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Fewer Jobs With Information Technology?

In its very essence, Information Technology (IT) is concerned with the treatment and organization of information. Aspects of the IT world include the acquisition, processing, and storage of any type information.

The business models behind Information Technology include Web technologies, cloud computing, data  mining, network security, and image processing, to name a few. The sector is growing day by day and new technologies are emerging. But can we say the same about the workforce?

Our picture of society has completely changed because of IT, and continues to evolve at a constant rate. Advancements in IT systems have become so widespread and integrated into our lives. We constantly strive to make things faster, more efficient, and more compact. But as these advancements in Information Technology continue, the need for human help may diminish.

Dramatic Shifts from IT

The effects of Information Technology display a dramatic influence on the tasks related to the internal and external operations of any organization. Improved IT systems enhance organizational infrastructure and the capacity of workload performed by human intelligence.

Today a large number of tools are available for even the smallest tasks. Due to a large availability of task-oriented IT systems at reasonable prices, many businesses prefer the qualities of technology over an employee - less margin for error, less needs to be catered to, and less long-term expense to the company.

In developing or under-developed countries that are capitalizing on affordable business IT systems to help them grow, the workforce concerns are even greater. Not only does investing in IT over employees hinder the economy of developing countries, but such shifts hint at widening income gap between money-making executives and the unemployed.

One of the best solutions to help overcome the issue of fewer jobs with information technology is to make IT systems more integrated with humans. That is, develop technologies that require human intelligence to be run properly and more efficiently. It may be stretch, but its food for thought on protecting the economic well-being of the world.


Importance of IT Security Systems

"Information systems" or "information technology" (IT) systems is business jargon denoting the technological management of various types of information solely through a computer network.

It is pertinent that you secure your computer network so as to ensure all the data it contains is kept safe as well as ensuring that employees are prevented from causing any harm.

In this blog post, we are going to underscore the importance of security systems for various IT infrastructures and networks.

Importance of IT Security SystemsInternet Security Basics

Typically, an office network that is being managed in a secure manner will incorporate a number of elements to ensure that its networks integrity is well maintained. Some of these security system elements will include the authentication of user data, protecting the data in the network as well as preventing any intrusion of the network.

Network Access Control

In this type of network environment, access is limited to the people who have the right data. In this network security scenario, the computer will be password protected and will typically have a log in screen. Any person that is trying to gain access into the computer is not only required to know the applicable username but also have the right password. In addition to this, the network access control can be further protected by keeping records of people that have logged into the network. However, it is recommended that this access control information is recorded on a different computer in the same network for security purposes.

Use of Network

When it comes to IT security systems, one of the things most people overlook is managing network activity. It is not appropriate for all the people to have all the access codes to various parts of the network. If anything was to go wrong, accountability may be quite hard to prove. Instead, certain people should have certain levels of clearance. This way at any time you will know which people will be able to gain access to what information. In addition to this, managing the use of network can help you find any questionable behavior or activity. For example, if someone who is not cleared keeps trying to access a specific area of the network, they may have ulterior motives or intentions.

Use of Internet

If there are computers that are accessing the Internet via your network, it is advisable to keep records of this. One of the best ways of doing so would be having a log of all the websites that these computers are accessing through your Internet. In addition to this, you can come up with Internet usage policies for the network. This will restrict the other computers access to certain websites that may have the potential to cause software malfunctions to your network system.

Data Security Systems

Companies that deal in sensitive information or data such as health records, financial records, and legal records and so on are recommended to have data security systems. This data is secured through encryption processes. By encrypting the data that is on the network, you ensure that people who do not have any authorization cannot get access to this sensitive data. These types of security systems are especially important if you would like to avoid lawsuits due to leaked records or information.

For more information and resources, visit Facet Technologies, Inc.


Qualities of an Effective IT Consulting Company

IT ConsultingIT (Information Technology) is an integral component for many different businesses and organizations.

The priority for most IT consulting firms is to keep a business secure from various risks that can hinder productivity, such as viruses, hackers and downtime within a computer network.

IT consulting companies will often perform a preliminary inspection of a business's computer system before taking on a job. Adequate professionals will take the review the state of current IT system (or needs for a newly developed network) and compare their analysis with the most efficient and updated solutions available.

What Makes for a Strong IT Consulting Firm?

