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Technology-Driven Local SEO Strategies for Sustainable Rankings

Technology-Driven Local SEOAfter the latest Google updates, it is important to make your website as user-focused and high-quality as possible. In turn, this can help to improve your local SEO efforts.

Shortcuts with local SEO are not going to provide sustainable search engine placement. In essence, creative thinking, quality work, and use of certain technologies can help you realize long term results for your local business.

What Defines Quality SEO for Local Businesses

Authority, credibility, and quality are important attributes that should be included in an efficient local SEO strategy. Author names and titles, badges and membership, density of advertising, content and keyword density, address and phone information, W3C compliance, and quality of the website’s link profile are all important factors to consider in developing a successful SEO strategy. These are the areas where white-hat high-quality SEO should investigate and come with improvements.

Local SEO brings various disciplines together. Web design, user experience, and information architecture are all important aspects in regards to how a website is scored by search engines. The credibility of a website, how the site feels to a visitor, are areas where website design plays an essential part. A website owner or a web master should also figure out what the visitors want. Wise local SEO strategies are chasing users and not algorithms. This approach can have the most sustainable long term influence on a website’s rankings.

Develop a Sound Local SEO Strategy

Much of the local SEO strategy development process hinges on having the right technology. This includes backlink scanning software (like Majestic), citation auditing platforms (like Yext) and others. With these technologies, you can develop actionable local SEO strategies that center on the follow concepts detailed below

Improve Link Metrics

One of the local SEO strategies that translate in better rankings is improving the link metrics of the website. Quality link building can build authority, credibility and brand awareness. It is important to build some locally relevant links in order to improve your local SEO efforts. For assistance in link building and improving link metrics, check out this webiste optimization group.

Build Citations

If you need to rank locally you need to work on your on-site local optimization and to add a few citations. It is important to acquire customer reviews in order to improve your local rankings. Building your brand in the local ecosystem may be a laborious task, but it is important to get it done if you want to rank higher.

Each of the citation sites where you are getting listed can provide you benefits beyond just helping your online business to rank higher for Google's local results. These citation sites can send potential customers to worthy vendors, as one of their goals is to provide a positive customer experience. Listing your business on these citation sites provides you another place to be found by potential customers as each of the citation sites gets their own traffic.

In your citation generation strategy you may use some of the most well known citation related tools:

Integrate Schema Markup

Schema markup is among the latest evolutions in local SEO. This form of optimization is very powerful and can greatly boost your website’s SERPs. The website for schema markup,, was created by collaboration between Yahoo, Bing, and Google.

Schema markup is a form of semantic vocabulary or code that you can include on your website in order to provide the search engines with more informative results for users. Schema markup language is in a way similar to the rich snippets. The code included on your website can indicate to SERP to display helpful information for visitors, such as a schedule of upcoming hotel events, for example.

Schema not only tell search engines what your data says but also what your data means. With schema markup, some of your website content gets indexed and returned in a meaningful way and the search engines will then provide results that display better info for the users. Check out LocalBusiness Schema, which is the best place to start for local SEO in Traverse City and other cities of focus.

Schema markup is based on code in microdata format, which is a unique semantic vocabulary. However, in order to use schema markup you do not need to learn new coding skills besides HTML Microdata. The contact info and the geographic location of a local business are the most important elements of implementing schema onto a local website. Local businesses can also implement Schema Markup in order to allow search engines to display important information, such as reviews, testimonials, hours, and even menus.


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