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New Technology From Walz Scale Takes Industries By Storm

Walz ScaleWalz Scale has significantly grown over the years to be a leader in not just truck scales and heavy-duty weighing equipment, but also cubing and dimensioning systems for logistics and shipping operations. In short, Walz Scale has set out to revolutionize the way in which weighing and load management is done.

Walz Scale brings innovation and advancement to weighing and scanning technology and this has been their fuel to relentless growth. What makes Walz unique is their production of innovative products that meet the need of each and every customer.

Revolutionizing The Industry Standards

The in-motion weighing and scanning technology by Walz is among the most popular, and it's integrated on a number of products offered by the company. In essence, Walz has raised the industry standard for a number of applications that demand more efficient and accurate means of weighing and scanning, whether it be truck loads or consumer packaged good. Among the two revolutionary Walz Scale systems that we mention below are the load scanner and the dimensioning and cubing systems.

Load Scanner

Walz Load ScannerThe new Walz load scanner mirrors the growth of technology in the modern world. It is a system that has been designed to deliver accurate and cost effective results. The system was designed as a replacement to heavy industrial weighing systems and truck scales. The load scanner technology is characterized by accurate weighing capabilities and perfect data management systems both of which are ingredients for successful weighing in mining and farming industries.

Many industries are making a shift from the cumbersome truck scales to this effective weighing system. The load scanner does not use pressure sensors like the truck scales but instead uses laser technology that scans the truck loads to bring a high definition 3D image.

Primarily, the scanner measures the volume of the truck load. Through an advanced system, the load scanner can determine the density of the truck load and other variables such as moisture to help calculate the weight. Simply, the Walz Scale load scanner provides weight, load position, load fragmentation and cycle time analysis and load compaction. Better still, the data can be stored for future reference. There are a number of reasons why this system has been able to change the weighing industry.

First, it is affordable. Unlike the cumbersome weighbridges and truck scales, this is an affordable payload management system. The system is portable, it is efficient and accurate and it is durable. The fact that you can weigh trucks while they are in motion makes the system even more efficient.

Dimensioning and Cubing Technology

Dynamic In Motion Cubing System WalzThis is a new technology that comes as a complete set of dimensioning systems that has been designed to make scanning, weighing and cubing a cinch and affordable. This has been created with the capacity to measure high volume loads in logistics and distribution companies. There are a number of systems at this front.

The Static Package Scanner (SPS) is simple yet highly effective dimensional weighing system that comes handy for warehouse and shipping operations. It has been fitted with industry-grade sensors to yield accurate results. The SPS can function in any environmental condition and comes handy for high volume weighing.

The In-Motion Package Scanner is another dimensioning system that is actually one of the most highly advanced, dynamic in-motion cubing systems currently on the market. This has been designed to be mounted on conveyors to bring real time load dimensions and metrics. It utilizes advanced laser scanning technology to bring great accuracy.

The Pallet and Large Freight dimensioning system is an advanced cubing system for clients who need highly accurate, fast and efficient dimensioning. This system, like the IMPS above uses laser scanners. These dimension scanners and cubing systems from Walz Scale can be used for both indoor and outdoor operations.


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