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5 Revolutionary Technologies Taking Storm In 2015

We have seen great developments in technology in the last few years, multi-touch tablets, cloud-computing, smartphones, these are the innovations that have revolutionized the way we work and live. However, this is just the beginning, and technology will keep advancing for the better.

2015 is seeing great advancements on the technological front, with many gadgets being introduce and gaining immense popularity. Let us now get to learn about 5 such revolutionary technological gadgets that will prove helpful on business and personal front.

1. Google GlassGoogle Glass

Google, by introducing Google Glass, has taken things to the next level. Using it, you can view Google maps, social media feeds, text, take photos, and also navigate with GPS. You will also enjoy all latest updates while on the ground.

The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin has already demoted the glass with creatives and skydivers. Though Google Glass is presently available only to some developers, but you can expect other companies trying it out, and offering you an affordable version of the same pretty soon.

2. Drones

Drones have already become popular with many business all over the world. Many brands like Dominos UK and Amazon have been experimenting with drone for delivery purposes. Google too had announced that it is developing a system of drones to deliver goods.RC drone with camera

Realtors use drones to get shots of real estates and properties for sale. Many media corporations also use this amazing gadget to capture documentary footage. In the entertainment industry, drone is popularly used while shooting many films.

Not just professionally, advancements in drone technology have made them used for personal and recreational applications as well. Many hobbyists use drones to capture cool videos of various outdoor activities. And you can now buy drones for sale from local business like Nerds on Call in Peoria, IL.

3. Leap Motion Leap Motion

Multi-touch desktop is very common, but it is not that popular owing to the fact that your hands can easily get tired if you use it for a long time.

Leap Motion challenges this drawback, with a far better idea. Here too you will control the desktop using your fingers, but you will not have to touch the screen.

It is not the normal motion sensor, as using Leap Motion you can scroll up an down a web page, zoom in the photos and maps, play games and even sign documents, just by using finger and hand movements.

4. SmartThings

SmarthThings is a device that has been created to make all gadgets, non-digital or digital, connect together. With the help of SmartThings, you will get smoke alarms, pressure, humidity, and also vibration sensors to sense changes in your home through an alarm on your smartphone.


Yes, all this is indeed possible. With SmartThings can easily keep a track of who is entering your home, turn the lights on before entering your room, and shut windows and doors when you are about to leave.

5. Form 1 Form 1 Printer

Form 1 is a 3D printer, using which you can transform your digital design into a beautiful real-life solid product. Even though it might not be a new invention in the advanced mechanical industry, nonetheless, a 3D printer definitely is a revolutionary idea.

Using Form 1, you can create your own physical product based on your custom designs, and that too without the need of being approved by any giant manufacturer. This is the next generation of home 3D printing.


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