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Is IT Consulting the Right Investment for Your Business?

Business IT ConsultingIT consulting is a technical service that is provided by specialized IT companies; it offers big, medium and small sized companies an objective evaluation of the business processes and provides suggestions or plausible solutions to highlighted problems or weaknesses. Some of the advantages of IT consulting include but not limited to:

Offer Clarity

IT consulting does offer some level of clarity in the work structure of an organization. It does breakdown the work processes to small basic tasks that can then be clearly defined, managed and improved upon. Thus most businesses that employ some level of IT in their day to day operations can greatly benefit from some form of IT consulting.

Improved Productivity

Research has shown that IT consulting roles that have been well undertaken tend to greatly improve the level of productivity in an organization; irrespective of its size. In most instances several roles and tasks will be merged and technology will be deployed to ensure wastage is minimized, and best practices are implemented to ensure improved output. Enhanced productivity will in turn translate into more efficient, effective and better managed work processes.

Identify and Crystallize Business Needs and Requirements

As a business grows and spreads its tentacles to other domains or new markets, there usually tends to be some moving away or shifting of initial business vision and mission. This is especially so for those companies that experience huge growth levels. Adoption of various IT systems and other Business processes may cloud the way in which a company does its business. It is important to carry out some IT consulting to find out if the initial business goals are still being met; if not, then get the reasons why they are not being met and offer recommendations.

Provide High Level Expertise

As earlier stated IT Consulting is quite technical; getting this type of highly qualified personnel permanently on your payroll can be quite expensive, this is especially so for small and medium sized companies. Getting consultants on a temporary basis to offer their years of experience and high level expertise can be a strong facet to your company.

Offer Well Thought-out Recommendations

Consultants usually offer recommendations that have been well tested and tried. Even for deployment of relatively new technology; most consultants will have some kind of experience though not similar but somehow related to the problem or issue at hand. Their solutions are usually practical and specific.

Undertake Follow Ups

Though this depends on the kind of contract between an organization and the IT consulting firm that has been contracted; most consulting firms will tend to make follow ups on the recommendations that were made. Some may even change the recommendations if they have been overtaken by events or if there are now better systems that may solve the said problem.

IT consulting, just like any other business investment, does have its downsides. Some of the disadvantages of IT consulting


Due to its technical nature and the need for highly qualified personnel IT consulting is usually quite pricey. This is especially so when you consider the kind of recommendations they usually come up with which may involve buying new systems or replacing some modules.

Tedious and Time Consuming

For non IT staff; the entire consultancy period is usually time consuming and tedious, this is especially more pronounced when there is a lot of IT jargon use during those deliberations or in the reports and recommendations.


The entire process of IT consulting usually tends to be disruptive to IT users; especially if there are some evaluations to be undertaken, or tests to be done on systems and processes. Most employees usually don't appreciate the need as the current system usually tends to work pretty well for the casual observer.


The Value of IT Support & Consulting Specialists for Tech-based Firms

IT Support Peoria ILAs a business owner of a tech-based firm, you have numerous responsibilities and there are never enough hours in the day to complete your ever-growing “to do” list. For businesses, especially those dealing in technology services or relying on technology, there is nothing more frustrating than having computers, servers, or network systems that are down or not functioning properly. This can lead to decreased customer satisfaction, lower employee productivity and more importantly a loss in business revenue.

IT Consulting & Support

Business owners of tech companies realize not having an IT support staff or IT consulting team in-house prevents them from focusing on the important details of their business and increasing revenue. Tech based businesses benefit tremendously from hiring on-site technical support teams. Hiring information technology specialists and information technology consulting specialists gives businesses a competitive edge, saves a great deal of time and helps avoid costly technical mishaps.

Having on-site IT support is the only way to guarantee technical problems are handled quickly, effectively and efficiently. Without in-house IT support or IT consulting teams to handle issues in a timely manner, productivity comes to a standstill. Businesses don’t have time to wait around for outside technicians to come fix technical issues.

Optimize Productivity

Waiting around for computers, printers, fax machines, and etc. to get fixed, waste a great deal of time by preventing employees from doing their jobs, which in turn decreases worker productivity. Whether the problem is with a phone, computer or server, issues are addressed immediately, when IT specialists remain on-site, problems are generally handled in a matter of minutes.

Also, when you hire IT support specialists or an IT consulting firm Illinois, you gain valuable insight into what software programs and other technical products best meet the needs of the business. IT specialist are up to date on the latest industry news and know what products will best meet business needs and can offer advice on the most beneficial purchasing decisions for your business.

