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Droid vs iPhone: Reviews of the SmartestPhones

The iPhone and the Droid are two of the greatest Smartphones on the market today. With similarities in pricing, size, imaging quality and voice quality, both are great phones for many individuals.

For Smartphone lovers who are in love with both phones but are limited by budget, choosing one of either phone can prove to be quite the challenge. Here are some features and benefits as well as some advantages to consider before making your final purchasing decision.

About The Droid

Motorola's Droid uses a 2.1 Android operating system with motoblur. It comes with a 1540 mAh removable battery and lasts for 8 hours on talk time. There are 65,000 apps in its Android market application store which includes Swype, 8pen and Swiftkey for easy and flexible texting options and Tasker which allows you to turn on or turn off applications.

Weighing about 5.4 ounces, it boasts of a 3.4 inches display size, an internal storage space of up to 8G, and also allows for use of micro SD of up to 16G for external and removable storage space. The Droid uses an 8 MP camera with 480 x 854 pixels resolution coupled with dual LED flash for better image quality at night or in poorly lit places. It comes with a TBC RAM and a 1GHz processor. There is no camera for video call but it uses a 720p for video recording and has 3 microphones for noise cancellation.

Advantages over the iPhone

• Unlike the iPhone which does not allow users to fully customize their device, the Droid allows you to customize your ROM and use any tweaks that will make your phone more versatile and fun to use. It allows users to tweak and customize their phones anyway they want.
• The Droid can act as a mobile hotspot allowing you to connect other Wi-Fi devices to the Verizon network for a small monthly fee.
• The Droid has a stronger camera with 8MP, auto focus and flash.
• Equipped with a micro SD of up to 16 MB the It Droid also for greater data storage than the iPhone. All in all, its combined storage of 34G is 2G higher than the iPhone storage capacity.
• The Droid also comes with widgets, which even though consume space, can help improve your level of productivity and efficiency.

About The iPhone

A wonderful Smartphone invention from Apple, the iPhone runs on the iOS 4.0 operating system. It uses a non removable TBC battery which lasts up to 7 hours of talk time. The iPhone also comes with a 1G processor but 512 RAM. It boasts of 225,000 apps in its application store which include iTunes for music and videos selection and downloads.

Weighing 4.8 ounces, the iPhone comes with a display size of 3.5 inches with display resolution of 640 x 960 pixels and a VGA camera for video calling. It also uses a 720p camera for video recording and uses one LED flash. The iPhone has an in built storage space of 16/32G and does not allow the use of external storage devices like the micro SD.

Advantages of the iPhone over the Droid

• The iPhone is known to be more sleeker, stylish and more elegant than the Droid. It also boasts of better hardware made mostly from glass.
• The iPhone has better voice quality than the Droid which offers a greater calling experience.
• The iCatcher app from Apple also helps you to download and listen to podcasts on your iPhone. It also allows for easy tracking of your podcasts.
• The iPhone also has higher data speed for faster browsing and downloads
• The iPhone boasts of a VGA camera for video calling, which the Droid is missing.

Both are great Smartphones but choice is usually dependent on users' preference and tastes. We hope this Droid vs. iPhone battle review will facilitate your decision.



6 New Gadgets for 2012

As 2011 comes to end, many people are now anticipating the arrival of the newest and trendiest gadgets for 2012.

Since the dawn of smartphones, tablets, HD cameras, laptops, and other highly-advanced devices, many people can’t resist the newest gadgets to keep up with the crowd. But if still don’t have a clue of which gadgets to look out for in 2012, then read on.

Below we highlight a 6 of the hottest new gadgets for 2012:

Samsung Note

Samsung is about to release its latest and most highly-advanced smartphone yet, the Samsung Note. It has a 5.3 inch display, which is said to be the largest screen size yet. And because of the Note's enormous screen size, users will no longer need to use screen transitions or zooming and scroll-down functions to view word documents, PowerPoint presentations and webpages. In addition, the Samsung note also has the S Pen technology, which allows users to send handwritten notes and original drawings via SMS, email messages, and even instant messages.

