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Truck Scales: Weighing Technology That Makes the World Go Around

Rail ScalesTruck scales have evolved into a highly advanced form of heavy-duty weighing technology that comes in many forms.

There are large steel-deck struck scales (also called "weighbridges") which are designed to weigh semi-trucks and their loads. There's more simplistic "portable weigh pads" (also known as portable truck scales) which can be used conveniently where needed. And then there's perhaps the most advanced form of truck scales called onboard scales which have weighing systems built 'on board' the actual vehicle.

Truck scales can be used for all types of applications and operations given the industry the scale serves. Investing in a truck scale can drastically improve operational efficiency and throughput for almost any buyer. Let's take a deeper look at the industry application of modern day truck scales.

Industry Application of Trucks Scales

Truck scales are considered as integral components to safeguard the company's profit streams. Industries that use several trucks every day need to have a reliable and accurate scale system to ensure that their business operation is efficient and profitable.

There are numerous configurations of truck scales available in the market. These truck scales utilize the most advanced technology, in order to match varying application needs, ranging from light farm use, to heavy capacity industrial applications.

Mining Truck Scales

Mining ScalesWith the emerging demands of the market, accurate measurement of resource payloads is the single largest challenge besetting the mining industry. In order to maximize the accuracy of minerals and contents extracted in a mining operation, a dependable weighing system must be installed.

Mining truck scales can help monitor efficiency in the mining operation as well as in keeping an accurate record of transactions to determine revenues. Mining truck scales are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining operation. Mining scales such as conveyor scales, rail scales and belt weighing scales, allow the weighing of extracted minerals, even when in motion. This helps ensure that the mining records and weight data are accurate.

Farm Truck Scales

Farm Truck ScalesFarm truck scales are innovative and economical approach in weighing trucks. Farm producers usually benefit from farm truck scales in order to determine the weight of all types of vehicle, from planting to harvesting.

There are several configurations of farm truck scale systems allowing agricultural producers to determine accurately the weight of their products. A grain dump truck scale, for instance, provides added efficiency because it has the ability to weigh truckloads of goods and unload them while still on the scale.

Rail Scales

Rail ScalesRail weighing is virtually a crucial aspect of rail operation. It helps monitor product deliveries and ensure that overloading penalties are avoided. Rail scales are important in order to avoid overloading or eccentric loading, as these would often result in overweight penalties, and possible damage in the rail cars or wagon infrastructure (or worse, it may lead to derailments.)

Other reasons for weighing the rail cars include the determination of the accurate weight in order to invoice the client properly for the contents being shipped. Knowing the accurate weight of a train is also important to minimize high-impact loads, especially at rail crossings, turnouts, track joints, and track discontinuities. As a result, rail car scales are key for a smooth weighing operation.

Unbeknownst to many tech-savvy individuals, truck scales offer incredible benefits for all types of industries and they most definitely help make the world go around.


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