Strong IT consulting firms will get answers to important questions about the technology requirements of the company. Furthermore, effective IT consultants will take the time to learn about the big-picture goals of the business to best gauge a cost-effective solution.

Some questions that a dependable IT consultant will ask a business owner include:

What types of clients to you serve?

What are your clients’ primary needs?

How are your clients’ needs being met by your company's services?

What is the ROI for your primary service programs?

How do you inform your clients of the value and benefits of your services?

What are your company's USP (Unique Selling Propositions)?

Quality IT consulting firms will know and execute very specific tasks and responsibilities to a high standard. They will also understand how your business interacts and supports its client base. As a result, they can help to empower the larger activities and priorities of the organization.

To learn more about the qualities of an effective IT consulting company, visit for a wealth of information and resources.


Advantages for Small Business in Mobile Technology

Mobile TechnologyMobile technology has been used for effective communication by businesses worldwide. Whether for marketing or internal operations, mobile technology use is expected to get bigger and better in the near future as more technologies are introduced in the mobile industry.

In fact, the real reason why the number of Internet users has sky rocketed to 2,400 million is, the development of social media and mobile technologies.

For starters mobile technology has revolutionized marketing. Small businesses have identified this as a very basic and affordable way of competing with large corporations, which can still afford traditional forms of marketing like main stream media.

Through social media technology, small businesses have been able to spread vital news regarding the businesses in order to reach out to more people through word of mouth. Large businesses are also taking advantage of social media platforms to cut down on the costs of advertising.

A good example is the two most popular social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter. These two allow businesses to establish their own web pages for free. Any new entrepreneur can make use of this option to target a larger audience without the cost of investing in a website. However, as a small business, you have to learn how to take advantage of mobile technology in more ways than one.

Mobile technology should assist you in customer service. You should be able to make use of emails and phone calls to get through to your customers whenever there is a need. The mobile social networks will also present a good avenue for your customers to air out their views.

From a marketing and customer acquisition standpoint, you should always reply to your customers’ concerns and suggestions immediately via mobile technology. This will create a stream of loyal customers who feel like you are interested in their opinion. You should answer quickly to customer responses by collecting customer feedback data on social media sites.

Mobile technology should not only be of benefit to your customers but also your employees. Communication among colleagues should be faster with the help of mobile technology. There are so many applications on social media platforms like Facebook and Tweeter that can help you to maintain good customer relationship.

In order to make mobile technology work best for your small business, invest in the right business computer systems that are portable and effective. Consider replacing your desktop with laptops and small tablets. You can also develop QR codes and apps, which facilitate quick access to information.

At this high rate of growth experienced in the mobile technology, do not make the mistake of lagging behind. Your business could be doing well currently but you can never be sure of your future in case you do not make these changes. Invest in robust technology, user-friendly websites and easy to use applications for your business.

Mobile websites tend to attract more visitors since most people like accessing information using their mobile devices. If you have a strong desire to elevate your business then investing in mobile technology could be a great start. You will attain your full potential and succeed in the midst of massive competition.

To learn more about how to leverage mobile technology for your business, check out the IT support and consulting services from Facet Technologies. This company can help you learn the advantages of leveraging cutting-edge technology for your business.


How to Protect Your Business Computer System from Security Threats

Protect Your Business Computer SystemDigital business documents and information are a crucial part of enterprise and are even referred to as assets in some contexts. Considered that most business organizations now prefer working in paperless environments to optimize on production, most of these documents are stored on computers and IT systems which are susceptible to security breaches, data theft and other undesirable activities by employees and third parties if stringent measures are not put into place.

To safeguard your business's information, below are some IT security practices you should consider enforcing.

Establish a Password Policy for Your Business Computer System

Usage of passwords is a basic but powerful way to protect business computer systems. The passwords used within your business should be complex and well defined. For instance, all passwords should contain more than 8 mixed characters to make cracking hard. In addition, you should enable account lockout and ensure that all users have a unique password. When an employee vacates or retires, ensure that their password is disabled for optimal security measures.

Protect Against Hackers

One of the best ways to get assurance that your system is protected from hackers is by installing a business class firewall. There are several of them in the software market but you need to consider one from a vendor who provides regular updates to clients. However, even when the firewall is in place, you need to perform regular checks on the logs to be ascertained that unauthorized parties are not trying to gain access to the system. Additionally, encrypt all data transmission, ensure that SSID broadcast is disabled and restrict usage of certain terminals on your network if necessary.

