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3 Leading R&D Companies of On-board Weighing Systems

On Board Weighing SystemsOn-board weighing systems are unique form of technology that is continuously being refined with new systems and applications for various types of vehicles and equipment. Affordable and easy to use, on-board truck scales offer industrial and transport business many benefits, including reduced fuel consumption, increased throughput, accuracy, and overall efficiency.

There are several global companies that manufacture and produce on-board scale technology, however only a few organizations are considered industry leaders in the research and development of on-board weighing systems. Below we profile three of those companies and what makes them so reputable for on-board systems and truck weighing scales for sale.

VPG On-board Vehicle Scales

One of leading on-board weighing system companies is Vishay Precision Group. Vishay Precision Group, or now VPG, manufactures industry leading and innovative business solutions for on-board truck control and efficient overload protection. This global leader understands that managing an efficient haulage often requires the use of the latest scaling technology.

VPG on-board scales are primarily aimed at the lighter commercial vehicles. VPG understands that transport/fleet corporations need to stay within safe operating tolerances on their vehicles while maximizing their efficiency.

Pfreundt On-board Weighing Systems

Another global leader in on-board scale technology is Pfreundt. Pfreundt's products have friends all over the world. Over 40,000 on-board weighing systems are currently in use. For this reason, Pfreundt is listed in the Lexicon of German world market leaders.

In addition to having select suppliers of on-board truck scales in North America and throughout the world, Pfreundt on-board scales offers own installation teams and on-site calibration service. Their special team will ensure that you receive the best service. They will help you save time and money. If something goes wrong, you can be assured that your request will always be handled in a fast and professional manner.

RDS Technology On-board Truck Scales Scales

The third global leader in on-board scale technology is RDS Technology. RDS Technology manufactures a wide range of instrumentation for the mobile machinery industry. They have a wide range of standard instruments that are supplied and supported through specialist distributors in many parts of the world. RDS Technology is always interested to hear ideas from potential new distributors.

Benefits of On-board Weigh Scales

There's a plethora of advantages of using on-board scales. These benefits extend into varied areas including heavy-duty and industrial scale weighing. Mining and industrial sites can also incorporate such weighing technologies in various kind of trucks or even vehicles like rail cars and articulated trucks.

Using an on board truck scale increases efficiency and saves energy too. Unlike other conventional systems used in truck scales, on-board weighing systems optimize efficiency for different weighing/scaling and operations systems. This technology is tested reliable and extremely accurate and has been proven to save money.

As they say, weight is everything in the trucking business. Because loads can be weighted directly on the truck and then tracked during transport, an additional money, time and energy taken to measure vehicle loads is fairly minimized.

Advancements In Weighing Technology

With the present competitive business climate, every business in the US has to look much harder on ways it can cut down on its costs in order to become more efficient. As many companies have taken action for this to happen, sometimes it's hard to see how far a business can go without causing some kind of harm in the long run.

In some cases, due to business inefficiency, a business could lose its customer base. However, from a transportation and logistics viewpoint, it's obvious that most businesses are not actually taking advantage of the new technology available. Even more, this technology is often viewed as a dispensable outlay. However, investing in a modern weighing technology such as on-board truck scales is beneficial.


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