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On-board Truck Scales: High Return Investments for Heavy Load Weighing

There are many types of weighing systems available in the market and each of them has its benefits as well as drawbacks. When deciding on the type of truck scale to purchase, you should consider the weighing amount or size of the loads you anticipate, as well as the type of vehicle you will be weighing and whether you need the gross or the axle weight.on-board truck scales for mining

On-board truck scales are installed either as after market products or as original equipment from specific manufacturers, as mentioned below. On-board scales can be equipped on various types of vehicles, with large haul trucks being one of the most common for heavy load weighing demands.

Today, on-board weighing systems are becoming more compatible with GPS and satellite technology and therefore allow fleet managers and drivers to effectively control the weights of their vehicles. Furthermore, since these weighing systems are on-board, they do not provide the gross or the axle weight - they only register the weights that are being carried (so calibration is never an issue).

On-board truck scale setup is usually easy, even though each vehicle being weighed must have a fitted system and this may prove to be expensive for the multi vehicle operators. The following are some of the leading companies offering on-board truck scales as well as the benefits of investing in each supplier.

1. PFREUNDT On-Board

on-board weighing systems for laoders

If you need an On-board scale from a reputable company, you should consider the on-board weighing technology from PFREUNDT. As one of the leading global suppliers of on-board weighing systems, PFREUNDT has many branches all over Europe and has a properly established distribution network with PFREUNDT on-board system suppliers all over the world.

Their installation teams ensure that the scale you have received is a quality one and goes ahead to install it properly. PFREUNDT's service, which is available in Germany and some other neighboring countries, will help you save more time and money. However, if the scale is having issues, they will offer you qualified and fast consultation.

If you're interested in PFREUNDT on-board weighing systems in North America, visit, the primary supplier of PFREUNDT on-board truck scales.

Also visit the official site of PFREUNDT to see the complete line-up of on-board systems from this German company.

2. Applied Weighing International Limited

Applied Weighing International Limited is one of the top companies producing quality on-board weighing scales. The company has been in the industry for two decades and within that time it has managed to grow into one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of load cells and weighing scales in the United Kingdom.

In addition to the on-board weighing systems, Applied Weighing International Limited also manufactures and supplies some other industrial weighing applications. Their on-board weighing scales for loaders and trucks are cheaper compared with those from other companies. Moreover, they are accurate and they will therefore provide you with the correct information. And apart from providing you with a tailor made solution, the company provides you with many scales to choose from depending on your need.

3. RDS Technology

on-board weighing systems

For over 40 years, various industrial-based businesses have relied on the RDS Technology. The company's on-board truck scale technology has always aimed at making weighing easier through electronic devices usage. This company has been specializing in production and distribution on various on-board weighing scales and some other closely related equipment. As a leading supplier, RDS Technology has tried to be more innovative when building on-board truck scales. Their scales are also accurate and efficient.

Possibly, you aren’t aware that RDS Technology will always have a solution for you regardless of what needs you have. Whether you are in need of an on-board scale for the simple applications such a single truck or a fleet of trucks, they will be ready to provide a solution. Their global presence means that you can get their products regardless of where you are. And in addition to providing you with a more quality products, they offer the best customer services.


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