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New Automotive Technologies That Help To Save Lives and Fuel

automotive technologiesNowadays, it is increasingly common to find automobile engines that automatically turn off at traffic lights to conserve gas, cameras with the ability to check around cars for pedestrians and traffic, and radar systems to prevent drivers from veering off in other lanes.

These are just some of the technological advancements being incorporated in cars and trucks in an attempt to save lives and fuel. And the good news is that they are getting cheaper and better. This means that these technologies are no longer confined to luxury brands such as Volvo and Mercedes, and are instead showing up on mainstream vehicles such as the Nissan Rogue and Ford Fusion.

What is viewed today as elitist technology is changing rapidly as automakers add more high-tech options to their vehicles and technology improves resulting in the plummeting of costs. Below, we take a look at some up-and-coming technological advancements that drivers can look use to not only to save lives, but fuel as well.

Advanced Automobile Cameras Systems

Ahead of a U.S. government requirement that all cars should be installed with backup cameras by 2015, automotive cameras are becoming a common feature in cars. And with these cameras getting cheaper and smaller, automakers are not restricting them to the back of the vehicle any longer.

For instance, Nissan's around-view monitor is known to blend images from cameras tucked around the car into a composite view that helps drivers scale distances when backing out of a parking spot. Further, Honda's side cameras automatically come on as soon as a turn signal is employed. And with cameras that can read the color of traffic lights, read wrong-way signs, or detect animals such as deer, driving promises to be a safe endeavor in future.

Automatic Braking With Collision Warning

An outgrowth of adaptive cruise control that first came out 15 years ago, collision warning coupled with automatic braking has seen newer cars with camera systems and radar that warn drivers of a possible front crash through the use of beeping sounds. Some even go as far as bringing the vehicle to a halt or slowing it enough to mitigate the scale of crash consequences. More sophisticated systems will even apply brakes if the car is heading towards a fixed or moving object, or veers off the road.

With Mercedes, Toyota, Infiniti, Honda among the brands offering automatic braking, more are soon to follow. The success of these systems in reducing accidents is not easy to scale with automatic braking doubling that benefit.

Lane Centering Technology

Lane centering technology involves the use of cameras and brakes to gently nudge a vehicle back to the center of a lane in the vent of veering off it. Variously referred to as the Lane Keep Assist, these systems are available on models such as Ford Explorer, Ford Fusion, Toyota Prius, Lincoln MKZ, Mercedes Benz etc.

An outgrowth of lane-keeping systems that first featured in commercial trucks about 10 years ago, lane centering will vibrate the driver's seat or sound a beep when the camera notices that the vehicle is swerving out of its lane. In addition to on-road driving, lane centering technology also aids large truck drivers when pulling up to certain weigh scale systems, such portable axle scales.

Stop Start Technology

Experts scale that by 2025, new trucks and cars sold in the U.S. will be averaging about 55 miles per gasoline gallon up from the current 31. And one feature on such cars will be a stop-start device that automatically shuts off the engine at a stop light and immediately turns it on as soon as the driver releases the brakes.

This system first surfaced in Europe owing to the high gas prices and is now featured on most gas-electric hybrids as well as some trucks and cars with conventional engines. Currently, about 5% of cars on U.S. roads have this system as standard or optional equipment with the figure expected to rise to between 40% and 45% by 2016.

As more car and truck technology scale the scener, we can see our highway systems becoming a safer route for transportation.


The Technology Behind Portable Truck Scales

The purpose of truck scales are to weigh the payload of road vehicles to determine the contents being carried. Some truck scales are are permanently fixed on the truck (e.g. onboard truck scales) and others that are portable.

Truck Scale

The most common of truck scales can be mounted on a surface with a ramp on which the vehicle can pass over and the weighing machine is placed underneath. Weighing scales today are now linked to computers which can print tickets and give mini reports. They can be used not only in the transport industry but also the shipping and mining industries as well.

There are many truck scales which are of various designs and uses. A portable truck scale simply means that it can be carried around and they vary depending on the capacity of the load they can hold. The vehicles wheels pass over the scales and their weight is measured and displayed. Some have external display for their results while others have an inbuilt display. The inbuilt display is preferable because you do not have to carry a laptop or computer with you. Furthermore the external display may be quite far from where the machine is giving you less control on the weighing procedure.

