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Postage Meters & Mailing Machines for Small Businesses

It's a fact that small businesses will always need to mail something out, whether it's a coupon, an invoice, a package or a product. Because of this, they need to work with a postage meters, mailing machines, and various other forms of mailroom equipment to better support these needs.

Postage Meter MailingWith postage meters and related mailing machines, small businesses can print postage on the item to be delivered without having to psychically visit a postal office. In fact, with postage meters, businesses save money since the cost of using them to print postage is lower compared to that of traditional stamps.

When used with letter folding machines and other supplemental technology, they can quickly fold letters, documents, and brochures for convenient and timely delivery. With respect to this demand, here are top seven brands and product lines of mailing equipment that every business in the 21st century should consider investing in.

Data-Pac Postage Meters

Dat-Pac makes mailing equipment that combines the use of software, a printer and a computer to get mailing tasks accomplished. With this system in place, users have a fully-fledged mailing system equipped with various US postage service rates and options. Being compatible with 25 to 75 pound scale, it can be used to process a number of documents. It also contains a feature called EZ mailer which can print at the rate of 140 letters per minute.

Formax Folding Machines

Formax folding machines fold different letter sizes at the rate of 7,400 sheets per hour. The FD 300 is particularly good for this purpose. The other option is called the FD 320 which handles 11 3/4'' by 18'' letter sizes at the rate of 11,000 sheets per hour. Step it up to FD342 and you get a machine that can handle various letter sizes while folding at the rate of 15,500 per hour.

formax folding machines

Formax folding machines for sale are some of the best in the industry. They are known to be dependable and accurate for many years without needing service or repairs.

Hasler Mailing & Folding Machines

Hasler manufacturers a number of postage meters and letter folding machines aimed at small and large business entities alike. Some of the equipment come with in-built features ideal for handling letters and packages that weigh up to 5 pounds.

Hasler is also involved in manufacturing postage equipment that can handle up to 70 pound weight limit for letters and packages. The speed at which these equipment process letters fall within the range of 18-45 letters per minute, and this is considered the industry standard. Besides this, Hasler's letter folding equipment come in different sizes and capacity to process letters with different speeds. They've been known to process letters at the rate of 15,500 to 20,100 per hour.

Martin Yale Folding Machines

This company offers a wide range of folding machines ideal for small businesses and organizations alike. Martin Yale Industries folding machines can handle sheets measuring 8 1/2'' by 11'' or 12'' x 18''. They also come equipped with a feed-table capacity which holds up to 500 sheets of paper. The slowest folding machine from Martin Yale can process sheets at the rate of 2,200 per hour, while their best-performing folding machines can do over 20,000 sheets in one hour.

Neopost USA Postage Meters & Folding Machines

They have a comprehensive mailing system which consists of both letter folding machines and postage meters. Three of their postage meters feature an in-built 5 pound scale with a capacity to process between 20 to 45 letters in a minute.

Neopost postage meters accepts more than 140 U.S postal services and rates. In addition to this, they have machines meant to fold and also offer inserts. The rate of folding is above 2,000 letter per hour for their most powerful mailing machine. has one the best selections of Neopost postage meters and related mailing machines.

Pitney Bowes Postage Meters & Folding Machines

Pitney Bowes make different types of folding machines and postage meters. All their postage machines come with an in-built scale and an efficient, high-speed printer to facilitate letter processing.

The DM125 model is their smallest postage meter that is designed to handle between 100 to 1000 pieced every month. In addition to this, the DM125 can print up to 35 letters in a minute. The DM225, on the other hand, has a larger capacity which supports large quantities of mail. It also boasts of speeds of up to 45 letters per minute. Pitney Bowes' most powerful letter folding machine can handle up to 20,000 pieces in one hour.

Secap Postage Meters & Folding Machines

They manufacture both folding machines and postage meters. Their postage meters have been divided into 3 categories to suit small business owners. Every postage meter comes with an in-built scale as well. Secap has a small model that can hold up to 5 pounds, while the largest model holds up to 70 pounds. Letter processing speed is between 30-65 per minute. Their largest letter folding machine can work at a top speed of 3,500 pieces per hour.

With such efficient mailing solutions, there's no reason why small and large enterprises can't streamline and optimize costs when it comes to their mail processing needs. It saves cost and time spent preparing mails for delivery. That's how business should be done in the 21st century.


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