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Samsung Galaxy S4: Power-Packed, Super-Sleek Smartphone

samsung-galaxy-s4.htmlSamsung is reputable brand of various electronics spanning from high-definition TV's to advanced smartphone technology. Recently, Samsung evolved the marketplace of smartphone technology with its recent device: the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Inquire to any mobile phone professional about the mobile phone marketplace without Samsung, and you would get a cold look. Quite frankly, Samsung has had a significant edge on some of the biggest players; moreover it's turning the heads of big-brands by compelling them to re-think about their products, as well as positioning strategies.

About Samsung's Galaxy S4

Samsung's latest launch, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is an intriguing offering. Although a lot of people would find it difficult to differentiate between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3, the S4 is definitely a sophisticated version of the previous S3 and offers a lot to its ever increasing customer base.

The S4 screen is the next best thing to miniature Samsung TV. The complete HD AMOLED display on the Samsung S4 is becoming a signature for the product. It works to the benefit of the customer with improved screen resolution and looks. The body of this smartphone is thinner and smaller as compared to S3. However, the screen resolution barely gets faint thanks to the pan viewing viewpoint of the gadget.

The Internet browsing has gone up to a new level on the Samsung S4. With a battery of 2600 MaH that supports the device perfectly. A rare camera of 13 MP works just fine to its favor. The external and internal memory is frankly not a reason of concern.

The 2 GB RAM with a 1.6 GHz processor is a decent blend. Though, a Sony Xperia Z and HTC One houses better processor, S4's workstation does a good job for the Jelly-bean Android OS. The brand is definitely good at packing minute innovations with a huge impact on the consumers. With S4, the new Smart-Stay technology states to ad an instinctive feel to consumer experience.

Samsung learns fast from its faults. It definitely would've sensed the outlook after the S4's launch. With Sony Xperia Z and the HTC one that's knocking hard onto their doors.

This article was contributed by the technology experts of The High Definition Store, a leading supplier of various Samsung products.


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