Cyber-Shot TX55

The Cyber-Shot TX55 might look and feel like an ordinary digital camera except for one feature: the gadget is 12mm thin which makes it the thinnest digital camera ever manufactured. It can capture High Definition videos suited for amateur movie makers and 16.2 megapixel images for beginner and experienced photographers. The TX55 also has additional features such as the Intelligent Sweep Panorama HR mode to easily capture wide landscapes and a 3D camera feature to create 3D still images.

LG Smartscan Mouse

At first glance, the LG Smartscan mouse looks like an ordinary optical mouse, but if you look closer you will see that it has a built-in scanner. Users will only need to swipe the LG Smartscan over an image to convert it to any format and save it on a computer. In addition, it has a Character Recognition Technology that converts scanned text as normal text into a word document instantly, without the use of text converters.

Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook

Toshiba has released another innovative laptop model to compete with other models in the market. The Toshiba Z830 Ultrabook is only 15.9mm thin and weights 2.5 pounds while maintaining a fast computer processing speed, making it the ideal laptop for users who are always on the go.

Sony Personal 3D Viewer

If you want to experience 3D movies and games like never before, then you should look into the Sony Personal 3D Viewer as a hot new gadget for 2012. This glasses-like device has two separate image panels for each eye to deliver crisp and high quality images, resulting to a 3D-like vision. It also has built-in headphones and can easily be connected to almost any TV set, desktop computer, or laptop.

Apple iPad 3 & iPhone 5

Who would have forgotten the innovative iPhone and iPad from Apple? Even if these will be released in the first quarter of 2012, people can surely expect most speed, a slimmer design, and enhanced user efficiency.

If you want to have a unique and innovative device to show off in the next year, don’t ever forget about some of these cool gadgets for 2012.


Siri is Sirious Technology

So much of modern technology is centered on user behavior. The core objective behind tech engineers is to make devices more efficient for the user. One new form of technology that achieves just that is the Siri technology now common in the iPhone.

Sirious Evolution

Siri is the latest technology innovation by Apple. It is voice recognition and interaction system which offers seamless interface for smartphone users. Siri is considered an intelligent application assistant and phone controller which functions as a personal assistant app for iOS operating system.

Initially, "Siri voice app" was introduced as an available application for iOS in Apple app store compatible for iPhone mobile. With the increased popularity of the application, it is now integrated as a part of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

Advantages of the Siri

Siri helps users in scheduling and planning appointments, meetings, sending mail, text messages, and much more. The user can expand the functioning of the phone by configuring it for more voice commands.

Siri technology minimizes the effort and reduces the amount of interaction required to carry out tasks. It is also capable of answering all sorts of questions, for Siri is built with pre-defined answers.

The advanced features of Siri enable users to control their phone remotely. If you are feeling lazy to turn off the ringer of the phone, you can just give a command like “change to Silent” and Siri will automatically handle the task for you. You can alter the command recognition accuracy and can even train Siri to understand the certain slang and dialect.

Siri also serves in finding information on the Web. With its advanced integration with online services like Open Table, Movie Tickets, Taxi Magis, and Google Maps, it is capable of assisting its user in many supporting ways. The Siri technology will eventually change the way people lead their daily routine wherever they are.

Visit to see how Siri works.


Google Mobile On The Go

Internet users once relied solely on their computers and laptops to handle their daily online activities. But ever since smartphones started supporting Internet browsing, one can practically access anything, at any time, and anywhere - just by using his or her mobile phone.

And of course, Google is never left behind when it comes to advancements like these. Today, Google Mobile has rapidly become a very famous and widely-used smartphone application.

Google Mobile provides several different apps that offer users convenient access to Gmail, Google Calendar and Docs, Google Talk, and more.

Aside from these classic features, Google Mobile also has smartphone apps for a number of different functions, such as:

Google Mobile Search: Perform a search for anything from your mobile phone. You can even search by querying based on voice and picture recognition.

Google Goggles: Take a picture using your smartphone to search specific information about the image you captured. This app available in Android and iPhone.

