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Being a company that's renowned for its classy designs, it does not come as a surprise that tech giant Samsung has come up with one of the most well-designed websites you will ever come across in the online market space. The site, aptly named, is not only well designed but is also well structured.

Samsung Design Display

For starters, being fully aware of the move towards mobile friendly sites, this site has implemented a responsive design and is therefore easily accessible through mobile device such as Smartphones with lots of ease, making it readily available to a large percentage of the online population.

Going Beyond a Brand Statement

Even though the site does have lots of information about a wide variety of issues concerning Samsung design, philosophies and product stories, it is interesting to note that it has been arranged in such a way that you don't really realize the presence of this load of information. The site achieves this by having fluid, scrollable pages; allowing the user to just scroll down the items he or she want to see while still on one page. This has the effect of keeping the user on one page but at the same time giving him or her access to a load of information.

Exceptional Usability & Web Design

Appreciating that a user may get tired or bored scrolling down, the site does have a 'Go top' clickable menu item at the bottom of the page, this allows the user to immediately go back to the top. This also inspires visitors to use products in ways that evoke creative custom design, arts, and other unique forms of technology utilization.

The overall usability of the site is also greatly enhanced with its adoption of the 'highlighting' technique, once on the site, you just move to the story or blog you want to read using a mouse and without clicking, the story opens up for you to read.

Creativity Meets Functional Design Strategy

The site is also very clean and neat. Samsung adopts a rather bare design strategy that's devoid of lots of colors; as a matter of fact, the main colors used are grey and black with a white background; this makes the site quite legible and easy on the eye. It is worth mentioning though that there are several colors professionally sprinkled over the site's web design to give it some life and vim.

To make the site more accessible to the huge market base that Samsung commands, the online innovative web design has accommodated a language menu button which allows users to read the site in a different language. It is also worth mentioning that the site does have a news menu item link which provides readers with the latest news on the particular item they are reading; a truly unique feature for a website.


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