Another benefit to having an on-site tech support team in the office is that they can instruct employees on how to fix basic technical issues on their own. Usually most employees can be trained to fix simple computer problems themselves, so Facet IT specialists can work on more complex problems requiring more in-depth technical expertise.

Professional, knowledgeable and reliable IT support and IT consulting is the backbone of any successful tech company. Having on-site tech support teams increases employee productivity, decreases cost and increases profits.


Can IT Consulting Help Grow Your Business?

IT ConsultingAn IT consultant is a professional who can give companies advice on how to best use technology to meet the needs of their business. For businesses that rely on computers to run, having an IT consultant is a good idea. They can keep your business up and running smoothly as well as offer tips on how to run better. They are also there to fix any problems that arise within your network.

They are there to help with project management, application development, JAVA application development, business analysis, infrastructure support and many more. They can also be used to help train different users within your business so you can be sure your product is able to be used properly. Not only can they help with the development and upkeep of software, they are also able help with sales.

Who Needs an IT Consultant?

Large companies with a huge clientele that relies on the use of their computer services, software development and installation services are in need of IT consultants. When a company relies on these different things to run, an IT expert is the best person to help them figure out how to run better.

They have the knowledge on the newest technology that can help businesses save money. They are able to analyze your IT operations to see how it’s working behind the scenes to help your company run efficiently. By running diagnostic tests, they can understand what solutions they will need to administer. They can help large companies save a lot of money.

Who Doesn’t Need and IT Consultant?

Companies that run using little to no technology can get away with not hiring an IT consultant. These IT consultants, like those at mainly work with technology and provide their expertise on how technology can make a business run better with technology.

Sure, they do other thing aside from troubleshooting internet problems, such as sales, but they still have a foundation that is based on the use of technology. If you don’t need much technology to run your business, it may be a waste of money using an IT consultant.

Businesses That Have Benefited from Hiring an IT Consultant

Information technology consultants help businesses understand the value in the technology they have invested in.

A leading gas and electricity retailer saved their business by consulting an IT consultant. While they were growing in clients they could not keep up with the scale economies of their business. Their IT cost started to rise. They hired an IT consultant who was able to lower hardware costs, reduce system maintenance/upgrade costs, and reduce the amount of FTE’s needed.

A pharmaceutical company was experiencing difficulty due to having an older system running their software. An IT consulting company was able to spot their issues and fix the problem, resulting in, improved customer service and retention, $3 million in savings, and increased operating efficiency.

IT professionals have a variety of resources up their sleeves that can help build better businesses that use technological resources to help their clients. Companies that use telecommunication and computer systems to provide services to clients are in need of IT consultants to help grow their businesses.


The Role of IT Consultants in Today's Hi-Tech Digital Age

IT ConsultantConventional business consultants find themselves more and more isolated as the technology we use today advances. Emerging concepts in business have led to a need for a new type of expert, the information technology (IT) consultant.

IT consultants are individuals with skills and experience in the efficient use of company resources to achieve good customer service, cut costs and keep pace with technology. Sampled below are the primary responsibilities and roles of the modern IT consultant in relation to business technology strategies.

1. Provision of Advice

IT consultants are very knowledgeable in their areas of specialty, always keeping abreast of current trends in business technology. They are experts integrating technologies to maximize output while cutting costs and avoiding obsolescence. Business IT consultants are outsiders in a company, and so, the advice they offer, is neutral, as opposed to in-house specialists who may exercise bias towards certain technologies.

2. Definition of Software, Hardware and Network Requirements of a Business

It is the responsibility of IT consultants to understand the nature of an enterprise. These experts should also examine the direction the enterprise needs to take in terms of using technology. Different hardware and software operate differently. In order to integrate these various pieces into one flawless system, a good understanding of the business in terms of goals, clients, and technological resources comes in handy.

This is primary focus behind the business IT consultants of companies like Facet Technologies, that center their model on the client's needs and objectives. This more personlized approach to IT consulting is vital in today's digital age.

3. Finding Solutions to Technological Issues, Designing and Implementing New Systems

Change is a fundamental element in the integration of new systems. Every day, new systems emerge and likewise, the efficiency of doing things improves. A piece of hardware, effective yesterday, becomes obsolescent today. The business environment is continuously evolving, and IT experts need to keep upgrading and developing new systems that integrate seamlessly.

