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3 Samsung TV's Soon to Be for Sale in 2014

SamsungAlthough Samsung has over the past been relatively successful in keeping its trade secrets hidden, an overview of 3 of its most anticipated and highly popular TV models that are expected to be on sale next year can now be revealed. Samsung's 2013-2014 lineups primarily focuses on new releases for LED and plasma television sets, as well as its pioneering Ultra HD and OLED television models. The coming year will primarily concentrate on Smart TV and newer intelligent features, although Samsung TV's on sale currently happen to also guarantee vast improvements in picture quality.

Samsung OLED TV

SamsungOnline consumer electronics forums have been abuzz since this may when Samsung received exclusive rights from the US Patent Office to develop a description of "a bendable OLED television. This innovative idea allows for the "bending" of your television set via remote control to obtain a better viewing angle. Samsung's OLED TV is expected to include advanced custom-made software to adjust the image and ensure no distortion due to the bending.

Samsung headquarters in South Korea has already announced that it expects to unveil its much-awaited OLED TV prototype at next year's Consumer Electronic Show to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada from January 7-10, 2014. While the press release was sketchy on details about technical information, the TV's display size can definitely be expected to be huge. Samsung's OLED TV is also believed to incorporate plastic substrates in its body's design, as well as a spacious back panel to effortlessly deform the display. It is highly possible that Samsung will only unveil their OLED TV prototype in closed-door meetings. This particular model is forecasted to have wider angles in contrast with current models that are only slightly curved.

Samsung UE55F8000 LED 3D TV

This particular model is arguably the cream of the crop among the stack of new HDTV's released by Samsung this year. The seemingly short amount of time that has elapsed since it was unveiled is more than enough to sway even the most demanding consumers on the merits of the Samsung UE55F8000. This 55-inch is the best of the best from the Korean television manufacturer's highest-end and especially-exclusive 1080p LED LCD range. Larger 65 and 75 inch versions of this model are possibly already in the pipeline. Samsung's 55 inch F8000 model includes 4 HDMI input inlets, a DVB-T2 Free-view HD natural tuner, as well as a DVB-S2 satellite tuner.

The television set is powered by Samsung's new Quad Core processing technology, whose main purpose is widely believed to enable the provision of a wider range of Smart TV services, faster. The highly advanced is also employed to enable greater precision in the motion vector interpolation calculations performed in support of the 1000 Hertz Clear Motion Rate this TV is claimed to possess.

Samsung UN65H7100, 65-inch LED LCD TV

Any keen observer would have noticed that another press release put out by Samsung Korea earlier this year to highlight their 24 awards also included an addendum in the U.S version. This inclusion revealed Samsung's 2014 H7100 series. IT specifically focused on the company's UN65H7100, 65-inch LED LCD TV, which will go by the name UE65H7100 in Europe and promises to be one of the best Samsung TV's on sale. The current trend among Samsung TV sales indicates a shift from 2013's F models to the H series of 2014, curiously skipping the letter G. In line with Samsung's past branding methodologies, we can expect the entire series to run the complete gamut beginning with the lower ending H4000 series and rising up to the Samsung H8000 series and perhaps even the H9000 soon.

The first point worth mentioning about this future Samsung TV sale is that it is a best of innovation winner at the Consumer Electronics Show. Also, it operates under the power of a quad core processor while making good use of a "real" 240 Hertz panel that can churn out 240 images at a much higher rate without showing any ghosting. A quad core processor is really nothing to brag about because it comes included in all currently available high-end Samsung Smart televisions. The real 240Hz panel minus ghosting has generated a lot of interest on the other hand.

This ingenious technology utilizes the placement of blank frames between every other screened image to act as a sort of reset button for the image and thus eliminate ghosting effects. Samsung's entire Smart television platform has definitely been subjected to an ongoing slick redesign process this year. Samsung's UN65H7100, 65-inch LED LCD TV is one result of this process and is ideal for those with a an appreciation for inter-connected devices, that are faster and better designed. It will certainly cater to every TV watchers number one priority: perfect picture quality.


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