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New Load Scanner Technology Delivers Incredible Value

 Load ScannerLoad scanner technology can be a significant addition to certain companies and operations that require calculating the load volumes of large trucks or equipment. Whether for mining or farming, Walz Scale has recently introduced an amazingly dependable and accurate load scanner system that caters to these types of professions, and many more.

The load scanner designed by Walz Scale delivers optimal accuracy required by payload management. Below we go into greater detail about the load scanner system, its functionality, and its overall features.

Load Scanner System Components

The load scanner system comes fully configured and comprises of a number of components. The components are a Walz Load Scanner Head, a Payload Operating System and an instructions guide of the installation and operation of the system. In essence, the load scanner system is incredibly easy to set-up and use. And compared to using alternative solutions like expensive truck scales and weighing equipment, a load scanner offers an affordable solution to managing load data.

Load Scanning Technology

The Load Scanner has been designed based on an advanced laser technology. This laser technology makes use of light in order to precisely determine the accurate load being carried in open top vehicles. The technology works irrespective of whether the vehicle is travelling dynamically or is in motion.

Volumetric Load Calculations

The volumetric load calculation by the scanner assists in taking notes of the products that are loaded in a truck. This feature has been designed keeping in mind the needs of different industries dealing with loads such as mining, transportation, construction industries, and several others.

Automated Operation and Monitoring

Truck Bed Load ScannerThis feature is very beneficial and it enables business persons to monitor their trucks while they are being loaded in the warehouse to the stage of transportation as well as delivery. The system also takes a record of the empty trucks.

The system scans the loading and also calculates the weight of the load. The load weight is compared with other trucks in the system. When the trucks are in transportation, the record is kept and maintained till the time they reach the destination and emptied.

Compatibility Features

The benefit of the load scanner has been increased by its ability to work with the other components and devices. The scanner can work in associated with computers, mounting hardware, 3D scanners and reporting softwares. To make the process of reporting and documentation much easier, the scanner comes with these components.

Data Reporting In Real-Time

Real-time reporting is a vital feature which ensures that the load of the truck is according to the required and acceptable for delivery. The volume load scanning system also reports in real time that the trucks have arrived the destination and have been emptied.

3D Load Scan Imaging

Apart from carrying the accurate amount of loading, the trucks used for hauling should also are also required to make sure the proper stacking of the products loaded inside the trucks.

The load scanner by Walz shows detailed high definition 3D images of the products and their stacking inside the trucks.

Unattended Vehicle Identification

Vehicles are scanned with the Radio Frequency Identification system. The RFID reader reads the truck mounted tag when a vehicle approaches the scanner. The system makes the scanner to take a record of the vehicle scan, the identification of the driver, products carried etc.

Customizable Reporting

Load Scanner SystemThe scanner’s system allows to customize reports according to the needs of the managing personnel. One can choose the report details and the graphically generated images for printing or any other use.

Portability is also a great feature of the load scanner that's worth mentioning. Based on the system's design, the user can choose permanent mounting of the system in a particular location as well as can choose a portable configuration for using the system.


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