Each country has its own legally accepted for axle loads. Government officials or the police use them a lot when they want to ensure that the vehicles are not overloaded. A high quality portable truck scale is required for such operations and is important too, for checking the centre of gravity, measuring the force downwards and hence certifying trailers and other large wheeled trucks.

Most of them are light enough to be carried wherever they are needed. The casings in which they are stored give you the ability to carry it like a normal suitcase. The non-skid patterns on the vehicle provide a strong grip on the vehicle especially during the rainy or winter season. The height is low giving an equally low angle on the ramp. The best part of these gadgets is the accuracy of the weights provided for each vehicle.

Mining companies that are keen on the profits they make will not hesitate to use a scale for weighing purposes. Such companies have incorporated top notch truck scales and weighing systems for reliability and accuracy. Any untrue readings could put any business in jeopardy. The number of tones you could be dealing with should not be an issue so long as an appropriate and good quality scale is used. Customized scales may be an excellent option for businesses that want to maintain huge profits.

The shipping industry in particular cannot do without truck scales. Your shipping logistics solutions are well catered for by portable weighing scales. There are custom-made scales that are very reliable for this trucking sector. The protected screen cover on these trucks makes a whole lot of difference due to the fact that the display will never be tampered with at any given time.

Truck scales is ideal for large shipping companies that find it extremely difficult to move goods to the weighing area. Taking the machine to where it's required is actually faster and saves time and money.

There are only few suppliers who offer a full range of truck scales. One of the leading global suppliers of both portable truck scales and onboard truck scales is Walz Scale.


The Technology Behind In-Motion Rail Scales

In-Motion Rail ScalesIn-motion rail scales (also sometimes referred to as "in-motion railroad scales" or "in-motion train scales") utilize some of the most advanced technologies in heavy-duty weighing equipment.

In-motion rail scales are designed to measure the payload weight of trains as they pass by (thus "in-motion") a given point on a railway. These scale systems used for agriculture, mining, or other large scale operations that demand accurate weight measurements of contents being transported via train. The overall purpose of in-motion rail scales is to efficiently provide a means to calculate the weight, and thus the value, of a train's load based on its unique payload weight.

How The In-motion Rail Scale Technology Works

In-motion rail scale systems are typically installed on directly on the railroad track's main line. There are two unique types of these rail scales.

The first and perhaps the most common technology of in-motion rail scales pinpoints a select spot on the tracks where trains must pass by at specific speed. When a train car travels over the scale system, the weight can be calculated based on the force applied to the track at this given location.

The second type of rail scale centers on measuring the train carts distance coverage. Weighing applications may be installed on select ends of the cart to measure the in-motion weight. This system, although more intricate, can provide a more accurate weight measurement than the former.

Advantages of In-motion Rail Scales

There are numerous advantages to using in-motion rail scales for large scale operations. Some of these include:

  • Efficiently measuring the payload weight of contents on train carts before being transported
  • Determining if carts have been overloaded and thus at risk of wasted content (or in some cases a penalty)
  • Detecting issues of drastically uneven loads and overall payload management inefficiencies
  • Controlling the weight distribution for improved operational efficiency

In short, in-motion rail scales are used to promote optimal efficiency in countless operations that demand accurate payload weighing and management.


Advanced Weighing Technology For Shipping Operations

Floor Pallet ScaleShipping companies demand very intricate and precise technologies for certain weighing operations and processes. In short, accurate weight measurements are a critical aspect of a shipping company's day to-day operations.

In this article we highlight some of the most popular weighing technologies used by various types of shipping and distributing companies.

Floor Scales

Floor scale is a popular weighing technology used for weighing in shipping companies and are extremely ideal for measuring weights in the range of 1000 pounds to 50000 pounds. The scale is made out of mild steel and structural steel and can be used in different types of surface areas including wet and dry areas. Floor sacles are typically low frame scales that come with a rugged industrial design. The floor scales make use of NTEP certified load cells that are capable of providing accurate weight measures.

