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Payload Pros Pioneers Truck Scales & Load Management Technology

Why do so many industry-based companies opt for truck scales and weighing systems from Payload Pros? Simple. Payload Pros has grown to become one of the most reputable suppliers in the industry when it comes to on-site payload management and advanced weighing technology. The company designs a full spectrum of weighing systems ranging from on-board truck scales to weighbridges to portable truck scales.

By using the latest technology, Payload Pros offers nothing but precise and durable truck scales. The company is specialized in load management systems and heavy-duty weigh scales. As the company has been around for many years, its measuring systems are not only accurate but can also handle and efficiently analyze huge amounts of data. Take a look at some weighing systems below.

1. Portable Weighing Scales (Wheel Weighers)

Portable weighing systems also go by the name portable truck scales or portable wheel weighers. If portability is of the essence, you should consider using these portable truck scale systems from Payload Pros. The best thing about our portable weigh scale units is that they are easy to carry, install and dismantle.

Wheel weighers are commonly used in construction, agricultural plants, mining industries and more. They have the following advantages:

  • Come in multiple designs which favor portability.
  • Steel and aluminum construction which makes them durable.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • Can be used to weigh truck scales.

If you cannot afford to purchase portable wheel load weighers and other types of truck scales, Payload Pros offers rental options to their customers.

Heavy duty portable weighing scales are designed to weigh both off-road and over-the-road vehicles. They come in various brand such as; AXW 30T, AXW 45T and AXW 90T.

2. On-board Truck Scales

On-board weighing systems designed by Payload Pros and Walz Scale enable operators to record and print out data from the comfort of the cab. Loaders can enjoy various types of on-board weighing systems such as:

  • Backhoe Loader Scales
  • Skid Steer Loader Scales
  • Wheel Loader Scales
  • Industrial Loader Scales

In addition, on-board weighing systems can be used with any loading system using proper configuration. This ensures that operators enjoy a seamless weighing process, enhanced efficiency and advanced throughput. By investing in an on-board loader scale from Payload Pros, you will also enjoy:

  • User-friendly and simple weighing systems.
  • Accurate results in rough environments.
  • Can-bus and multiple communication protocol options.
  • Low maintenance costs.

Operators can also use software offered by Payload Pros to improve management of stock inventories and production.

3. Load Volume Scanner

The volume load scanner is a very powerful tools which can optimize loading and haulage of assets. In addition, this 3D volumetric load scanner can be installed on site and start operating instantly.

It generates real-time results by scanning the weight of assets using laser technology. First, it enables operators to view high definition 3D images of their truck loads. Then, it translates these images into weight via a software platform offered by Walz Scale. To use this system, you will need a laptop or tablet and a Payload Pro Load Management Software.

The Load Volume Scanner is also very efficient when it comes to managing body and back design. This implies that users can assess displacement of the load in any truck bed. To learn more abou the Load Volume Scanner, visit

Payload Pros aims at only designing intuitive and flawless weighing systems. The company wants to make weight management in mining industries easier and accurate for operators. For more information about all of Payload Pro's truck scales, visit the parent company


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