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Samsung UN46ES7500 LED HDTV Review

Samsung UN46ES7500 One of the best sources of indoor entertianment after the Internet is the TV. With the enhancement in science and technology, the brand Samsung has brought huge collection of LED and LCD plasma TV's at your doorstep.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 TV is one the top-rated (from various customer's ratings) high definition televisions Samsung has brought to life. Because we were so found of the UN46ES7500, we were inspired to write a review on this Samsung TV.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 is an HDTV LED TV, and based on other reviews that we scoured, customers of this Samsung TV are highly satisfied with the product.

Pro's of the Samsung UN46ES7500 TV

  • The UN46ES7500 holds the facility of both 2D and 3D technologies. The picture quality of both the 2D and 3D is spell bounded.
  • The weight of the UN46ES7500 is very light which is 30.4 lbs having the dimension of 41.3 in x 10.9 in x 27.2 in including the stand. The TV is very easy to assemble.
  • The technology of noise reducing is excellent in this product.
  • One can play 3D enabled games by connecting laptop via HDMI with the Samsung UN46ES7500 HDTV.
  • Pictures can be cropped from the edges.
  • A number of applications like Pandora, Netflix, VUDU, etc. work great! One can chose more applications from the application store which are in built in the setup of the HDTV.
  • The Samsung UN46ES7500 has a built in camera with it, so one can go for video conference via the application of Skype easily. A perfect video quality of 1080p is recorded in the video conference.
  • The setup of wireless network can be easily configured.
  • 'Speaking of Voice Commands' is one of the most interesting features of the Samsung UN46ES7500 Smart TVs.
  • The touchpad remote provided along with the configurations give an excellent performance.

Cons's of the Samsung UN46ES7500 TV

  • A little trouble is seen in the motion gesture features of the Samsung UN46ES7500.
  • Stereo type sound output mode in there, yet the speakers are very tiny.
  • USB keyboard does not support. Wireless keyboard are required to access the internet browser. Keyboard can be connected through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  • The customer care services of the Samsung are very poor. They took a huge amount of time to visit to the customer's resident in order to fix any disorder urged by the customer.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 HDTV is ideal for those who are seeking for both 2D and 3D LED screens in a single device. The gaming addicts will also feel amazed after playing high definition games in the 46 inches wide screen. There is not a single scope to get hanged in the middle of the game.

The Samsung UN46ES7500 TV typically retails in the mid $2K price range, but we found a killer deal at the The High Definition Store. Visit the product page of the Samsung UN46ES7500 to learn more.


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