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5 Top-Rated Medical Billing Software Solutions for 2015

Medical Billing SoftwareThere are many different medical billing software platforms available today, but some offer unique solutions that may or may not serve your practice's unique needs. The following are some of the most highly rated medical billing software programs for 2015, and the various features and benefits that each platform provides.

1. Flash Code

Flash Code is publicly available and also a high performance medical billing and coding application in its 4th version. During its evolution it has changed into modular and extensible software with its source being unconnected legacy codes.

Flash Code medical coding software offers interoperable modules that you can combine together to generate some different applications. The architecture allows many implementations of its components which coexist together and also interchange with each other. The software has an elegant mechanism, which allows customization of codes functionality without the need of changing the original design. Also the in-built test framework which combines with some regression tests run on platforms to verify the codes.

2. Insta HMS

Insta HMS is a web-based hospital software solution suitable for any organization. The producers adopted license free software which reduces your total costs of ownership. The software design is on improving the total productivity of your organization and put in place quality practices.

All modules within the software are properly integrated a feature that reduces any need of duplicating any information entered. The feature also reduces the workload of your employees considering that the information will not need duplication. In addition to hospitals, this software program is great for health center billing solutions for a variety of practices.

After an employee in your organization leaves his/her work to join another organization, any new employees will be able to understand and correctly use the software within a less period of time. You can understand the complexity of your HMS within two months. If a new employee is unable to use it efficiently within the two months then it is very complex.

With the right authorization, you should easily make corrections on mistakes made by your employees. As you expand your operations, you will be able to accommodate and make the relevant changes in your system using Insta HMS. Additionally, in case you require a direct interface with your accounting office or the lab, the system have features which support this.

3. Waiting Room Solution

Waiting Room Solution is a software solution that was created by practicing physicians to reduce the problems they faced in their work by establishing a comprehensive medical billing solution. Some of the shortcomings that worked on influencing the physicians’ ideas include prohibitively high pricing, on enterprise solutions, some corrupt data and pricing methods that included unnecessary pricing.`

The system allows you to:

  • Improve your communications with the patient
  • Input your data more efficiently, timely and accurately
  • Enter claim submissions accurately
  • Improve practice efficiency and patient satisfaction

Waiting Room Solutions is applicable for many health and medical centers, and is core for FQHC billing as well as specialized medical practice billing needs.

4. Allegiance MD

Allegiance MD software is among the leader web based medical software in the world. The designing of the medical app was to serve in small and medium organization as well as the ambulatory services. The system includes practice management functionality to assist in the billing and scheduling. The system capabilities behind Allegiance MD include e-prescribing and a reporting system.

5. SOS Office Manager

The SOS Office Manager software platform is a comprehensive accounts receivable and billing system for all behavioral organizations and medical practices. Once you have entered information into the software, it automatically generates statements, host accounting and management reports and all insurance statements. SOS Office Manager software easily integrates with SOS case manager although you may use it alone.

With the good software in your organization, all the internal processes of your medical practice will be efficient. The software should be helpful in putting up a good pricing and can help you minimize the cost of outsourcing medical billing services.


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