As the scale is made out of stainless steel, it gets the capability to resist the formation of rust and corrosion. These scales are capable of providing repeatedly consistent weighing measures that are accurate in nature. Floor scales are a perfect fit for weighing uniformly distributed loads such as pallets. A basic weighing terminal is provided along with floor scales. This weighing terminal is very easy to operate and comes with a bright LED display that can be seen clearly from far-away distances.

Lift Truck Scales

Lift truck scales are one of the most dependable way of performing on-board weight measurements. These scales are extremely helpful in tracking the production data. The payload systems that are crucial for ensuring accurate on board weight measurements come with the state of the art patented sensor technology. The interface through which the lift operator notes the reading has been carefully designed to include all the tools required for performing the weighing operations.

The weighing terminal comes with a large and clear illuminated display through a Back lit LCD. The touch key pads provided with the weighing terminal have been designed for extended use. Lift truck scale is easy to install as it comes with a ready to assemble manual that is simple to understand and perform the assembly. Lift truck scales can be easily calibrated by making use of the certified test weights.

Pallet Jack Scales

The pallet jack scales help in performing the weighing operations on the spot, which can improve the efficiency of weighing operations. Pallet Jack scales typically come with a built-in scale that lets the operator to weigh the load as they continue to handle the load. The pallet truck scale frame is made out of heavy duty steel that increases the strength and durability of the scale.

Certain pallet jack scale model can be used in low height lifting applications. The Keyboard that comes along with this scale can be calibrated to take up different weight increments. One of the major highlight of this pallet truck scale is the digital filtering feature. This digital filtering helps to compensate the disturbances caused by vibrations and helps pallet jack scales to provide an accurate and a reliable weight measurement.

The weighing technology that goes behind the design of pallet jack scale helps in making this scale mobile. Instead of taking the pallet to the scale, using this scale, one can take the scale to the location where the pallets have been stored. The LED display comes in a protected housing and displays weighing data in a clear and a bright manner.

By choosing the technology, like lift truck and pallet jack scales, that best fits their weighing requirements, shipping companies can continue to optimize their weighing operations to achieve maximum weighing operational efficiency.


Agricultural Technology for Yield Management

farm scalesThe application of various agricultural and farm scale technologies by large-scale producers has lead to optimal productivity and improved efficiency in yield management. In this article, we highlight the various farming scales and agricultural weighing technologies that help farmers manage their harvest in the most efficient means possible.

Farm Conveyor Belt Scales

Conveyor belt scales are effective in measuring weights and determining the flow rates of material. These farm belt scales are fitted with sensors, which trigger the conveyor belt to either start or stop in order to weigh a product.

The belt then transports the package for further modifications like sorting or packaging. The information obtained by the conveyer belt scale system may later be placed on the package or stored in a memory. Belt scales are specifically designed to improve accuracy of yield total weight and output. They require frequent calibration to maximize their accuracy.

Train & Rail Scales

Rail scales also offer accuracy in weight measurement for large harvest loads. They are useful for farmers in determining the weights of bulky farm yields. Rail scales are made by using weighing bridges to turn a section of a railroad into a weighing system. As the truck carrying yields pass through this point, the weight of the product being carried is taken. Rail scales can either be static of coupled in motion.

Static rail scales require that the truck stop at the point where the weighing system has been fixed for some time for the measurement to be taken. Coupled in motion rail scales take the weight of yields while the rail car is in motion. Rail scales and farm scales are most effective in the management of bulky farm yields.

The efficiency of rail scales, farm scales and conveyer belt scales can further be boosted by yield management software that fully automates the harvest process.

Yield Management Software

Yield management software comes with a variety of software specifications that make it easy for farmers to monitor their produce. First, the yield pro desktop software ensures full automation of the weighing process. This ensures easy calibration and detection of hitches in agricultural and farm scales. By using this software, producers can monitor the weighing process using computer desktops. This significantly cuts down on human labor that would instead monitor the process.

Further, the yield pro harvest software allows producers to be directly connected to their truck scales and axle scales. The software enables drivers to automatically access weight records from the comfort of their cab, via their smart phones or tablets. This feature of the yield management software dramatically simplifies the weight management process thus increasing the speed of weighing trucks during harvests.

