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7-Step Guide to Making Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Web DesignAbout 80 percent of Internet users all over the world use their mobile phones to browse the web. The increased number of mobile Internet use has lead to Google refining its ranking algorithm to adopt to this mobile revolution.

On February 26, 2015, Google announced intended changes on its mobile search algorithm. It made it clear that Mobile Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will be affected by how friendly a website is to mobile phones.

The changes are expected to take effect on April 21, 2015. Google’s intentions are to improve surfing experience for people mobile phone Internet users. Google made the announcement early enough to give website owners enough time to configure their websites.

Ensuring Your Site is Mobile-friendly

Below are seven steps that will help webmaster prepare their sites to be mobile-friendly.

1. Perform a thorough analysis of your website’s voice features and compare them with those of competitive sites. Evaluate how the website ranks relative to top competitors.

2. Keep updated on keyword trends used on mobile ranking, as well as, other devices such as tablets and desktops.

3. Inspect how well your site is friendly to mobiles. If you cannot do it on your own, hire an expert.

4. Evaluate mobile ranking and results at the page level, as opposed to website level.

5. Report treading keywords and rankings across devices for local, as well as, global results.

6. Ensure you follow Google’s best practice strategies. Google has done its part by making the announcements early, and it is now you part to heed the warning.

7. Finally, rinse all the above-stated strategies with regard to mobile Internet search tactics.

There's also great guides and articles on this topic at Moz and Search Engine Watch.

The Elements of Mobile-friendly Design

Google puts the number of mobile Internet users at over 1.5 billion. The number is too large to be ignored and there is need to look at their interests with keen. As of now, a majority of websites are already configured to friendly mobile versions, but those that are yet to make the changes continue to enjoy ranking devoid of mobile optimization.

Online businesses that depend on Internet searches to get customers will be hard hit if they do not conform to proper mobile web design requirements. Google has no intentions of harassing website owners, but to provide consumers with the information they want.

It is important to remember that Google insists on a responsive site design, which is reflective in its Mobile Usability Report in Google Webmaster Tools. Some of the elements that counts for this design are such as:

  • If the font is easy to read on small screens
  • The ease of use of the touch elements and how they are spaced
  • Avoidance of cross links that are irrelevant
  • The load time and speeds of mobile pages
  • Use of CSS and JavaScript

This is not the first time Google will make changes on its search and ranking strategies. It continuously updates its search algorithms to enhance how it meets the needs of Internet users. Websites, therefore, stay on the look out and do their best to optimize their content based on latest algorithms set by Google.

Ecommerce SEO players should take advantage of these changes to capitalize on the ever-growing mobile-Internet marketplace. It is time to consider all the things mobile users might want and use the concepts as a guide to configure the navigation menu and other website features. It is vital to ensure that navigation is easy and intuitive to the use of fingers instead of the mouse.


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