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Portable Truck Scale Technology

Portable truck scales are unique weighing systems that designed specifically to measure an enormous amount of weight while enduring loads of abuse from the elements. For instance, some portable truck scales can provide specific measurements of trucks weighing up to 36,000 kilograms - some with a guarantee of handling about 200 trucks a day, for 365 days a year, for almost 25 years without breaking.

Truck scales are built out of ordinary steel, concrete or sometimes a combination of both. However, the technology used varies. Under this segment, we will be discussing briefly about different forms of portable truck scales and the technology.

1. Load Cell Systems

These are the most popular technology used for traditional and portable truck scales. Each cell is fashioned from a durable material, which is usually comprised of mostly concrete or steel embedded with one or more strain gauges. The embedded strain gauge consists of a wire(s) whose main purpose is to transmit mild electric current.

Different currents passing through the wires usually results in a difference in resistance causing each cell to sent a signal to a designated junction box where there is a mechanism with capabilities of calculating the amount of weight being supported merely from variance in the current flow. The embedded strain gauges inside the load cells are classified as either compression or tension based on their functionality.

Portable Truck Scale System2. Bending Plate Systems

These truck scale systems on the other hand uses metal plates with strain gauges embedded on them. Consequently, as substantial weight is applied on them, just like the cells, the plates are also subjected to stress/tension. The stress on the portable truck scale's plate is in turn used to calculate the amount of weight that can result to it. Often, the weight of each gauge is measured separately, and then later added together to get the cumulative weight of the axle.

3. Piezoelectric Systems

This technology uses a series of specialized sensors, formally known as, Piezoelectric Sensors. Piezoelectric sensors on weigh scales for trucks are implanted in a conducting material; when stress is applied, it causes a change in voltage of electric charge flowing through the conductor; the change in voltage is in turn used by the sensor to calculate the load.

Framework of Portable Truck Scales Truck Scales usually have a lower frame work and doesn’t require typical surfaces. These truck scales are equally accurate with an accuracy error of up to +/- 1%.

Unlike on board scale solutions, portable truck scales use different mechanisms when calculating the weight. Common methods include:

  • One-Axle - This is the most cumbersome method, the truck is supposed to stop every time the wheels are on the scale for measurements to be taken which later, are added together to give the total weight of the truck.
  • One-stop - With this method, a series of scales are used making it possible and practical to measure the entire truck weight at once.
  • Weigh-in-motion - This method works the same way as one-stop, however, with this method there is no need for a truck to come to a complete stop while at the measuring pad. This method is somewhat sophisticated and has the ability to weight even fast moving trucks.

As noted before, each state operates under a set of guidelines regarding to how much in terms of weight a truck is allowed to carry. It is therefore our obligation to ensure that these guidelines are adhered to, to the latter. Finally, it is imperative that apart from maintaining the premeditated weight, that we follow all traffic rules for both our safety and other road users.


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