Voice Search: As a feature of the Google Search app on iPhone and BlackBerry, voice search can help you save time from typing.

Google Maps: This is common PC app is also available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Windows phones. This is helpful when seeking directions and pinpointed locations while on the go.

Google Latitude: Be able to share your location and let your selected group of people know the details about it.

Google Earth: Available for Android users and iPad, now you can search the globe with the same Google Earth used on a desktop.

Aside from these apps, Google Mobile also features Google Voice, Google Reader, Google eBooks, Google Translate, and Google Shopper, amongst many others.

Obviously, Google Mobile offers nothing but convenience and productivity anywhere, and at any time.


Nokia to Cut 4000 Jobs, Shifting Towards Asia

Nokia has stated that the major mobile technology company plans to cut 4,000 jobs by stopping assembly and production in Europe and focusing efforts in Asia.

The three manufacturing facilities that are going to be affected by the move include: Finland-based Salo (the oldest manufacturing facility of the company), Mexico-based Reynosa, and Hungary-based Komarom. However, Nokia included that these manufacturing facilities are not going to be closed entirely.

In an official statement, Nokia revealed that those three facilities are now going to focus on customizing smartphones to serve the mass customer-base in the Americas and Europe. The devise assembly is expected to be shifted in Asia which is the main source of supplies for the company. In addition, the region also holds the largest customer-base for Nokia, so logistics may also be improved.

According to Neil Mawston from Strategy Analytics, Nokia's decision "makes sense" since the labor cost, land cost, and other associated costs are considerably low in Asia compared to Europe.

It is to be mentioned that some of the key competitors of Nokia including Samsung, Apple and HTC, have a majority their manufacturing facilities in Asia, and Nokia's decision to follow the trend is expected to make it more competitive in the market, according to Niklas Savender, the executive vice president of markets of Nokia. According to him, getting closer to the suppliers in Asia will allow the company to be more innovative.

One of the biggest layoffs came from the company earlier when 10,500 employees lost their jobs after Nokia decided to adopt the Windows Phone operating system from Microsoft, abandoning the Symbian software. Nokia-made Symbian software was considered as one of the most popular smart phone operating systems in the past.

So far, Nokia has sold more than 1 million Windows Phone hand sets since it was first introduced during the fourth quarter of 2011. Nokia reported a $1.38 billion worth of loss during the same quarter.


Main Attractions of Android's SwiftKey 3

SwiftKey 3 can be considered as one of the best features that Android system has ever offered. It was specifically designed to provide exceptional and reliable algorithms when it comes to word prediction while typing.  Android's SwiftKey 3

However, the true main attraction of Androids's SwiftKey 3 is its ability to predict and suggest phrasing without having to use the space bar. This is the main difference compared to the previous SwiftKey keyboards that were released before.

Fast Typing Without Comprising Correctness

This "Smart Space" feature has the capability to correct typing mistakes made by the user as he inputs multiple words without the need to break the words into spaces. The designed software can automatically identify the intended words and will even split up the words accordingly.

Having this feature prevents omitted or mis-typed spaces within the whole phrases. This is due to its auto correction capability which can correct up to three words back as the algorithm figures out what will the user type in next.

Incorporated with SwiftKey's text prediction capability, this tool will allow every user to type as quickly as possible without compromising the accuracy and correctness of the words or phrases. It also offers a wide spacebar if the user is not comfortable or do not trust the Smart Space software.

In addition to these amazing features, the SwiftKey 3 also houses a better layout for punctuation with two new themes to choose from that will let any user hold and slide across to the location of the desired word or character. A wide variety of emotion icon options can also be found on this updated version of SwiftKey. In essence, the new features cater to both business professionals as well as individuals.

The latest version supports new seven languages such as Serbian, Korean, Latvian, Farsi, Estonian, Icelandic, and Lithuanian. Having these additional languages makes this Android feature to be more flexible and more functional in most parts of the world. There are a total of forty-two languages which are available now in Swiftkey 3.

Have you tested out the new SwiftKey 3 for Android devices? Let us know what you think of this device in the comments below.


