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SICK Sensor Technology Takes The Industrial Sector By Storm

Sensors are one of the most essential components of industrial systems. Sensors not only ensure ensure safety and optimum control by ensuring precise monitoring and positioning of process components as well as the environment, they are also integral for proper process analysis and logging, which enables timely identification of anomalies and development of improved processes. The ongoing Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in industrial applications almost exclusively relies on networked sensors.SICK Sensor Technology

SICK is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial sensor solutions. The Germany-based company offers a wide range of industrial sensors with many of its latest sensor products revolutionizing automation processes across a number of industries. From use in package dimensioning systems to gas analysis, below is a brief overview of some of the revolutionary sensor products offered by SICK:

Photoelectric Sensors

SICK offers a number of robust photoelectric sensors in various dimensions. Photoelectric sensors offered by SICK include fiber-optic sensors, cylindrical sensors, and multitask sensors such as object detection sensors. SICK also offers many special application photoelectric sensors such as sensors for transparent objects, for explosive environments, laser sensors and hygienic sensors for hygiene sensitive industries such as food and beverage processes.

Proximity SensorsSICK Proximity Sensor

SICK offers a wide range of rugged inductive, magnetic and capacitive proximity sensors in various sensor sizes and detection ranges. The company offers proximity sensors in both cylindrical as well as rectangular housings and also offers specialized proximity sensors for specialized applications such as for food and beverage industries, dimensioning and cubing systems for use in explosive environments.

Magnetic Pneumatic Cylinder Sensors

SICK offers magnetic pneumatic cylinder sensors for both T-slot as well as C-slot cylinders and also offers sensor adapters for various other types of cylinders. SICK's analog positioning sensors offer extreme ruggedness and precision and provide constant feedback that allows advanced automation without the use of costly linear motors.

Fluid Sensors

SICK offers an extensive range of sensors for measurement of temperature, level, flow and pressure of fluids as well as bulk solid materials. Level sensors offered by SICK include ultrasonic sensors, hydrostatic probes and guided radar level sensors. SICK also offers ultrasonic flow meters and laser volume flowmeters. SICK's laser volume flowmeters can measure mass and volume of bulk solid materials without contact and featured advanced technologies such as in-built heaters for reliable sensor operation in low temperatures.


SICK's range of analyzer sensor products includes gas analyzers such as hydrocarbon and in-situ CO2, CO, and H2O analyzers as well as dust measurement and monitoring systems. The company also offers advanced analyzer solutions such as ship emissions measurement systems and greenhouse gas measurement systems.

Registration Sensors

SICK's wide selection of registration sensors includes contrast, color, luminescence and glare sensors as well as array type, fork type and markless sensors. These sensors feature rugged construction, easy configuration capability and many also come with connectivity features such as Ethernet.

Distance Sensors

SICK offers a wide range of sensors for measuring distance and displacement as well as for precise positioning using ultrasonic as well as optic technologies. These sensors are available in detection and measurement sensitivities ranging from less than a micron to many kilometres.

Traffic Sensors

SICK also offers various dedicated sensors for use in traffic and road safety applications. These include various visibility measurement devices, air quality and smoke sensors, combined sensors for measurement of visibility and pollutant gases such as CO, NO and NO2, and over-height detection sensors.


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