Install Software to Minimize Viruses and Malware Attacks

Malware and viruses might have devastating effects on a businesses' information data bank. To protect yours, invest in a centralized malware and spyware management system. The virus protection software should have automated updates which should preferable be made daily, spam filtering capabilities and capable of performing a scheduled spyware check on the entire system. If such precautions are not implemented, the cost of professional virus removal services can be quite steep for a business. For this reason, investing in virus and malware protection measures now can save you the headache and money down the road.

Protect Your Computer System from Data Loss

Data loss is one of the inconveniences all business entrepreneurs working in a digital environment dread. To protect your company from such a scenario, all your documents, emails and contacts should be stored on a server. Additionally, you should have your automated backup system located away from the business premises and comprehensive data recovery and backup procedures kept in place. To ensure that everything is working fine, consider running a data restore test on your IT system.

Data Access Restrictions

Employees should have just enough access privileges to enable them do their work. Setting up permissions and user level access strategies will help you ensure that employees are not getting access to information or business documents they shouldn't see.

Invest in a Contingency Plan

When it comes to business information, nothing should ever be left to chance. Your business should be capable of recovering its data, hardware, software and internet connectivity should anything undesirable happen. Important too is to replace outdated hardware and software periodically as this might pose a threat to your business computer systems.

For medium to large scale business operations, it's often best to consult with an IT support and consulting company with expertise in computer systems and security. Hiring an IT specialist can help you define the specific threats that your business may encounter, in addition to ways to protect against them.


Is IT Consulting the Right Investment for Your Business?

Business IT ConsultingIT consulting is a technical service that is provided by specialized IT companies; it offers big, medium and small sized companies an objective evaluation of the business processes and provides suggestions or plausible solutions to highlighted problems or weaknesses. Some of the advantages of IT consulting include but not limited to:

Offer Clarity

IT consulting does offer some level of clarity in the work structure of an organization. It does breakdown the work processes to small basic tasks that can then be clearly defined, managed and improved upon. Thus most businesses that employ some level of IT in their day to day operations can greatly benefit from some form of IT consulting.

Improved Productivity

Research has shown that IT consulting roles that have been well undertaken tend to greatly improve the level of productivity in an organization; irrespective of its size. In most instances several roles and tasks will be merged and technology will be deployed to ensure wastage is minimized, and best practices are implemented to ensure improved output. Enhanced productivity will in turn translate into more efficient, effective and better managed work processes.

Identify and Crystallize Business Needs and Requirements

As a business grows and spreads its tentacles to other domains or new markets, there usually tends to be some moving away or shifting of initial business vision and mission. This is especially so for those companies that experience huge growth levels. Adoption of various IT systems and other Business processes may cloud the way in which a company does its business. It is important to carry out some IT consulting to find out if the initial business goals are still being met; if not, then get the reasons why they are not being met and offer recommendations.

Provide High Level Expertise

As earlier stated IT Consulting is quite technical; getting this type of highly qualified personnel permanently on your payroll can be quite expensive, this is especially so for small and medium sized companies. Getting consultants on a temporary basis to offer their years of experience and high level expertise can be a strong facet to your company.

Offer Well Thought-out Recommendations

Consultants usually offer recommendations that have been well tested and tried. Even for deployment of relatively new technology; most consultants will have some kind of experience though not similar but somehow related to the problem or issue at hand. Their solutions are usually practical and specific.

Undertake Follow Ups

Though this depends on the kind of contract between an organization and the IT consulting firm that has been contracted; most consulting firms will tend to make follow ups on the recommendations that were made. Some may even change the recommendations if they have been overtaken by events or if there are now better systems that may solve the said problem.

IT consulting, just like any other business investment, does have its downsides. Some of the disadvantages of IT consulting


Due to its technical nature and the need for highly qualified personnel IT consulting is usually quite pricey. This is especially so when you consider the kind of recommendations they usually come up with which may involve buying new systems or replacing some modules.

Tedious and Time Consuming

For non IT staff; the entire consultancy period is usually time consuming and tedious, this is especially more pronounced when there is a lot of IT jargon use during those deliberations or in the reports and recommendations.


The entire process of IT consulting usually tends to be disruptive to IT users; especially if there are some evaluations to be undertaken, or tests to be done on systems and processes. Most employees usually don't appreciate the need as the current system usually tends to work pretty well for the casual observer.


