh scale systems are both expensive as well as cumbersome given that they often require some degree of maintenance, calibration, and upkeep.

Now a new form of volume load scanning technology introduces a more efficient and unique weighing solution. Unlike the heavy-duty truck weigh scales and weighbridges dominating the market, load scanning systems require less maintenance, are easy to use, and measure load weight and volume, and help to save on costs. Additionally, most load scanners are fully portable and available for rent.

Walz Load Scanner with Portable Trailer

Enter: Walz Load Scanner

Among the top rated load scanners on the market today is the Walz Load Scanner. The highly-advanced and quickly-emerging Walz Load Scanner underscores heavy-duty weighing qualities that are fast, dependable, accurate, convenient, and cost effective.

The fact that Walz Load Scanner system provides in-motion load scanning makes it even better and more efficient that most truck scales of today. Its adoption of proprietary laser technology allows the system to scan and measure load volumes, which can then be calculated into weight metrics.

How The System Works

The load scanner (also referred to as a volumetric load scanner,) first scans the empty truck bed and saves the empty volume data in the system. Then, the same loaded truck is scanned, enabling the system to calculate the difference volume.

And with basic operator inputs telling the system the material density of the load (i.e. grain, coal, etc.), the system can provide immediate weight metrics that are equally accurate as most truck scales.

Simple Load Scanner Components

The Walz Load Scanner works with the use of a PC (or laptop), 3D laser scanner units, and simple connecting hardware. This translates to inexpensive setup costs and easy portability. Integrated with the system, the Payload Pro Operating System from Walz offers load scanner users with all the software and tools they will ever need to monitor and manage truck load data.

Load Scanner Technology

This advanced load management software that has been specifically designed to work with volumetric load scanners. One advantage of this software is that it has been designed to operate on all types of computers and smartphones. And because all data can be saved and stored in the cloud, accessing and monitoring load scan data can never be easier.

Why Companies Are Opting for Load Scanners?

Given that same content loads are always standard, industries are preferring a more convenient and accurate way of weighing their trucks. The mining industry, for instance, still uses the same old loading and unloading methods which, if the mining content is the same, provides standard loads. To this end, the load scanner systems offer precise and accurate weights.

Load scanners, such as the load volume scanner system from Walz, can differentiate loads by content, density and humidity to reduce instances of problematic weighing. Companies are thus able to load and unload their trucks fast given that the issue of problematic weighing has been kept at bay.

The Payload Pro software allows users to weigh loads and serve them through a centralized location on the web. This application allows you to view the weights from different parts of the world; you can view it on your computer, iPad, mobile phone, laptop, notebooks and more. This makes it easy for industries to manage trucks that are in transit as well as stock piles and many other aspects that allow them to optimize their operations.

load scanner in action

Put simply, load scanning technology is for any industry that wants fast, efficient, reliable, convenient, portable and cost effective truck weighing alternative to the cumbersome and costly truck scales. To learn more about the official Walz Load Scanner system, visit for information, case studies, and other related resources.


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