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3 Universally-Applicable Portable Truck Weighing Systems

Portable Truck Weighing Systems ScalesTruck load weighing technology continues to evolve as new and more advanced truck scale systems come to market. Among the most popular types of truck scales, portable truck weighing systems make truck/load weighing significantly more convenient. And with some of the most ground-breaking portable truck scales available today, all types of companies can leverage advanced technology and features for their weighing needs.

It is critical to choose the best truck scale that suits the user in all aspects of portability, functionality and dependability. Below are the three different truck weighing scale systems that have been advanced and designed to match the unique needs of clients in farming, construction, mining as well as public works. In short, these are universally-applicable truck scales that are fully portable and fully functional for many different needs.

AXW-Series In-motion Axle Scales

The AXW-Series In-motion Axle Scales are excellent products manufactured by WalzScale. They provide accurate weighing results and high capacities for heavy duty weighing. The series of portable weighing scales can be used for a broad range of applications that need weighing off-road conditions and weighing large tires. These axle scale products from Walz are equipped with portable carry cases that provide easy moving by hand.AXW In-motion Axle scales are designed from heavy duty quality steel material that makes it ideal for durable use. There is also a notable LCD screen that provides a user-friendly interface. It also has an in-built rechargeable battery that provides extended hours of weighing tasks.

As one of the most fully funcational portable truck weighing systems, it has an integrated printer that aids in printing weights of vehicles. Moreover, AXW In-Motion Axle Scale comes with removable ramps that are light in weight. The removable ramps provide hassle-free access to scale pads. It also allows for an easy visual alert to drivers. Installation and removal of these ramps are pretty simple and easy to use. Simplify truck weighing tasks by using this AXW In-Motion Axle scale series.

VTS231 Premium Portable Truck Scales

The VTS231 portable truck scales are another solid truck scale series designed by Mettler Toledo. It is a highly portable scale that is ideal for wide range of use in construction, sand, gravel demolition as well as logging, agriculture scales and much more. It comes when assembled hence reduces the stress of assembling and installation. It has power load cells that aid in transmitting powerful signals for the reliable and accurate truck weighing results.

This series of truck load scales are compatible with wide range of standard steel weighbridge deck models. It utilizes a highly bolted frame that has been assembled on site. Its portability makes it a cost-effective pick for seasonal relocation needs. It is also equipped with a stainless steel sheath that makes it ideal for long-term use.

MD400/500 – Portable Wheel Load Truck Scales

The MD400/500 are another series of top rated truck weighing scales from General Electrodynamics Corporation. It is a heavy duty weighing scale that provides an efficient weight measuring performance. It is light in weight and is ideal for wide range of applications. It is a trusted weighing scale that has been used for a long time in commercial weighing applications.

The notable unique features in this weighing scale include an easy-to-read vernier scale with visible markings and rugged design for easy maintenance. What makes this scale highly versatile is that it can operate without the use of a battery. There is also a dust-proof casing that seals the essential parts of this scale. It can, therefore, be used in areas that are hard to access power. It is an accurate and easy to set up and install. It is one of the recommended scales for a high level of accuracy.

Truck weighing can be simple and fun when using the right brand of portable truck weighing systems. Besides, it also aids one in evading overload fines that result from poor weight measurements. The above are the three pretty good and efficient scales that provide seamless operations.


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