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Top Truck Scale Technology In Review

Truck Scale TechnologyTruck scales, also categorized to as weighbridges, axle scales, and weigh pads, basically comprise of a number of perpetual, heavy-duty scales that are placed on solid ground. These scales are used to weigh all the heavy commercial trucks on the entire road including what they carry inside and also determine the value of the cargo.

The main purpose of these scales is to ensure that the roads are not damaged due to being subjected to too much weight. Just like any other technological device available in the market the truck scales keep on advancing in technology improving their features and functionality as well. Below are some of the most advanced forms of truck scale technology.

1. In-motion Truck Axle Scale

This particular truck scale is from Walz Scale and incorporates the latest technology in making the truck axle scale. Some of its outstanding features are listed below. To begin with, its accuracy is unrivaled. The measurements are precise and reliable with minimal qualms. The truck axle scale is also long-lasting and flexible made using the best and most durable materials.

It can withstand harsh conditions such as mining and can also be adjusted to incorporate more options to suit its specific purpose much better.

The In-motion truck axle scale is also relatively cheap and much more organized making it easy to operate. Another advantage of this truck scale is that after installation, operation can commerce immediately. The calculations are done in only a matter of seconds and the information retrieved in instantaneous time using the advanced software.

2. CWL-40 Axle Scales

This is a product of Cardinal Scale manufacturing company and is made using durable aluminum material with a compact weight of about 57 pounds. This scale has some fundamental handles with pads that are relatively light to ease the transportation of the scales.

With a capacity of 20 tons, the truck scale is strong and dependable. The scale also has some interlocking rubber ramps that snap in place which serves as the go ahead to start weighing the trucks. The scale is driven by lithium ion batteries which can be recharged when they dry up.

3. VTC205 Truck Scale

This truck scale from Mettler Toledo is specifically meant for weighing over-the-road legitimate vehicles. The truck scale is a complex design that utilizes a solid deck whose structure is made from steel. One of the main advantage of this truck scale is its easy installation process, maintenance and servicing.

It can also fit perfectly into a shipping container making it possible to ship to any part of the world without any hitches. The load cells of the VTC205 Truck Scale ensure that the scale work efficiently giving accurate and dependable calculation for years without breaking down. On top of this, the truck scale has components that are unaffected by corrosion.

4. Walz Load Scanner

This scanner from Walz usually abbreviated as (WLS) is not actually a weighing scale but it is equally important. It serves as an ideal alternative for truck scales. The Walz Load Scanner gives precise load calculations for open top cars as the car drives underneath the head of the scanner.

The Walz load scanner uses the most modern technology including laser technology and unconventional manifest imminent systems to give a vigorous solution for handling material truck loads. This scanner is made in such a way that it can withstand harsh conditions and be used for a very long time.

The scanner functions by equating empty scans of vehicles to their resultant weighed down scans. Normally RFID tags are attached to the cars to systematize this process. The truck should pass by the scanner at a speed of under 3.5 mph though the scanner can be adjusted to measure a truck passing at a much higher speed.

5. Avery Weigh Tronix Steel Bridge XT Concrete

This truck scale is manufactured by Superior Scale Inc.(SSI). This scale is efficient, heavy-duty, unswerving and requires minimal maintenance. It has some weight bar automated mass sensors that make it possible for the scale to rivet impact heaping and endure 2 million lethargy life series while giving precise and consistent results. This bar is actually ten times more dependable than the orthodox load cells.

The scale can handle more than 200 trucks in one day each weighing about 90% of the prearranged design load for 25 years without dilapidation. On top of this, the Steel Bridge XT has an amazing warrant of fifteen years and guarantees that the scale will not crack, flex or bend.


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