RFID and video recognition systems in the yield harvest software further automate the weighing process. The automation of the vehicles serves to eliminate errors and further increase the product input and output across the scales. These particularly important for on board farm scales which are integrated on grain dump trucks and other ag equipment. A grain dump truck scale systems can measure the load while "on board" the vehicle, adding an extra level of convenience and efficiency.

The IP camera interface feature of the yield management software offers unlimited benefits to producers. The camera enables the monitoring and management of the harvest from any location that has an internet connection. It also simplifies the weighing process for those using axle scales.

The above technologies when applied in management of yields can significantly reduce losses that are usually incurred during a busy harvest. These ag and farm scales also greatly reduce on the time spent in processing farm yields. It's therefore very important to have full knowledge about this technology before trying it.


Increased Efficacy with Onboard Loader Scale Technology

Loader ScalesOnboard loader scales are highly effective electronic or pressure-aided technological devices that allow for the determination of the loaded weight at the site as a more convenient alternative to the in-ground scale.

These onboard scales (also known as wheel loader scales or more broadly as onboard scales) are designed to rely on load cell technology while others use pressure readings obtained from the air suspension in the determination of weight. The loader scale technology uses mechanical or strain-gauge transducers in calculating the weight of vehicles that have spring suspensions. Another type of onboard loader cells is the air-suspension PSI gauges that are particularly suitable for trucks and trailers.

On the other hand, the air-suspension loader scales are analog devices that give on-the-ground weight in pounds and kilograms. One of the most effective types onboard scales is the electronic scales that are enhanced with PSI sensors.

The Specifics Behind Wheel Loader Scales

The weighing of payloads requires the maintenance of certain records and specific data on the weights. The ultra-modern onboard loader scales are enhanced with data collection capabilities that aid in the monitoring of processes and the management of the systems' efficiency. Some onboard systems, such as the MC 402 have the capacity to keep the records of 500 clients, 400 trucks, 100 products, and 400 destinations.

This particular gadget uses iPCS software that can keep the data and allow for its transfer on a computer using a memory disk, GSM, or radio. This advantage makes reduces the danger of human error, which is usually associated with alternative processes. The most modern loader scales have very impressive interface features and highly effective keys that make it easy to control and interpret the information as displayed. Highly advanced scales come with multiple conveniences that make them ideal for telescopic trucks, compact loaders, and fork lifts.

Applications of Onboard Loader Scales

Onboard loaders scales are highly common in mining and resource extraction context. One of the largest challenges that mining operators face is effectively weighing the payload of the resources being extracted and transported. These wheel and onboard loader scales offer a sound solution to meet these challenges.

Many onboard scales can measure the weight of payloads as the truck or vehicle is in motion. This offers incredible efficacy and minimized downtime for mining operations. The types of mining weigh scales are optimal integration for all types of mining and resource extraction companies.


AgWeigh: A Leader in Farm Scales & Agricultural Weighing Systems

AgWeigh Farm ScalesAgWeigh is the premiere leader of large-scale weighing technologies and software for farmers and agricultural producers. Whether for high-volume or small-scale harvest management, AgWeigh has one of the largest varieties of weighing solutions for all types of agricultural producers.

Today's farmers need to the best and most dependable weigh scale technology for their yield management needs. As up-and-coming pioneer in farm scales and yield management software solutions, AgWeigh offers a wealth of cost effective solution for agricultural producers. AgWeigh has produced a variety of scales for almost every harvest weighing operation of farmers.

AgWeigh farm scales are work with a variety equipment, machinery, as well as computers and devices for harvest management, such as PC's, printers, smartphones, and other hand-held devices. For producers who need a more mobile solution, AgWeigh offer its own yield management software platform known as Yield Pro Software, which can be integrated on most smartphones.

The company has also built a superior display of farm truck scales and grain dump truck scales for larger operations. Below we go into greater detail about each weighing solution available at AgWeigh.

Farm Truck Scales

AgWeigh farm truck scales are designed for easy installation. The standard steel-deck scale comes in a multitude of configurations and sizes to fit the application of your individual needs. AgWeigh's farm scales are a version of electronic truck scales with diamond safety steel decks for above ground with low profile weighing. These farm scales are agriculture professional’s number one choice for a variety of vehicles and farming equipment.

