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Leading Rotary Cutters Technology from Land Pride

Land Pride rotary cutters are rigorously tested and meet the conditions set by American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Land Pride rotary cutter technology is known for fast, clean, and dependable performance.

Most models come with a 5 year gearbox warranty and a complete spectrum of features. Below we take a closer look at five leading models of Land Pride rotary cutter technology.

Land Pride Parts

Land Pride RCR18 Rotary Cutters

The Land Pride RCR18 rotary cutters are the best choice for gently sloping or slightly contoured farms thanks to their widths (60 inches and 72 inches). The model come with a fully fused deck with a floating three point to increase their strength and improve the quality of the cut. Because the RCR18 is a popular model, it's easy to find Land Pride rotary cutter parts for this model when repairs are needed.

The Land Pride RCR18 rotary cutters are offered with either category 3 drive line with shear bolt for maximum protection or category 3 drive line with 2 plate slip clutch for convenience during continuous work. The full length skid shoes reinforces the sidewall. They are designed to protect the person cutting grass against flying debris with a long lasting 15 inches laminated tail wheel with solid rubber that ensures the wheel will never go flat.

Land Pride RC2512 Rotary Cutters

If you have a compact tractor and you need a large rotary cutter for your farm, the Land Pride RC2512 rotary cutters are best option. It is designed for small tractors; it is 12 inches in width. It features a sharp turning radius and a self-leveling, pull type tongue.

The Land Pride RC2512 rotary cutters are offered with a stump jumper that goes over debris, stumps and rocks and single chain safety guards to protect the person cutting grass from thrown debris. The blade tip speed (16,500 FPM) ensures clean and even material cutting with a 6 inches blade overlap that ensures there is no skipping during turns. The airplane tires provide cushion during transportation while the floatation lip feature offers floatation on soft grounds.

land pride rotary cutter

Land Pride RCR12 Rotary Cutters

These Land Pride rotary cutters are low in price. The Land Pride RCR12 rotary cutters are capable of cutting 1 inch diameter material and come handy in the maintenance of small lots. They are fast, clean and reliable in their operation thanks to their high blade tip speed, standard stump jumper, laminated tail wheel (long lasting and cannot go flat), floating top link for easy hooking to the tractor and round back design for better grass discharge.

Like other Land Pride models, the RCR12 rotary cutter offers rubber and metal guarding to protect you from flying objects. It features 1 1/4 - 10 inches cutting height and 1/2 inches by 3 inches swinging blades.

Land Pride RCR15 Rotary Cutters

The Land Pride RCR15 series come handy in clearing grass, weeds and small brush. It offers the basic Land Pride rotary features such as high blade tip speed, standard stump jumper, safety guards, floating top link, fully fused deck for maximum strength, full length skid shoes for sidewall reinforcement and laminated solid rubber tail wheel for durability and reliability among others.

This rotary cutter is offered with a 1-3/4 inches to 11-1/2 inches cutting height to ensure a wide cutting range and 1/2 inches by 3 inches heat treated free swinging blades for protection from obstructions and for durability.

Land Pride RCR1884 Rotary Cutters

The Land Pride RCR1884 rotary cutter offers 84 inches of cutting width and can easily cut material up to 2 inches in diameter. This rotary cutter series is ideal for light maintenance around the farm or small lots in the city. It features category I and II three point hitch for easy attachment to the tractor and is Quick Hitch Compatible.

The Land Pride RCR1884 rotary cutters come with category 4 driveline with 2 plate slip clutch for swift continuous work. The model is offered with 9 1/2 inches deck height to handle heavy cutting conditions and a cutting height of 2 to 11 inches. It also features 1/2 inches by 4 inches free swinging blades. The 15 inches laminated tail wheel withstands rough conditions.



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