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3 Leading Manufacturers of Sortation Systems & Sorting Technology

sorting machines sortation systemsThe technological advancements in sortation systems have been quite phenomenal over the past few years. This growth has been anchored on technological advancements, such as the use of laser and other sensors to accurately and efficiently sort out products.

In spearheading the development of more advanced warehouse sortation systems, here is a list of three leading manufacturers of sorting technology.


Without doubt one of the leading suppliers of sensor based sorting machines and sortation technology; TOMRA does create sensor based solutions for heightened and optimal resource productivity. The company is a pioneer in sensor based sorting in the mining, recycling, food industry and other specialty segments. tomra sorting machines

Established about forty years ago in a shed in Asker, Norway by two brothers, Tore and Petter Planke, TOMRA has undergone phenomenal growth. From its acquisition of material handling company NEROC way back in 1992 to some of its recent buyouts such as that of ODENBERG in 2011 and BEST Sorting in June 2012, the company has added leading technologies such as lasers into its product basket. The company has without doubt earned its place as one of the leading food sorters with an expanded technology portfolio that’s envied by all its competitors.

With clients in over 100 countries and a significant player in the European market, TOMRA continues to deliver some of the best sortation systems in the market. The company has it’s headquarter in Norway even though it has offices in both South and North America.

Sesotec (Previously S + S)

sesotec sortation systems

Formerly known as S+S Separation, and Sorting Technology GmbH of Schonberg, Bavaria; Sesotec is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of systems and machines for sorting of material flows and product inspection. Over the years, the company has acquired some leading manufacturers such as ASM Advanced Sorting Machines at the beginning of 2015. This has significantly improved its product portfolio as it can now provide improved food safety and higher productivity options for its clientele. 

Sesotec does offer clients machinery for separation of metals and foreign bodies, sorting of materials as well as separation of out of- specification products. The company has a vast catalogue of all magnets used for the efficient separation of metals as well as X-ray scanners for high quality inspection of plastic products amongst a whole list of product offerings.

Driven by its three guiding principles of precision, intelligence and customer focus, the quality of service provided is second to none. Its client base spans a wide variety of industries such as recycling and glass, cubing and dimensioning systems, wood to plastics, pharmaceuticals and food.

sortation systems


Founded thirty years ago by Hamish Kennedy, son of a kiwifruit orchardist, Compac‚Äč's first sorting machine was a university project. The initial machine has been turned into a world leader in high speed, accurate pack house technology for the entire industry. It has employed slightly more than 400 employees and provides solutions for clients in more than forty countries.

compac sorting equipmentThe company prides itself as the world leader in complete, turnkey packing and sorting solutions for the fresh produce market segment. In this regard, the company does work with some of the leading pack houses to consistently deliver not only end to end solutions that streamline operations and improve overall performance, but one that also ensures consistency and quality of the produce so as to reduce labor needs.

The success of Compac lies in matching superior design and engineering concepts with the different needs and requirements of clients around the world. The company is headquartered in Hawkes Bay- New Zealand.


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