Features of AgWeigh Farm Truck Scales

  • Field Tested Scales
  • NTEP approved and “legal –for-trade”
  • Multiple Scale Sizes

Product Details

  • 12 FT Wide Scale Decks - The 12 ft scale allows drivers to easily locate the deck. AgWeigh offers truck scales in 10 ft, 11ft, 12 ft, and 14 ft wide widths.
  • Modular Farm Scale Design - Modular designs eliminate the needs for cranes, lowers freight costs, and makes instillation simple.
  • Galvanized Suspension Components - Extends the life expectancy of your farm scale. Superior AgWeigh design protects load cells by keeping debris away from scale electronics
  • Safety and Protection - A yellow stripe is painted on each side of the scale so drivers can easily access the scale. Load cell cabling is encased in stainless steel armored cabling to protect them from the elements.
  • Install Yourself - Producers can install scales on their own. AgWeigh's farm truck scales can be installed with the average truck or tractor.

Grain Dump Scales

AgWeigh grain dump scales allows producers to weigh and unload goods while on the grain dump. These farm scales offer an exceptional solution for farmers who use grain dumps for harvest management. Features of AgWeigh Grain Dump Scales

  • Field tested
  • Available in multiple truck scale configurations
  • NTEP approved

Product Details

  • Includes all of the product details that make the AgWeigh farm scales unique and durable.
  • Can utilize New and Existing Grain Dumps

The AgWeigh team can help producers design a grain dump scale system that fits your specific needs. These adaptable dump scales work with old and new grain pits. A grain dump scale allows you to keep all aspects of your operation by keeping everything on site. These grain dump scales allow for weighing while loading and they are available in the following configurations:

  • 1215-1229: Simplest economical dump pit solution
  • 1229-1229: Popular dump pit with efficient scale configuration
  • 1229-1243: Most efficient model. Trucks can stay on the scale for the whole dump cycle.

Portable Farm Scales

Also known as portable weigh pads, AgWeigh's portable farm scales are designed for mobility and use in various locations where needed. These portable farm scales are also designed with a high level of versatility and can be applied in almost any situation that demand accurate weighing.

Features of AgWeigh Portable Farm Scales

  • Available in a variety of scale configurations
  • Enables portable truck weighing
  • Available in waterproof designs
  • Extreme durability

Product Details

  • This new alternative solution is for farmers to weigh their products right in the field. This can prevent costly overweight fees.
  • The AgWeigh AX Series is an easy solution for farmers who don’t need a full sized truck to weigh products.
  • No Maintenance with Access Ramps
  • Available in Multiple Sizes

A heavy duty steel construction means these portable axle scales needs little to no maintenance. Farmers can use these to easily access weight scales. There are a few sizes of portable scales available: 7 ft long models and 11 ft long models.

Onboard Farm Scales

AgWeigh onboard farm scales offer an exceptional solution for farmers who want to streamline their weighing operations. As the name implies, onboard scales are applied on the actual vehicle or piece of equipment, enabling weight measurements to be determined directly on the scale. These onboard scales offers exceptional convenience and efficiency.

Features of AgWeigh Onboard Farm Scales

  • Easy instillation
  • Extreme Durability
  • Onboard Scale Systems

Product Details

  • Dependable production data
  • This integrated system allows for simple field installation and gives you the right weight every time. The payload management system uses information from hydraulic pressure on your skid loader.
  • Convenient Interface for yield management and other fine tuning needs.
  • The digital display unit on the skid steer scale makes it perfect for any type of cab space.

Floor Scales

Industrial strength floor scales come in a variety of sizes: basic floor scale model and heavy duty floor scales. As a design that dovetails on the floor scales found in most shipping operations, these versatile scales from Ag Weigh are designed to be applied in a variety of weighing operations for agricultural producers.

Features of AgWeigh Floor Scales

  • NTEP Approved
  • Long lasting construction
  • Digital Floor Scale Readouts
  • Industrial Scale Design

Product Details

  • Basic Floor Scale Model
  • Designed for light duty and non “legal for trade” applications. This scale is perfect for basic pallet weighing.
  • Heavy Duty Floor Scale Model
  • This scale is designed to last. These heavy duty applications also need NTEP approval.

