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The Advanced Technology Behind Onboard Truck Scales

onboard scalesOnboard truck scales are a particular type of truck scale that are becoming a gold standard in payload management technology. These are weighing systems that are integrated on the actual hauling vehicle and are capable of weighing a load while on the vehicle. Even more advanced is that some of these onboard scale systems can work while trucks are in motion.

Onboard truck scales are starting to becoming an industry standard because they provide optimal convenience in weighing a vehicle's payload and they are highly versatile in their application.

Onboard truck scales have very accurate weighing capabilities, given the payload and the sheer size and weight of the vehicle. These types of truck scales can also accurately measure on demand minor fluctuations in a vehicle's net weight, such as fuel level and tire weight.

Onboard trailer scales and onboard truck scales are designed to be very precise, durable, and simple to install. . There is a large range of onboard truck scales from many manufacturers, such as Walz Onboard (which is the branch of onboard scale solutions amongst the Walz Scale roster of truck scales, axles scales, and various other payload management solutions.) The objective behind companies like Walz Scale has been to design and build very precise onboard trailer scales and onboard truck scales available on the market and they meet the roughest environmental requirements and industry standards.

Onboard scales are tested to work in a large range of temperatures, on trucks transporting more than 100 tons, in severe environments. They can be used in different industry such as food industry, farming, logging and mining industries. Some onboard truck scales are wireless and the results of the measurements are displayed on a palm sized handheld monitor. Individual axle weights and the gross weight can be displayed simultaneously and in real time. Weight can be displayed in gross payload or in net payload, and in selected units, ton, kg, or lbs.

Onboard Truck Scale Technology

The technology behind on-board truck scales is simple and effective, the scales are very strong aluminum electronic pads wired to display the weights of objects placed on them. On a truck, the onboard scales can be mounted in pairs or individually on each side of the vehicle's axle. Usually are coupled together two, four, or even six weighting pads for maximum accuracy. For ease of use, the weighting pads usually come with an remote or integrated indicator.

The onboard truck scales have different load cell and performance specifications. The average scale still remains functional even if it takes an overload of up to one hundred and fifty percent. Such a machine has a standard maximum excitation of 15VDC and a full scale output of 3mV. A typical onboard truck scale is capable to weight very heavy weights but it is limited to the maximum payload of the truck. Currently, the minimum weight capability is 10,000 LBS, and it is common to see technologies that allow 20,000 LBS. This is possible by using double-ended shear beams and conveyor belt with a capability of having an output resistance of up to 700 Ohms.

In Motion Onboard Scales

grain cart scaleOnboard truck scales that use in motion weighing sensors are used for measuring the payload while the truck is in motion. This is perhaps the most advanced form of onboard truck scales. Having onboard in motion scales makes the weighting process more efficient and fast.

In addition to being integrated on trucks, some in-motion scale systems are equipped on trains and rail cars. These are especially popular in high-volume mining and agricultural operations. Onboard weighing systems can even be integrated on today's farm scale systems like grain dumps and various other heavy duty agricultural equipment.


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