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The Samsung UN65F7100 TV is Exactly What I Expected [Review]

Samsung UN65F7100 TVTaking informed decision is crucial when buying a product, electronic goods in particular. I had read quite a good number of reviews online about Samsung UN65F7100 TV before I made the final decision of purchasing this beautiful television. If you like LCDs, then this TV has a lot to like.

This Samsung TV has a bright beautiful picture, it is very thin (about 1.3 inches only) and light weight, has cool remote, and easy to navigate menus that will offer a good surfing experience while watching the TV. It is my most favorite model for any TV that I have bought till to date.

In my opinion, the Samsung UN657100 TV is one of the best looking 3D TVs out there in the market.

Features of Samsung UN65F7100 TV

  • The best and newest-released 65-inch smart 3D LED TV
  • Supported with Excellent Internet connectivity, and built-in Wi-Fi
  • Comes with great active 3D feature
  • Full HD 1080 pixels resolution picture quality
  • Voice-recognition/voice control
  • Super slim screen but makes the screen looks even bigger
  • Excellent picture quality is reflected by its strong elements such as contrast, color, and black levels
  • Provides LED edge lighting
  • Dual core processor for speedy browsing and downloading
  • Attractive and sleek appearance/design
  • Smart Hub provides more apps than any other TV
  • Four HDMI inputs
  • Three USB inputs

These are the primary features of Samsung UN65F7100 TV. There are many more cool features designed for an entertaining experience of this TV.

Benefits of Samsung UN65F7100 TV

Recognized as one of the leading LED TV's, Samsung's UN65F7100 is a huge-sized 3D LED TV that is supported with various different features and specifications. It is easy to set up and fun to watch. I can honestly tell that this TV is designed to give the best pleasure when watching the TV.I like the slim frame design of this TV supported with full-screen resolution. As one of the top LED TV's, the Samsung UN65F7100 has the most comfortable and lightest 3D glasses in the marketplace. You can enjoy the best picture quality in both 2D and 3D modes.

I am sure this slim design and 3D feature will make everyone really enjoy programs on this beautiful television. It gives different kind of viewing experience. The benefits of purchasing and watching Samsung UN65F7100 TV are varied and great. It is the best quality 3D television out there in the market. Its full-screen image, ultra-slim bezel, 3D features, smart hub feature have made this TV really amazing. It is more entertaining than ever before watching my favorite box-office movie on this TV.

The Last Word About the UN65F7100

I have come to this conclusion that no TV will beat Samsung UN65F7100 because the features it has and the benefits it provides are just simply fantastic. As I mentioned earlier on, I did my research online, and also the off, before I purchased this TV. You can read reviews online that can help you made an informed decision. It is a beautiful TV that is easy to set up.

You have everything in this huge-sized smart TV of Samsung to experience the best picture quality and smooth browsing. I cannot speak for others but in my opinion it comes with great price to purchase for all the great features and benefits it offers.

This Technology Scribes review was written by Shaheen Hammeed, an electronics guru and avid blogger.


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