AgWeigh scales give farmers and agricultural professionals the best in weighing technologies. A variety of scales and scale accessories provide all of the durability and reliability you will ever need. Visit for more information.


Yield Management Software for Farm Truck Scales

Yield Management SoftwareFarmers too have something to celebrate when it comes to the ever improving world of technology. The advent of the yield management software, such as Yield Pro takes farming and yield/harvest management to greater heights. Yield management software was developed by the AgWeigh to aid farmers (with farm truck scales and farm axle scales) in determining the weight of their yields in the easiest way possible. Yield Pro is a technological agricultural software having its own hi-tech features and benefits of each feature as described below. These features define the technology behind yield management software and the principles behind its applications.

User-Friendly Interface

When integrated with suitable farm truck scales or farm axle scales, yield management software systems like Yield Pro has straight-forward navigation system that everyone with some computing skills can operate. Any farmer therefore can be able to quantify his/her amount of harvest using this software without any preliminary training. In fact, the interface is divided into categories, which benefits most the agricultural producers and farmers.

Yield Pro & Mobile Technology

For flexibility and easy management of harvest, yield management software system is compatible and can be used together with smart phones and tablets. Farmers and agricultural producers right at their farms can access and utilize the software without necessarily being in the office. This is a milestone when it comes to yield management and farmers have every reason to smile.

Management of Farm Truck Scales and Equipment

Grain Dump ScaleBesides offering great versatility in managing farm produce and the operations involved with farm truck scales, yield management software provides an ample platform for managing and checking the working of the farm equipment operators. The software enables any farmer to inspect the internal conditions of his equipment operators so that he ensures that the machines are working optimally.

Supervision over Each Farm Made Easier

Managing and controlling the data of a particular farm with ease is what every agricultural producer and farmer desires. Yield Management Software gathers for this through its simple user interface, where a farmer can monitor all the operations in each farm among the numerous farms in his big agri-business realm.

Managing Individual Fields

Regardless of the type of crops you plant, Yield Management Software enables you to account for the specific production levels of each of crop you produce. Yield Pro actually allows farmers to monitor and manage the yield per individual field. This makes the yield data of each crop organized, simple and easy to retrieve at any time. This farther helps in post harvesting activities like analysis and future planning.

Accounting Moisture Input Per Load

Yield Pro offers farmers an opportunity to determine the amount of moisture in each load of their agricultural produce thus helping them in determining he true value of the produce. Hence, farmers can accurately establish the value of their harvests without getting worried of either underestimation or overestimation. With this feature, the output of any transaction can be vividly explained.

Managing Inventory and Bins

Yield Pro gives helps a farmer in maintaining his/her inventory records. The value and amount of the stocks can be precisely monitored through Yield Management Software System with the input in each bin quantified specifically.

Yield Management Software and Farm Scales

This is system works well with various farm truck scales including the grain dump scales, wheel weighers and truck scales among others. With this software system, the weights of various farm scales can be obtained in order thus avoiding confusion arising from the weights of the multiple scales.

Yield Pro Reporting Capabilities

This software system gives an account and reports various farm activities ranging from drivers to the bin inventory. Yield Pro gives reports for any farm whether big or small.


The Technology Behind Onboard Scales for Loaders

Onboard Scales for LoadersWeigh scales are often installed on wheel loaders that are used in industries dealing with asphalt, cement, rock, paper, recycling, wood, fertilizers, food, as well as road salt. Two of the most common applications of these onboard scales for loaders are the mining and farming industries.

Primary Components & Features of Onboard Scales

These onboard wheel loader scales are able to function properly because of certain components that guarantee accurate weighing, data management, and options in operating modes.

Weighing Accuracy

  • Multi-point weighing. The weight of the load is calculated several times in order to ensure accuracy.
  • Accuracy and precision. Software is used to balance the changes in the environment and machine, which often occur in hydraulic-based weighing systems.
  • Last bucket adjustment. This enables the calculation of exact truck weights with the use of active tip-offs in order to trim the last bucket loaded into each truck.
  • Ground slope compensation. It helps obtain the accurate weight of the load even if the truck is parked on sloping benches or ramps.

