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Tesla's New Powerwall: Advanced Home Battery Technology

Powerwall TeslaTesla's new Powerwall is a rechargeable battery that is capable of storing electricity for domestic consumption, backup power. and load shifting. This lithium-ion battery product is manufactured by Telsa Motors and its orginator, Elon Musk.

The company has introduced two different models of Powerwall for domestic consumption. Each of them uses different generic cell chemistries. The Powerwall is expected to have a huge impact on residential electricity consumption, and is expected to the next biggest thing for home automation and energy efficiency.

The Powerwall Concept

Home owners use more electricity in the morning and evening. But, solar energy is plentiful during day time. So, the home users usually sell the excess solar energy to the power company and they purchase it back in the evening. Telsa developed Powerwall as a solution to this mismatch.

Powerwall is beneficial for storing solar energy onsite. So, the home owners can use this energy whenever they need it. The Powerwall is also useful for storing utility-supplied energy when rates are low. This energy can be used during peak hours. In such a way, you can reduce the demand on utilities during peak times. This is highly helpful for reducing the monthly electricity bill dramatically.

The Powerwall Price

The Powerwall batteries of Telsa can be purchased for an affordable rate. When the product is introduced, people think that the price will be very high so it would be leased, not owned. Contrary to their belief, the 10 kWh Powerwall model can be purchased for just $3,500. Cost for inverter and professional installation charge are extra. The 10 kilowatt model is optimized for backup application. The price of 7 kWh model is $3000. This model is optimized for daily use application.

Lots of home storage batteries are available in the market today. But, most of them are bulky and difficult to install. However, the sleek and functional design of Telsa is helpful for storing more power and the installation is also very easy. If your home needs greater energy, you can install multiple batteries. This is also helpful for solving prolonged power outage problems in rural areas.

The Powerwall for Businesses

Business organizations prefer modular designs to reduce the risks of power outage, lower bills and employ onsite renewable energy. So, a bevy of Powerwall batteries are beneficial for them to meet their requirements. A handful of business organizations have started using Powerwall.

Around one kW is required for running a hair dryer. On the other hand, several kW are required for running a stove. So, the Powerwall is highly beneficial for providing power to a household for several hours and is a great addition to fuel high-consumption home automation technology.

The Powerwall Future

Powerwall FunctionalityAs per some experts, Telsa Motors used almost same technology in Powerwall that you can found in Telsa’s Model S car. As per some scientists, a particular type of lithium-ion battery is used in Model S. This is a blend of cobalt oxide, manganese and nickel, the scientists said.

However, the product specification of Powerwall reveals that this battery can save less power than the Model S battery of Telsa. Direct current is used for providing power to cars. But, alternating current is required for houses. So, the new battery pack is coming with some kind of converter.

The new technology of Telsa has the power to transform the market for home power storage. Storing power from solar panels is not a new idea. But, people were searching for affordable, smaller capacity batteries. Powerwall is the best to meet the needs of home owners.


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