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Top Triathlon Training Apps for Better Triathletes

triathlon training appsWhen it comes to effective triathlon training, there are a number of tools at a triathlete's disposal. One type of tool are smartphone apps that can help track, research, program, and provide other insightful data on a triathlete's triathlon training.

While there are a number of triathlon training apps, there are a few that are better than others. Below we've compiled five of our top triathlon training apps for better triathletes.

SwimRadar ($3.99)

For those who often travel and aren’t familiar with the area, but still want to work on their triathlon training (specifically swimming,) the SwimRadar app is worth the download and the $4 fee. The app has mapped over 17,000 locations. When traveling within the U.S. or abroad, it can help users find a nearby pool.

The SwimRadar app works using the user’s GPS on their phone and will list all pools in the nearby area for the user to choose from. Triathletes or swimmers may be quite particular with the type of pools they use so there is also a list of details about the pools. The details include whether the facility is indoor or outdoor, pool length, lap pools and open water swimming. Pools can also be bookmarked so that it can be found if ever in the area again.

TriEssential (Free)

Triathletes can sometimes get discouraged in their triathlon training. Whether it is a loss or reaching a roadblock in training, TriEssential is an iOS app that will give athletes encouragement. The app gives inspirational quotes and training photos. The quotes include Aristotle to MacGyver. They are geared toward providing motivation for workouts and setting the tone for better triathlon training.

The photos on TriEssential are those of high-quality action that will inspire users to continue to train and race. Another great part of this free app is 365 training tips given straight from star triathletes.

My Tri Swim Coach ($1.99)

With a 4.5 out of 5 rating at the Apple Store on iTunes, this swim-focused triathlon training app from My Tri Swim Coach provides a workout for the beginner and experienced triathletes. This app works as a virtual triathlon training coach and creates customized swim workouts so users can create what they want to work on for each workout. If the user is feeling strong and wants to work on the Ironman instead of sprints for this workout.

Users can also improve their swim technique by performing specific drills. When picking a drill, a detailed description appears on how to perform the drill as well as a video demonstration. (Free) training better triathlete

This triathlon training app from helps racers and potential racers search for clinics that can help with their triathlon training. There are also triathlon camps listed on this training app from as well. It works as a GPS to search for camps. If the triathlete wants to check out the competition or participate in a race, the app also lists race events as well. There is also triathlon content that will help in preparation of race day, such as workouts and tips.

TrainingPeaks (Free)

TrainingPeaks is a very detailed triathlon training app with loads of features. It helps in all three legs of triathlon training. The details shown in this workout can help the user with areas they need to improve on. Power, speed and distance are measured in all three legs.

If the users power needs to be worked on, the TrainingPeaks app will show it. If the athlete has great power, but not-so-great speed, the app will show that as well. The advanced metrics include Training Stress Score (TSS).

Progress can also be tracked from previous workouts to present workouts on the Performance Management Chart. The comprehensive triathlon training app can also plan workouts and meals for the next trail or road.

At the end of each workout, you can check off the completed workouts and post comments and notes about each workout, including what the user needs to improve on or what the user did improve upon.

Triathlon Training Apps to Become a Better Triathlete

These triathlon training apps not only support the interests of triathletes and helping them excel in the sport, but they also have made it possible for individuals to start a business in triathlon via technology and catering to a unique need.

Do you have any awesome triathlon training apps that you use or suggest? Let us know in the comments section below.


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