Data Management

  • Load information. It helps monitor each load based on the truck number, customer, or job number.
  • Product totals. It monitors bucket counts and totals up to 100 different materials.
  • Data reporting. It generates reports right in the truck.
  • Data selection. It eases data selection with the use of alphanumeric keypad, auto completion, as well as multi line display.
  • Operator login. It limits access to the scale through the use of an individual access code protection.

Operating Options

  • Split loading. It loads trailer and truck combinations until the weight reaches the maximum capacity.
  • Target loading. It removes mental arithmetic by showing a countdown until the maximum capacity of the truck.
  • Load by volume. It measures weight against volume for each load.
  • Recall or subtract function. It automatically makes weight adjustments.
  • Output. It notifies when certain events occur, such as overloading.

Why Install Onboard Scales for Loaders

Farming and mining trucks would benefit from the use of onboard scales for wheel loaders by getting accurate weighing all the time. In turn, this can reduce or completely eliminate the possibility of paying overloading fines and double handling of materials by properly loading into each truck.

The scales also enable faster loading under any condition. This also leads to better customer service by cutting down on loading cycle times. This is possible with the active tip-off function when the last bucket is loaded and the target weights have to be achieved.

Another benefit of using wheel loader scales is that it is easier to make decisions simply by looking at the information generated by the scales. With proper data management, it is easier to assess loading factors and make the right decisions.

Most modern onboard scales for loaders, particularly those supplied by companies like Walz Onboard, are easier to use. After some simple training, truck operators can easily adapt to the way the scales work.

With the scales in place, overloading is reduced, which also means reduced risk to the safety of the truck. Mining and farming trucks that do not get overloaded usually last longer, extending the life expectancy of the expensive and valuable equipment.


Truck Scales: Weighing Technology That Makes the World Go Around

Rail ScalesTruck scales have evolved into a highly advanced form of heavy-duty weighing technology that comes in many forms.

There are large steel-deck struck scales (also called "weighbridges") which are designed to weigh semi-trucks and their loads. There's more simplistic "portable weigh pads" (also known as portable truck scales) which can be used conveniently where needed. And then there's perhaps the most advanced form of truck scales called onboard scales which have weighing systems built 'on board' the actual vehicle.

Truck scales can be used for all types of applications and operations given the industry the scale serves. Investing in a truck scale can drastically improve operational efficiency and throughput for almost any buyer. Let's take a deeper look at the industry application of modern day truck scales.

Industry Application of Trucks Scales

Truck scales are considered as integral components to safeguard the company's profit streams. Industries that use several trucks every day need to have a reliable and accurate scale system to ensure that their business operation is efficient and profitable.

There are numerous configurations of truck scales available in the market. These truck scales utilize the most advanced technology, in order to match varying application needs, ranging from light farm use, to heavy capacity industrial applications.

Mining Truck Scales

Mining ScalesWith the emerging demands of the market, accurate measurement of resource payloads is the single largest challenge besetting the mining industry. In order to maximize the accuracy of minerals and contents extracted in a mining operation, a dependable weighing system must be installed.

Mining truck scales can help monitor efficiency in the mining operation as well as in keeping an accurate record of transactions to determine revenues. Mining truck scales are built to withstand the harsh conditions of the mining operation. Mining scales such as conveyor scales, rail scales and belt weighing scales, allow the weighing of extracted minerals, even when in motion. This helps ensure that the mining records and weight data are accurate.

Farm Truck Scales

Farm Truck ScalesFarm truck scales are innovative and economical approach in weighing trucks. Farm producers usually benefit from farm truck scales in order to determine the weight of all types of vehicle, from planting to harvesting.

There are several configurations of farm truck scale systems allowing agricultural producers to determine accurately the weight of their products. A grain dump truck scale, for instance, provides added efficiency because it has the ability to weigh truckloads of goods and unload them while still on the scale.