Google Gets Mobile With Motorola

Larry Page, the CEO of Google, announced the acquisition of Motorola Mobility from Motorola on the 22nd of May 2012.

According to Page, the acquisition was informed by the fact that people are doing more and more things with their mobile phones. Mobile phones have turned into supercomputers and they are changing not only the way we communicate, but also the way we live.

We are now able to do things that seemed like magic on Star Trek just a few decades ago. We are able to get directions from our phones, to watch videos on YouTube, to take pictures, to share memories with friends and to write and read emails.

Motorola Mobility

Motorola is a tech company that was in the forefront of the mobile revolution. The company is still a big player in the mobile phone industry. It has been in the industry for over 80 years and it was responsible for making the first mobile/cell phone, the Motorola StarTAC. Motorola was one of the earliest companies to make an early bet on the Android OS. As such, Motorola was an important partner to Google even before the acquisition of Motorola Mobility.


Following the acquisition, Sanjay Jha, the architect of Motorola Mobility and the person responsible for making the bet on Android, has relinquished his CEO position. Motorola Mobility’s new CEO will be Dennis Woodside, a long-time Googler. Larry Page and the entire Google fraternity thanked Sanjay Jha for his service to Motorola Mobility and wished him the best in his future endeavors.

Intellect Infusion of Google

The new man at the helm, Dennis Woodside, has been working at Google for over a decade now. He is responsible for some of the biggest bets by Google and he has been building great teams for these bets. He was the one who built Google’s businesses across Africa, Russia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. His more recent role has been, as the American region President, increasing Google’s U.S. revenues from $10.8 billion to an impressive $17.5 billion. He achieved this in less than 3 years.

Larry Page and the Google team believe that Dennis Woodside will bring the same team-building expertise and customer-oriented service he is known for to his new job. The tri-athlete certainly has the energy for this.

People often overestimate the role technology will play in the short-term, only to underestimate the role it will pay in the long-term. It is amazing to see that most Web users today never saw desktop machines. Many are banking on the fact that the rate of innovation will only continue to skyrocket.

Equally profound will be the shift towards doing most computing tasks on a phone. Google believes that this is the perfect time to join the mobile phone business. It has entrusted the task of creating the next generation of mobile phones and other mobile devices to the team led by Dennis Woodside.

Google Inc.’s acquisition of Motorola Mobility is worth an estimated $12.5 billion. This is the biggest buy for the tech giant to date. The move is likely to intensify battles with Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. for patent supremacy.


Cloud-Based Version of Google Wallet Released

On August 1st, Google has released a cloud-based version of its Google Wallet, an app that makes your smartphone your wallet. Google Wallet, which is available on six different phone models from Sprint and Virgin Mobile, supports all debit and credit cards from American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

The Google Wallet can be used in over 200,000 retail stores in United States, in addition to making online purchases more efficient.

How Google Wallet Works

When using Google Wallet, users can save a card by submitting the card number into the mobile app, online wallet, or Google Play. When making in-store purchases, users can choose which card they would like to use on Google Wallet, and a transaction record is kept on the phone with purchase information. With the new version, users can see the history of all purchases. Additionally, users can remotely disable the mobile wallet app from their Google Wallet account on the Internet.

Some technology experts feel that the Google Wallet is a bit premature for its time and that it may not have the proper security systems. Others feel this is the great new wave of mobile application development and technology. What do you think?

Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.


5 Awesome Innovations Re-Shaping Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology Mobile technology trends come and disappear; some like iPod are cutting edge and others (think Zune) seem too late. Some, like the iPad, begin a totally new category. Others such as the Wi-Fi used to be conceptual but are now evolving. While wearable technology is still developing, it is really coming up and according to the prediction by ABI, 485 million wearable devices will be shipped yearly by 2015.

In the same vein, here are five great ideas re-shaping mobile technology:

1. Apple’s iWatch - According to Apple’s patent applications, an iWatch could include the caller ID, flexible screen, and apps like those on the iPhone. According to Bloomberg, Apple has been developing this mobile design but it is unclear whether the device is coming to the market. Bloomberg further predicts that if Apple brings the iWatch to the market, it might cost around $200 to $300.

