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Top Industry Influencers in Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutter Technology

Multi-spindle rotary cutters are specialized forms of machinery that are designed to quickly and efficiently cut or chop a range of grasses and brush. With so many different multi-spindle rotatory cutter brands and models to choose from, it can be really tough to know what's the best technology to use for you needs.

In this Technology Scribes post, we take a look at the top three industry influencers in multi-spindle rotary cutter technology, and explain what benefits and features their rotary cutters have to offer.

Bush Hog

Bush Hog Rotary Cutter PartsBush Hog are a highly respected brand most famously known for their extensive selection of boom movers, construction equipment, finishing machines and hay tools. Bush Hog also have six top-of-the-range multi-spindle rotary cutters available to purchase.

The SQ84T series rotary cutter is the smallest of the range, and it is suitable for mowing grass and weeds. The 3413 series has a 14-foot cutting width which allows it to easily clear crops and maintain larger pastures.

All Bush Hog rotary cutters come with a selection of hitch types and mounting options, plus they have been powder coated for extra durability. A 5 year gearbox limited warranty is also available with all purchases.

Servis Rhino

Servis Rhino Rotary CutterServis Rhino are a leading manufacturer of diggers, blades and cutters that are used in the agricultural sector. They offer a large range of multi-spindle rotary cutters which are categorized into one of three groups: SE Series Medium Duty, TW Series Heavy Duty, and Turbo Series Super Duty.

Medium Duty cutters are able to cut natural materials that are up to 1" in diameter. Replaceable skid shoes come with each rotary cutter, and shielded drive-lines have been installed to improve safety functions.

TW Series Heavy Duty Cutters have been designed to maintain pastures, orchards and other larger areas that need mowing. Models available in this category include pull-types and three-point lifts.

Last but certainly not least is the Turbo Series Super Duty Cutters which are made for more industrial mowing applications that require a powerful rotary cutter. Features of this category include a double layered deck, free underside decking area, and a transport latch which makes it easy to move the rotary cutter around.


Woods Rhino Rotary CutterEstablished in 1946, Woods have grown to become one of the leading mower manufacturers in the United States. Their current range includes 12 different models of multi-spindle rotary cutters. They include semi-mounted, pull type, or full mounted settings that require anywhere from 25 hp to 90 hp in order to pull.

All models in the Woods rotary cutter collection have been specially heat treated to make them stronger, plus the blade spindle comes on adjustable bearings which helps it to last for longer. The models also come with a 1 year full warranty on the gearbox.

Listed above are three of the most popular multi-spindle rotary cutter manufacturers around. When you purchase a cutter brand new from one of the listed manufacturers, you can rest assured that you will be buying a high quality piece of equipment which has been designed to last.

Each of the manufacturers also offer warranties which protects your purchase should something happen to malfunction. You can find out more models specifications from the retailers websites, or by contacting their customer service team directly.


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