Best Resources to Find IT Careers With Quality Firms

IT Firms JobsFinding IT firms that are looking for new technology grad students is often seen as a difficult task, considering the fact that it is a difficult field to break into. Numerous students are graduating in IT every year, and so the level of competition is quite steep when it comes to jobs.

Fortunately, there are many sites that provide information on current job openings for those looking to get employed. The IT industry may not be an easy business to get started in, but it isn't an impossible task. As long as you know where to look, you can and will find a job that pays a great salary.

Whether you're looking for career in IT support, network systems, or software testing, below best resources to find IT careers with quality firms:

There is probably no better place to find IT firms with available jobs than a site that's called ITjobs. This site is filled with information on jobs available in the IT field, plus the site also educates you further about what these jobs are all about. There are many different types of jobs you can get when you study IT, and so this site will let you know what types are available for you. The job categories include:

  • Open Systems
  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet
  • Network Systems
  • Client/Server
  • Legacy Systems
  • SW Development and Engineering
  • ERP/CRM/DW Management and Applications Consulting
  • Software Testing and QA

Dice is a site all about finding jobs in your area on the best Tech companies available. It basically is like Craigslist, but mainly on the Tech job sector in general. However, unlike Craigslist, the site is completely professional and has no hidden fees you have to pay. Furthermore, they have over 80,000 different available jobs that you can search from and all you need to do is put in your state or zip code, and it will automatically search a job for you.

TechCareers is a premier site for career advancement on the Tech industry having numerous fresh companies that are currently looking for new employees. All you have to do is search from its continuously updated database to find fresh and relevant opportunities perfectly suited for you. Connect with Engingeering and Tech employers as well as industry contacts from the site instantly. Also show off your professional achievements by creating your own personal Career Portfolio on the site for employers to come chasing you. The possibilities are quite amazing, and to begin, just sign up on the site.

Although this site may not be all that established yet, it offers a great range of available jobs for those who came fresh out of college. Unlike the other sites, this site isn't all that organized and neatly constructed yet, but it still offers great opportunities for those just looking to get started.

All of these IT-focused websites will a facet when finding great IT firms. They all have different styles in showing you jobs and companies, but all of them have one objective, which is to help you find a job as soon as possible.


The Value of IT Support & Consulting Specialists for Tech-based Firms

IT Support Peoria ILAs a business owner of a tech-based firm, you have numerous responsibilities and there are never enough hours in the day to complete your ever-growing “to do” list. For businesses, especially those dealing in technology services or relying on technology, there is nothing more frustrating than having computers, servers, or network systems that are down or not functioning properly. This can lead to decreased customer satisfaction, lower employee productivity and more importantly a loss in business revenue.

IT Consulting & Support

Business owners of tech companies realize not having an IT support staff or IT consulting team in-house prevents them from focusing on the important details of their business and increasing revenue. Tech based businesses benefit tremendously from hiring on-site technical support teams. Hiring information technology specialists and information technology consulting specialists gives businesses a competitive edge, saves a great deal of time and helps avoid costly technical mishaps.

Having on-site IT support is the only way to guarantee technical problems are handled quickly, effectively and efficiently. Without in-house IT support or IT consulting teams to handle issues in a timely manner, productivity comes to a standstill. Businesses don’t have time to wait around for outside technicians to come fix technical issues.

Optimize Productivity

Waiting around for computers, printers, fax machines, and etc. to get fixed, waste a great deal of time by preventing employees from doing their jobs, which in turn decreases worker productivity. Whether the problem is with a phone, computer or server, issues are addressed immediately, when IT specialists remain on-site, problems are generally handled in a matter of minutes.

Also, when you hire IT support specialists or an IT consulting firm Illinois, you gain valuable insight into what software programs and other technical products best meet the needs of the business. IT specialist are up to date on the latest industry news and know what products will best meet business needs and can offer advice on the most beneficial purchasing decisions for your business.

Another benefit to having an on-site tech support team in the office is that they can instruct employees on how to fix basic technical issues on their own. Usually most employees can be trained to fix simple computer problems themselves, so Facet IT specialists can work on more complex problems requiring more in-depth technical expertise.

Professional, knowledgeable and reliable IT support and IT consulting is the backbone of any successful tech company. Having on-site tech support teams increases employee productivity, decreases cost and increases profits.