2. Google Glass - Besides being an eyewear, it is a headset that may take pictures on verbal instruction, record video or provide directions as required. A member of the Google Glass Developers shows it will have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device seems to be a concerted effort as recently, Google solicited applications from various developers to share ideas for the new technology. This device may encourage Google users to interact more naturally.

3. Voodoo Device - Colin Popa, a specialist in acrobats, designed a strap-on computer to assist with aerial stunts. The Voodoo Trimbulind Robot (VTR) allows him to know when exactly to release or release control lines. Popa confirmed that Sebastian Borquin, World Champion could be testing the gadget this April and learn the Rhythmic towards infinite moves. There is potential for developing the VTR for other users. Paratroopers could use it and what are needed are particularities and the training plan followed by adoption of the technology to match the needs.

4. 3D Garments - During a private runaway show that occurred in New York on March 4, Dita Von Teese, wore a body-conforming black dress that featured thousands of links and at least 13,000 Swarovski crystal studs. This was quite unusual for the fashion trends in the world. Francis Bitonti and Michael Schmidt created this nylon mesh design and a 3D printer, Shapeways printed it. Michael created the initial designs on his iPad. The final design resulted from a blend between the proprietary software and the 3D modeling software that Bitonti’s team developed. After this, selective laser sintering helped to manufacture the dress.

5. Helmet of Justice - While riding his bike back home from dinner in the evening, a vehicle hit Jason Poindexter, the chaotic Moon’s designer. He woke up within the ambulance and could not recall what had transpired. His team soon arrived at the health facility. However, Poindexter could hardly identify the driver or car that hit him. Chaotic Moon’s CEO suggested that they design a ‘black box’ for bicyclists. Initially, they developed a helmet that could capture the entire motion range in the 360-degree view. This app allows for pulling and recording of real time data from the USB card. Currently, the company is looking for ways of licensing the Helmet of Justice. They may develop the product such that it sends real time data to smartphones and other gadgets.

Want more about mobile technology? Stay tuned on Technology Scribes for more articles on the emergence of mobile tech.


Samsung Galaxy S4: Power-Packed, Super-Sleek Smartphone

samsung-galaxy-s4.htmlSamsung is reputable brand of various electronics spanning from high-definition TV's to advanced smartphone technology. Recently, Samsung evolved the marketplace of smartphone technology with its recent device: the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Inquire to any mobile phone professional about the mobile phone marketplace without Samsung, and you would get a cold look. Quite frankly, Samsung has had a significant edge on some of the biggest players; moreover it's turning the heads of big-brands by compelling them to re-think about their products, as well as positioning strategies.

About Samsung's Galaxy S4

Samsung's latest launch, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an intriguing offering. Although a lot of people would find it difficult to differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3, the S4 is definitely a sophisticated version of the previous S3 and offers a lot to its ever increasing customer base.

The S4 screen is the next best thing to miniature Samsung TV. The complete HD AMOLED display on the Samsung S4 is becoming a signature for the product. It works to the benefit of the customer with improved screen resolution and looks. The body of this smartphone is thinner and smaller as compared to S3. However, the screen resolution barely gets faint thanks to the pan viewing viewpoint of the gadget.

The Internet browsing has gone up to a new level on the Samsung S4. With a battery of 2600 MaH that supports the device perfectly. A rare camera of 13 MP works just fine to its favor. The external and internal memory is frankly not a reason of concern.

The 2 GB RAM with a 1.6 GHz processor is a decent blend. Though, a Sony Xperia Z and HTC One houses better processor, S4's workstation does a good job for the Jelly-bean Android OS. The brand is definitely good at packing minute innovations with a huge impact on the consumers. With S4, the new Smart-Stay technology states to ad an instinctive feel to consumer experience.

Samsung learns fast from its faults. It definitely would've sensed the outlook after the S4's launch. With Sony Xperia Z and the HTC one that's knocking hard onto their doors.

This article was contributed by the technology experts of The High Definition Store, a leading supplier of various Samsung products.


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