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Inside Paperless Picking & Order Fulfillment Automation Technology

Efficiency in logistics allows businesses to complete and fulfill orders in a more timely, cost-effective manner. One major aspect of logistics and supply chain management that's central to fulfillment (and driven by efficiency) is picking and packing orders for shipment.

Picking Packing SystemOne of the most helpful technologies that aids this key process is the paperless picking system. Using these systems allows logistics and supply chain management companies to expedite the order picking process, helping lower cost and advance efficiency to the next level.

Walz Label & Mailing Systems is a company that hosts a number of advanced business automation systems designed with this level of efficiency in mind. As a leader in automation systems for warehousing, logistics, and related supply chain management operations, Walz offers state of the art paperless picking technologies tailored to the unique needs of all types of companies.

While Walz offers an array of picking systems for business automation, the company equips all available systems with its trademark technology, SolidPick. Below are some of the most highly sought picking and packing systems provided by Walz. Learn more below, or visit to see some of the solutions the company offers.

Basic Order Picking Systems

This technology is meant for low volume operations. The system requires a pick ticket, which is generated through the ordering process. The picking system will then use the ticket to pick items then set them for individual or groups of orders. They will be available immediately for delivery.

Pick to Light Systems pick to  light picking system

Known as Walz's most popular system for high volume picking procedures, the Pick to Light system promotes hands-free order picking from the main terminal. The system will command the pickers of the orders' SKU and quantity, allowing minimal intervention from users and save time and money on the workforce.

Pick to Monitor Systems

Pick to monitor is a comprehensive way of picking up orders, especially if pickers are doing additional tasks such as scanning or data entry of items. This system utilizes flat panel monitors to ensure correct zone picking and guarantee that orders are picked accordingly.

Picking Combination Systems paperless picking systems

Walz created a number of picking combination systems that meant to save companies time and money through expedited picking procedures. Examples include the Pick and Pack, Pick and Pass, and Pick to Belt. Pick and Pack system combines unique picking methods then set them for packing and delivery. Pick and Pass is designed for companies with high SKU exist at each picking terminal or split case picking. Pick to Belt is ideal for companies that require full-case picking then prepare them for shipment.

Automatic Dispensing Systems

This paperless picking system utilizes A-Frame systems together with custom automatic dispensers. It is meant for facilities requiring high volume shipping.

Robotic Picking Systems pick pass automated picking systems

Companies requiring full-speed and full-force picking and packing will benefit from robotic case picking. Consider it as an artificial technology that speeds up the picking process while minimizing the errors that come with it.

The Walz Difference

Walz sets the standard of paperless order picking systems with its comprehensive offering of paperless picking systems. Its technologies are something many distribution centers require today.

As companies work their way towards expansion, getting assistance from order picking systems not only speed up the ordering process, but also minimize errors that come with order processing. Each system can be configured according to company's' unique requirements, ensuring they will work as the best of their capacities.

Overall, paperless picking is now the future of distribution centers looking for correct and quick order processing. Walz technologies guarantee logistics and supply chain companies will have the right systems according to their needs and budget to satisfy customers while cutting down manual workforce intervention for utmost efficiency.


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