The Importance Of Proper Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive DestructionWhen the time comes to replace the old computers for your business, it's very important that you ensure that hard drive destruction is properly done on your old machines. Far too many businesses make the mistake of simply throwing out their old computers without stopping to think about what valuable information could still be on them.

Risks of Improper Computer Disposal

Many businesses have sensitive financial or confidential information that they definitely do not want to be made public knowledge. So what would happen if someone with questionable morals were to find your old computers? Criminals could do a lot of damage to your business with the information that is left on old hard drives. On top of damage that they could do to your business, if you have the sensitive information of other individuals or businesses stored on your old computers, they too could be targeted as well.

This could result in not only your reputation suffering, but also possible legal action since you allowed the information of others to fall into criminal hands. Instead of risking all of these possibilities you need to make sure that hard drive destruction of your old computers is given top priority.

The Right Steps to Destroy Old Computer Hard Drives

Because proper hard drive destruction is very important to the well being of your computer, the next step is deciding how to go about doing it the right way. The truth is that completely eliminating all intellectual property and other sensitive data from a hard drive is harder than you might think.

You can't simply erase your hard drive, or even physically damage it in order to make all of the information on it impossible to retrieve. Unless you are willing to remove each hard drive from each computer and completely destroy it, it's best to leave hard drive destruction to a professional.

When selecting a company to handle your hard drive destruction the first thing you need to do is look for an NAID certified company. NAID (or National Association for Information Destruction) certified companies specialize in making sure that the intellectual property stored on hard drives and other forms of storage is completely destroyed. Making sure that information is impossible to retrieve is what they do for a living, which means that you can rest assured that your hard drive destruction is done the right way.

A part of doing business is updating your technology, which means that you need to get new computers on a regular basis. Another part of doing business is making sure that the information stored on the hard drives of your old computers is properly destroyed. The sensitive information stored on your old hard drives can be used to potentially hurt your business, it's employees, it's customers, and other entities that associate with it.

Rather than take the risk of this happening you need to act responsibly and make sure that the hard drive destruction of old computers is done by professionals. Taking the time to properly handle your old hard drives now can save you a lot of time and headaches in the future.


Can IT Consulting Help Grow Your Business?

IT ConsultingAn IT consultant is a professional who can give companies advice on how to best use technology to meet the needs of their business. For businesses that rely on computers to run, having an IT consultant is a good idea. They can keep your business up and running smoothly as well as offer tips on how to run better. They are also there to fix any problems that arise within your network.

They are there to help with project management, application development, JAVA application development, business analysis, infrastructure support and many more. They can also be used to help train different users within your business so you can be sure your product is able to be used properly. Not only can they help with the development and upkeep of software, they are also able help with sales.

Who Needs an IT Consultant?

Large companies with a huge clientele that relies on the use of their computer services, software development and installation services are in need of IT consultants. When a company relies on these different things to run, an IT expert is the best person to help them figure out how to run better.

They have the knowledge on the newest technology that can help businesses save money. They are able to analyze your IT operations to see how it’s working behind the scenes to help your company run efficiently. By running diagnostic tests, they can understand what solutions they will need to administer. They can help large companies save a lot of money.

Who Doesn’t Need and IT Consultant?

Companies that run using little to no technology can get away with not hiring an IT consultant. These IT consultants, like those at mainly work with technology and provide their expertise on how technology can make a business run better with technology.

Sure, they do other thing aside from troubleshooting internet problems, such as sales, but they still have a foundation that is based on the use of technology. If you don’t need much technology to run your business, it may be a waste of money using an IT consultant.

Businesses That Have Benefited from Hiring an IT Consultant

Information technology consultants help businesses understand the value in the technology they have invested in.

A leading gas and electricity retailer saved their business by consulting an IT consultant. While they were growing in clients they could not keep up with the scale economies of their business. Their IT cost started to rise. They hired an IT consultant who was able to lower hardware costs, reduce system maintenance/upgrade costs, and reduce the amount of FTE’s needed.

A pharmaceutical company was experiencing difficulty due to having an older system running their software. An IT consulting company was able to spot their issues and fix the problem, resulting in, improved customer service and retention, $3 million in savings, and increased operating efficiency.

IT professionals have a variety of resources up their sleeves that can help build better businesses that use technological resources to help their clients. Companies that use telecommunication and computer systems to provide services to clients are in need of IT consultants to help grow their businesses.


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