4. Design, Testing, Installation, Monitoring And Maintaining Systems

Consultants are required to come up with systems that fit in with the agenda of the business. Alpha and beta tests are the best way to determine the effectiveness of systems after IT experts design them.

If sound, they move on to the next stage where installation takes place. Constant monitoring is critical in determining the effectiveness of IT systems. It also helps when it comes to fine-tuning the processes involved in their maintenance.

5. Technology Systems Support

In many businesses, company clients are always having problems that are technical in nature. IT consultants step in to help clients with technical issues they find hard to understand. A client might have a problem installing an application provided by the company, or obtaining updates on company gadgets.

When such instances happens, business IT consultants offer advice and solutions. Besides that, they try to establish possible technical problems within company systems that may have caused some of these glitches. This enables the organization to be more proactive and protect computer systems to avoid future issues that may arise.

As professionals, these experts are always working to attain full integration and understand clients in order to give them the best service and correct system problems that may have led to website crashes or gadget malfunction.

Currently, IT consulting experts work in all industries, from hospitals to banks and government institutions. The roles of these professionals are many and varied, but the consensus is that they design a platform through which a business can operate within its specific scope. Integration and exploiting opportunities in IT is the ultimate goal of technology.

Building a system that works for clients, as well as for the enterprise, requires investment and expertise, and that is why IT consultants are some of the most sought after professionals in modern times.


The Top 5 IT Staffing and Support Companies in the U.S.

Business IT Staffing SupportThe world of computerization and information technology has evolved a great deal in the recent decades. Technological advancement has resulted in the sprouting up of many IT staffing and support companies in the U.S. that focus on helping other businesses and organization recruit the best talent to support their IT infrastructures.

Such organizations that demand professional IT staffing and support solutions include schools, colleges, and other educational institutions; banks and credit unions; business ranging from SMB's to large enterprises; and various web-based companies to name a few.

Some reputable IT staffing and support companies have worked tirelessly to get to the top the on the list. They have improved in all aspects, such as customer satisfaction, value to stakeholders, IT staffing and support services, and many others. Below are some of our top picks among reputable IT staffing and support companies in the U.S.

1. Facet Technologies, Inc.

Based in Illinois, the IT staffing and consulting firm of Facet Technologies, Inc. has since become one of the best performing firms in the U.S. for decades. Facet Technologies has been in operation since 1989; therefore have vast experience in the IT industry.

They provide customers with professional on-site IT staffing and consultancy, IT support as well as computer networking solutions for any business. The company has been passing business and IT Facet Tech designs, and also IT solutions that gather for needs of many organizations. The way they handle clients is quite remarkable.

2. On Assignment

On Assignment is the company that has worn hearts of many business owners. The staffing service company places highly skilled professionals in a contract-to-hire, temporary, and permanent positions in many sectors. Such areas include creative, life sciences, and technology industries.

On Assignment boasts of more than 30 years' experience of staffing characterized by quality services. It connects organizations with the talent they require to excel while offering individuals with duly rewarding employment opportunities. It is simply the best.

3. Randstad Technologies

Randstad Technologies is composed of a team of subject matter experts who search for the appropriate solutions that fit needs of every business. With expertise in many facets of technology, Randstad Technologies helps business leaders and clients know entirely that they they are settling on the right choices as well as the wisest investments in IT integration. 

The company ensures exactly that. The firm is praised due to its high-end IT consulting services. They advise clients on how to best make use of technology, processes as well as data to meet business needs. Their services stand the test of time.

4. TEKsystems

TEKsystems stands to be one of the best IT companies of all time, thanks to their high-end services. Its connection within the IT workforce them a real world pulse on what functions well and how to improve IT operations.

The IT support and consulting company assembles the best people to assist every business accomplish its goals. TEKsystems offers services such as Application Services, Training and Education, and Network Infrastructure Services.

5. Experis

This company has been complimented highly, thanks to its quality IT support and IT consultancy services. Experis provides many services ranging from consultancy to project management. They have a dedicated service representative who is always available for on-site visits and can help in all billing inquiries. Experis goes an extra step to give a dedicated toll-free number for easy contacting. Their services are merely impressive.

Superior business performance, as well as a competitive benefit, depends on understanding how to capitalize on IT to achieve desired results. As result, a suitable IT staffing and IT support company should be chosen. Now you know all that you need to know about the top 5 IT Staffing & support companies in the United States.


