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Granola: Reduces Computer Energy Consumption by 15 to 35%!

Granola is affordable, easy to install and works on a variety of computer systems. But what exactly does Granola do?

This little download was initially used in Japan to reduce energy consumption after the Fukushima meltdown. Now made available by developer Miserware as a free download for a limited number of systems, Granola promises to reduce power usage by 15 to 35%.

Granola runs in the background of the computer’s operating system and works just like the dimmer switch in computers. Its power saving benefits are most apparent when computers are not being used actively, in which case, Granola automatically initiates the system's own energy-saving hardware to reduce energy usage.

Miserware, Granola's developers, offers a great advantage for its users, on top of its electricity saving features. It is offered as a free download for everyone, including its Enterprise version, but is only limited to five computer systems. Bigger companies can purchase licenses that could pay-back in energy savings within four months.

Granola is easy and quick to install. With this power saving software, you'll have access to your data anytime without compromising energy costs.  It works on laptops, desktops and servers. All these have unique demands in terms of power. Granola adapts to each system's workload and environment, allows energy savings across all systems and consequently reduces energy expenditure.


U.S. Teenagers Would Rather Web Surf Than Drive?

The internet has drastically changed our social lives in American, especially for our youth. The impact is most obvious in a lot of teenagers. In fact, a recent study by Gartner, an information technology research and advisory firm, discovered that a great portion of teens would prefer for having Internet access over owning a car.

Turning sixteen used to be a big deal for American teens – a time to finally get one’s drivers license, buying a car, and having a bit more freedom. Recently though, such freedoms might not be as big of a deal as they used to.

The study by Gartner revealed that 46% of people aged 18 to 24 said they'd rather have web access than having their own car. This is supported by a comparative study done by the U.S. Department of Transportation that showed 50% of 16 year olds have obtained their driver's licenses in 1978 and only 30% of the same age group was able to get it in 2008.

Though the internet is one reason why the number of U.S. teenaged drivers decreased, the increasing prices of gas which reached a high of $4 per gallon in 2007 is also considered a major factor. Surfing the web is a much cheaper entertainment alternative compared to cruising around using up gas. And with social media platforms like Facebook, all you friends are virtually at the tip of teen’s fingers – virtually…

Learn more about this phenomenon at BBC news.


Electric Bike Technology: Ideal for Energy Efficiency

IZIP e3Bike transportation has just become more convenient with the release of the IZIP E3 Compact. This is a bicycle that can be folded and has been created by Currie Technologies who have worked together with Dahon Bicycles.

With this new bike, you can now take it everywhere with you. This greatly reduces the inconveniences that come with travelling with a full bicycle. It is recommended for individuals who are constantly on the move as it can fit almost anywhere.

This bike is set to debut at the Interbike tradeshow that is hosted in Las Vegas. It will be the first of its kind in regards to the collaboration between Currie and Dahon. Its technology merges the best of E-Bikes with folding technology. If you would like to discover modern mobility, this will be a must see.

When it comes to E-Bikes, Currie Technologies have been in the business for a significant amount of time. As such, they are a well-established company. By partnering up with Dahon, Currie Technologies have been able to make use of Dahon’s foldable technology. This is what has enabled them to come up with the IZIP E3 Compact.

Dahon on the other hand is a leader in foldable bicycles. It has been in the business for almost three decades. The company was created by Dr. David Hon whose niche field was physics. He worked as a physicist for Hughes Aircraft Corporation. In the year 1982, Dr. David Hon came up with his first foldable bicycle.

This proved to be a runaway hit receiving numerous awards for its design and thus paving the course for foldable bicycles becoming mainstream. Over the years, Dahon has mastered the art of foldable bike technology and this has led to their bikes being retailed in over thirty countries worldwide. However, this foray into partnering up with Currie Technologies is a first time thing.

According to the President of Currie Technologies, Larry Pizzi, the E3 compact bike comes with everything one would ask for in regards to personal mobility. The two companies have combined a range of attributes including power, lightweight convenience, and strength to ensure that the bike is above and beyond. The main aim for the collaboration of the two companies was to come up with an electric bicycle that has all the features of a regular bike with the added convenience of portability.

So what features does the IZIP E3 Compact have? For one, its frame is made of aluminum and it is foldable. It also has a 36-volt drive system. The bike has a Samsung lithium-ion high capacity battery to ensure longer battery life. Check out the video of the bike to learn more about it's features.

It also has a PAS/TAG system that is designed to allow the rider to make a choice on either pedal assist modes or power on demand modes. With that, you have a bike that is as portable as any other foldable bike in the market but that is also as fast and as powerful as the IZIP bikes. Carry the E3 Compact with you wherever you go and experience modern personal mobility.

This bike offers exceptional energy efficiency. It is only sold at select bike shops, so research a store near you to find one.


How Home Automation Technology Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

 Home Automation System TechnologyAdvancements of computer technology and the invent of smartphones capable of running robust applications has brought in numerous advantages and possibilities. One often intensely acknowledged benefit of computer technologies is automation of tasks and easy error identification or monitoring.

Home automation systems have become very popular in the last few years and are now quite comprehensive. These systems basically help home owners monitor and control various systems that include lighting, entertainment, security, heating and cooling among others.

What Are Home Automation Systems?

Home automation systems comprise various technologies that work together to handle desired tasks and functions around the home. There are sensors which sense motion and interference for lighting, heating, cooling and air conditioning. You also have the common smoke, heat and fire sensors, CCTV cameras and audio sensors.

These sensors relay information that triggers switching on and off lights, opening and cutting down water flow in taps, music and entertainment among other things. Normally, an automation system is an intelligent program that uses sensors to perform certain routine tasks without the homeowner doing them.

Improving Life with Home Automation

There are many ways in which the automation systems improve your life. Firstly, automatic switching on and off of lights and other home utility ensures wastages are reduced to zero. This conserves resources and also reduces energy bills for the family. Heating and cooling systems are set to provide the desired heat or cooling effect only when needed.

Convenience and efficiency are almost inseparable from home systems used in automation of routine tasks and monitoring. These systems are designed to sense specific circumstances and situations and then trigger the required activity. They allow programing to initiate tasks without user presence and monitoring in order to ensure the required condition is accomplished just at the right time.

Facet Tech, one of the leading home automation companies in Bloomington IL enables users to customize their home automation systems with the features and functionality that they desire. With home audio a primary focus of the company's systems, you can learn more by visiting

Synchronizing With Mobile Devices

Synchronization with mobile devices and smartphones is anther very important capability that characterizes most modern automation systems. This means users can monitor their homes and activate tasks via their mobile gadgets from anywhere. The security seamless monitoring provides is simply incredible and offers home owners a chance to react first to emergency situations.

Automation reduces labor and effort, energy bills, time and depreciation rate caused by repeated touch and use. They allow home owners to be in constant awareness of their property surroundings and also allow easy control of systems such as lighting, heating, cooling, air conditioning and entertainment. More advanced technologies include reminders that keep track of incoming messages and calls on home telephones and emails.

Home automation technologies often involve highly durable components whose troubleshooting is quite easy and affordable in the long-rum. These technologies are designed to fulfill specific tasks and communicate with all the other elements. Usually after installing them, maintenance and troubleshooting is done with the contracted company.

There are various home automation systems for different tasks. These systems are provided by different companies whose quality of service and products vary depending on experience, capacity and professionalism. It is always advisable to contract licensed, expert companies with a verifiable reputation of high quality service only. This will ensure you have automation systems that meet all your requirements as desired.


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