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Payload Management Solutions for Mining Operations

In the mining industry the accuracy of the weight data is a critical aspect. Accurate weight data is an indication of effective cost control, operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and revenue management from mining exploration to the waste materials disposal.

The mining industry requires using industrial weighing solutions and large-scale mining scales. Today there are various payload management solutions designed for mining, spanning from weighbridge truck scales, and portable truck scales, to loader scales, and 3D volume load scanning. In order to optimize efficiency payload management software is also available. Some manufacturing companies specialized in payload management solutions provide to custom-tailored solutions for their clients in order to maximize the throughput of any mining site.

Mining scales are employed in order to maintain an effective payload management. For this purpose is necessary that they provide a high degree of precision and reliability. The technological advancement had made possible designing modern industrial weighing scales that are accurate and dependable.

Today the heavy-duty mining scales are essential tools in various types of applications that require weighing payloads accurately. The mining industry took advantage of the modern innovations applied in weighing scales technology. These truck weighing scales come now with software and specific applications and have now been integrated into their control system.

Some specific mining operations require special mining scales and advanced features. Portable mining truck scales and on-site mining scales are today essential tools for the effective payload management systems. Digital portable truck scales can now be paired with weight indicators and a sophisticated database. The weight data can be easily exported to a variety of programs and integrated in the control system.

Conveyor Belt Scales

Conveyor Belt ScaleConveyor belt scales can gather weight data while materials are in motion. Weighting is performed when the materials are passing through the conveyor belts. The advantage of this type of mining scale is that in order to gather the weight data the operation is not disrupted.

Mining Truck Scales and Weighbridges

Mining Truck ScalesWeighbridges and mining truck scales are specially designed to withstand the tough conditions present in the mining operations. Despite extreme environmental conditions, they provide reliable and accurate weight data. The advantage of weighbridges truck scales is that the weight data is taken as trucks are directly places on the weighing scale, without the need of unloading the extracted materials. Super heavy-duty weighbridges are mining scales that can be customized to fit any mining site’s requirements.

Portable Mining Scales

Portable Truck Axle ScalesPortable mining scales are not permanently installed on a specific site. Portable weighing scales can be transferred from one truck to another and enable target payload data of any loader or given truck with reduced operating costs. Additionally, portable truck weighing scales can often times be rented out. Many manufacturers are starting to provide truck scales for rent, as opposed to having to buy truck scales for sale

3D Volumetric Load Scanning Technology

3D Volume Load ScannerThe mining industry needs more than just weighing equipment and mining scales. Beyond that the industry needs solutions and technologies to help reducing operating costs and increase productivity. Among such solutions and technologies are the scale 3D volumetric scanning solutions. They are proved to be an invaluable tool for mine operations.

The 3D volumetric scanning technology allows mining operations to troubleshoot and monitor effectively many aspects to their process. The 3D volumetric load scanner can monitor material fragmentation, material density, load position, and bed volume. Such payload management solutions can reduce wasted resources and improve significantly operational efficiency.

The load scanner comes with great capabilities and features, helping to ensure that haul trucks are sufficiently loaded. While passing through the scanner the system can scan a 3D image of the trucks and their contents.


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