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Samsung UN75F7100 Smart TV Review

Samsung UN75F7100 Samsung has become one of the major contenders in releasing "Smart TV's," and one of their top items is the Samsung UN75F7100. This article is going to cover the many benefits and feature of the Samsung UN75F7100.

The Samsung UN75F7100 Smart TV has a HD pixel resolution of 1920 X 1080, a large screen to maximize its entertainment value. This specific Smart TV has the capability to play movies in 3D. The package also includes 3D glasses, 4 to be exact. With additional features of having Micro Dimming and Wide Color Enhancer Plus, it is sure to bring an extremely good picture quality.

Though is not recommended that you rely on the built in TV's audio system, Samsung UN75F7100 is still able to provide a decent audio output through its two 10W speakers.

Most of the UN75F7100's features are accessible and provided by the TV's Smart Hub. The Smart Hub is already incorporated within the TV's set. On top of that, there are a lot of content that is accessible and made available through the hub. It is also worth mentioning that the interface is very intuitive. In fact, it is a lot more intuitive when you compare it with other Smart TVs in the market today.

The interface features 5 main screens in which you can access the main areas of the Smart TV. This Smart TV features a Social page, in which you are able to access social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. There is also an App page in which you can access the games and web browser. The TV page allows you to channel surf and watch live TV feed.

Movies and TV page allows you to access content that are considered as demanded content, including streaming videos from the Internet. Finally there is the Photo and Video page in which you can view your own videos and photos that are accessible through the home network.

Another great feature of Samsung UN75F7100 is the ability to recommend content, videos and movies that may interest you based upon the kinds of content you have previously watched.

As a summary, if you are someone who is looking for a Smart TV that features a high picture quality with a huge flat screen without needing to pay a huge ticket price, then this Samsung UN75F7100 may be the perfect Smart TV for you. The TV features a LED HDTV technology with a huge 75" screen. It does bring a good performance to price ratio.

To learn more about the Samsung UN75F7100 Smart TV and purchase this TV for sale, click here.


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