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The Technology Behind Portable Truck Scales

The purpose of truck scales are to weigh the payload of road vehicles to determine the contents being carried. Some truck scales are are permanently fixed on the truck (e.g. onboard truck scales) and others that are portable.

Truck Scale

The most common of truck scales can be mounted on a surface with a ramp on which the vehicle can pass over and the weighing machine is placed underneath. Weighing scales today are now linked to computers which can print tickets and give mini reports. They can be used not only in the transport industry but also the shipping and mining industries as well.

There are many truck scales which are of various designs and uses. A portable truck scale simply means that it can be carried around and they vary depending on the capacity of the load they can hold. The vehicles wheels pass over the scales and their weight is measured and displayed. Some have external display for their results while others have an inbuilt display. The inbuilt display is preferable because you do not have to carry a laptop or computer with you. Furthermore the external display may be quite far from where the machine is giving you less control on the weighing procedure.

Each country has its own legally accepted for axle loads. Government officials or the police use them a lot when they want to ensure that the vehicles are not overloaded. A high quality portable truck scale is required for such operations and is important too, for checking the centre of gravity, measuring the force downwards and hence certifying trailers and other large wheeled trucks.

Most of them are light enough to be carried wherever they are needed. The casings in which they are stored give you the ability to carry it like a normal suitcase. The non-skid patterns on the vehicle provide a strong grip on the vehicle especially during the rainy or winter season. The height is low giving an equally low angle on the ramp. The best part of these gadgets is the accuracy of the weights provided for each vehicle.

Mining companies that are keen on the profits they make will not hesitate to use a scale for weighing purposes. Such companies have incorporated top notch truck scales and weighing systems for reliability and accuracy. Any untrue readings could put any business in jeopardy. The number of tones you could be dealing with should not be an issue so long as an appropriate and good quality scale is used. Customized scales may be an excellent option for businesses that want to maintain huge profits.

The shipping industry in particular cannot do without truck scales. Your shipping logistics solutions are well catered for by portable weighing scales. There are custom-made scales that are very reliable for this trucking sector. The protected screen cover on these trucks makes a whole lot of difference due to the fact that the display will never be tampered with at any given time.

Truck scales is ideal for large shipping companies that find it extremely difficult to move goods to the weighing area. Taking the machine to where it's required is actually faster and saves time and money.

There are only few suppliers who offer a full range of truck scales. One of the leading global suppliers of both portable truck scales and onboard truck scales is Walz Scale.


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