When to Hire an IT Support Consultant for Your Small Business

IT Support ConsultantsThe complex handling and management of a business' computer related operations can be streamlined, optimized, and made more effective with the help of IT support and consulting providers. Business IT support consultants handle a number of IT processes, from system integration to maintaining software regulations.

And there is no doubt about the fact they will be more reliable than a single employee handling the IT systems of a firm. Here is quick look at six reasons why hiring an IT support consultant can be highly useful for any small business.

1. IT consulting companies employ a large number of professionals and hence they have a much larger pool of expertise. This helps them provide significant advantages in a number of different fields. Professionals working here are aware of the latest developments and can usher in the latest technology for your organization.

2. A dedicated IT support company will have far greater experience than a single person. They would have been handling such projects for a many years now and will know how to go about any problems that might crop up. It also gives them an advantage in handling high workloads.

Working with a demanding management, developing a project and using different varieties of software are all easy enough jobs for them. This combination of experience and expertise can help your company in a big way. You can draw on their knowledge to finish your projects in a fast and efficient manner.

3. Knowledge and familiarity with different tools is an absolute must when it comes to IT support work. Apart from this, a good knowledge of various platforms and tools is also essential. When it comes to an IT company, they offer all these tools for the use of employees.

IT support and consulting companies, like, also provide ample training to ensure that they can finish off all jobs quickly. The experience also helps them in the day to day handling of these tools. A single employee will have a hard time keeping up with various aspects of IT systems. Providing training for this will also be an unnecessary expense for you.

4. With a dedicated IT consultant, you can sure that all your work will be finished off in no time. When IT processes move without a glitch, it helps the entire organization run faster. There is little room for error since implementation of newer technology also takes place. This also ensures that there is no scope for recurring problems. Hence the entire organization runs in a productive and streamlined manner.

5. When you bring in outside help, it always adds a fresh perspective for the problem. This is true in all cases, and not just IT support. These professionals for IT consulting firms will be able to help you with a number of ideas and suggestions. They will make sure that it aligns with your project goals in a wholesome manner.

6. With business IT support firms, all the work is to be done on a required basis. Do you save money in the long run because you only have to employ them when there is requirement. This enables a flexible relationship with the IT firm that can be changed according to your requirement.


Is Your Business Ready to Embrace New Technology?

New Business TechnologyThose who operate small businesses know first-hand that time and most certainly budget can get a little tight occasionally. More than likely those small business owners don't want to spend what seems like endless hours pursuing various online resources regarding what it is they need to figure out what things would help smooth things out.

That is why it would be ultimately the best thing if they were to contact an IT support consultant to get a grasp on the things they could do to improve and achieve great success.

The Best Help for Technology-Driven Growth

Especially for those company's who are in their inaugural year of business, they will find out quickly that it is almost always make-or-break in the early goings. Hiring an IT consulting service will enlighten you with really good insight regarding which programs, servers and what various hardware is out there for you.

IT Support will be able to provide you with everything you need to know and tell you about the different things you will be needing to run your business smoothly within a comfortable budget that works for you. Since you won't have to burn anymore time on the concentration aspect and decisions in relation to IT, you will be enabled more quality time to focus on the core needs of your business.

Making IT Their Life's Work

The consultants who make IT their life's work know virtually every method and technique that will help you with whatever angle and specific business goals in which you have for yourself. These professional IT consulting gurus will be able to provide you with the most experienced advice surrounding important purchase decisions so you will not be doing any overspending buying a product which will not help you in your ultimate goals of accomplishing everything that you had in mind.

You will access invaluable information in regards to different ways which will be inevitably better, undeniably quicker and most importantly, more economic, which will end up proving itself in the form of you saving time and money while in the process of reaching your goals.

IT consultants make a strict point of staying very much up-to-date with all of the latest technology to come out of the industry and they know what particular products and services are not worth wasting your time and money on. This a vital aspect for many IT support consultants and IT support consulting companies, such as who center their business on stay current with business IT trends.

If you happen to have employees, they will also greatly benefit not having to concern themselves with IT work and information because it will be all left to the consultant. They will also have the extra time to concentrate on more pressing matters of the business and even get ahead of the curve to put the business in a better position for success.

Experts Who are There for You

Business networking and IT support consultants can also provide you with that special peace of mind when you know that no matter what issues come forth, you will always have a knowledgeable team of experts who are willing to take on whatever comes forth.

You now have the ability truly raise your business from the ground up, the right way and by knowing the sky's the limit, you will have a pretty great time getting your business to the top as well.


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