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5 Modern Innovations in Health & Medical Technology

Medical TechnologyEvery passing year brings about revolutionary changes and technological advancements in the medical and healthcare system. Through such innovations, human life has been improved and the overall life expectancy has increased by around 25 years in the past century.

The 21st century has witnessed new developments and discoveries in the field of medicine. For instance, the new advancement in science engineering and technology has really brought a positive paradigm shift in the healthcare system. The adoption of computers and technologies has led to new practices, treatments and methods in the recent past.

In fact the delivery of healthcare and the collaboration among different medical practitioners has been made easy and more meaningful. The following are some of the technological innovations that are new and emerging in various health and medical practices.

Development of MRI to Map Brain Activity

The use of MRI to map brain activity is also a great milestone that has helped in transforming the overall healthcare sector in the world. This innovation was motivated by the fact and aspiration to solve some of the complexities and challenges within the healthcare system.

Use of Cold Laser Therapy

The use of cold laser therapy is also the latest medical innovation that has played tremendous roles in the field of medicine. For instance, the use of the laser, which is a safe, painless class-IV laser treatment that helps stimulate cellular regeneration and promotes greater healing efficacy.

Laser therapy is one of the latest innovations that have helped in improving the health of many different patients, spanning from cancer victims to those undergoing chiropractic care. Now, models like the K-Laser are available in both traditional medicine and holistic health practices, such as chiropractors.

Medical Robotics

Another current trend in medical innovation and technological advancement in the field of medicine involves the use of robotics in the rehabilitative therapy. This application is also used in helping the elderly, disabled persons and also incorporated in drug delivery, image guided surgery and patient monitoring.

It is one of the innovations that have helped in reducing costs and improving the overall healthcare service delivery. Service robots are also employed in hospitals to assist in patient care and the transportation of the medical equipment. Other robotics is employed in hospitals to dispense intravenous solutions.

Adoption of Digital Medicine

The use of computers in the medical field is one of the latest emerging innovations that have been utilized in various parts of the world. For instance, the Electronic Medical Records commonly known as the EMRs has been a primary objective and a goal of the medical fraternity for decades.

This innovation has helped in the standardization, digitization and consolidation of the medical records, as well as medical patient billing processes (and for many practices, such as billing for cardiologists as well as CHC & FQHC billing. This has played an instrumental role in enabling a quick delivery of health care service to patients in different parts of the world.

Stem Cell Research

This is one of the latest innovations that have proved to be more promising in the 21st century. It involves the insertion of healthy genes to a person to replace the unhealthy ones by the means of a virus.

This research involves the study and use of two main types of cells namely the embryonic stem cells and the adult stem cells. Within the past decade, researchers have come up with ways of how to program the adult cells to assume the stem-cell like state.


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