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TrapWire Security System Offered to Tech Giants

"TrapWire," the creators of a a video surveillance system developed in accordance with former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has made attempts to sell their technology to major tech companies. The news, which was spawned from leaked memos and internal emails, underscores as prospective investor.

An email back in 2010 leaked out and enlightened the public that TrapWire was to approach the search engine giant Google, adding the company was dealing with penetrations by hackers.

Adding to the concern is hacker collective Anonymous, which has vowed to work with the Peoples Liberation Front to combat the security protection of TrapWire.

TrapWire's Security Objectives

TrapWire Security System TrapWire describes its security system product as a predictive software program developed to pinpoint patterns common of hackers, criminal operations, and terrorist breaches. The surveillance software applies a unique, function-based system to pinpoint and analyze weary events. The security system software will then trigger alerts as early as possible in the instance of a breach.

The perspective of the security system is that hackers and criminals will visit a target multiple times to gather and assess data. What is unique is how video surveillance system feeds from potential targets are systematically submitted into the security software for interpretation.

The Three Security Systems of TrapWire

There are three different security systems that TrapWire offers. The first, known as Critical Infrastructure, is designed to identify behaviors by possible hackers around specific sites within TrapWire's network. TrapWire Community Member is the second security product that provides online reporting of suspicious activity by community members. An example of this system is the iWatch program in Los Angeles. The third, TrapWire Law Enforcement, lets law enforcement agencies gather, analyze and disseminate information culled from various sources, including the other two TrapWire systems.

More About TrapWire

The foundation of TrapWire stems from a company named "Abraxas," which was established by Richard "Hollis" Helms, a former CIA staff member who focused his career in counter-terrorism. Abraxas provided services for data collection and analysis, fraud investigation, and containment.

Abraxas developed the TrapWire software package in an effort to aid the company's services and expertise.

Whether or not is interested in the Peoria security systems technology is not clear. Right now it's just a rumor of potential interest.


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