Rail Scales

Rail ScalesRail weighing is virtually a crucial aspect of rail operation. It helps monitor product deliveries and ensure that overloading penalties are avoided. Rail scales are important in order to avoid overloading or eccentric loading, as these would often result in overweight penalties, and possible damage in the rail cars or wagon infrastructure (or worse, it may lead to derailments.)

Other reasons for weighing the rail cars include the determination of the accurate weight in order to invoice the client properly for the contents being shipped. Knowing the accurate weight of a train is also important to minimize high-impact loads, especially at rail crossings, turnouts, track joints, and track discontinuities. As a result, rail car scales are key for a smooth weighing operation.

Unbeknownst to many tech-savvy individuals, truck scales offer incredible benefits for all types of industries and they most definitely help make the world go around.


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Learn more about Aaron Wolinski, world premier music producer and audio engineer based in Traverse City, Michigan.

Divot Repair Technology

Seriously one of the most technologically advanced devices you'll find the golf course. Powered by your hand.

Portable Truck Scales for Sale

Get heavy-duty portable scales for weighing trucks, loads, and other heavy-duty weighing needs.

Bush Hog Parts Dealer

When you need Bush Hog parts, this is the place to go.

TechCrunch Blog

Read news, media, and reviews about many topics pertaining to technology.

Custom Divot Repair Tools for Golf

If you want a fully-custom divot repair tool, then check out your options with the Mark Mender divot repair tool.

Remote PC Virus Removal

Need to free your computer of viruses? In most cases you can do it remotely.

Your source of dimensional weighing and cubing systems for many applications, including warehousing and pallet operations.

Agricultural Weighing Systems

From portable axle scales to full weighbridges, offers the best technology for agricultural weighing systems.

IT Staffing Firm

Get the best and brightest resource when it comes to recruiting and staffing IT professionals for your firm.

Peoria, IL Home Automation Company

Enhance the ambiance, entertainment, and overall efficiency of your home with a home automation system.

Computer Repair & Virus Removal

Whether on-site or remote, see how this cutting edge company does computer repair and virus removal.

Gizmodo Tech Blog

Discover information and news about tech gadgets and the tech industry.

Custom Cycle Jersey Design & Graphics

Retro Two Image Apparel specializes in custom cycling jerseys, online design, and vintage/class cycling clothing.

New Your Times: Bits Blog

Explore a variety of content about the business of technology.

Captivate SEO & Search Marketing Company

Premier search marketing company specializing in local and organic SEO.

New Scientist Technology Blog

New Scientist Magazine's blog that covers a wide variety of info about tech innovations.

Coaching Business Resources

A great resource for professionals and enthusiasts alike who are interested in starting a coaching business.

Business IT Support Solutions

A dependable resource for business IT support, consulting, computer systems, repair, data recovery, and much more

Web-based Triathlon Coaching Online

A reputable and professional resource for athletes who are looking for online triathlon coaching services.

Aaron Wolinski Avatar Media

World premier audio engineering and music production studio created by the highly-acclaimed A. Wolinski.

Evolved Technology Blog

One of the newest and most awesome blogs that focuses on the latest and most progressive ideas in tech.

Portable Truck Scale Technology

See the unique technology used to efficiently and accurately weigh trucks and their payloads.

Performance Meets Casual Cycling Clothing

This company has made use of some of the most advanced cycling material to offer both unique and casual cycling apparel.

Farm Truck Scales

Learn about the weighing technology used to weigh harvests and yields of today's agricultural producers

Harvest Management Software Solutions

See how the world's largest farmers and agricultural producers manage yields and harvest with this simple software solution.

Website Optimization Company

Flexible providers of all aspects in PPC, SEO, and optimizing website for greater performance, usability, and conversion potential. 

Responsive Ecommerce SEO Solutions

Flexible providers of all aspects in PPC, SEO, and optimizing website for greater performance, usability, and conversion potential. 

Billing Service for FQHC's

See the most advanced FQHC billing solutions offered by Practice Management.

SEO Traverse City

The northern Michigan branch of Captivate Local, a trusted solution for local SEO and Google Maps marketing.

Wolinski Aaron

Northern Michigan premier DJ and music producer for a wide range of sounds.

Atlanta Internet marketing company that emphaisizes a "search first" approach to it's wide spectrum of solutions.

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