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Load Scanner Replacing Modern Mining Scales?

Weighing heavy, cumbersome loads accurately and consistently is a critical need for a multitude of industries. Most weighing solutions are made up of old fashion technologies, such as cumbersome fixed weigh bridges or steel deck truck scale systems.

Load Scanner

However, with the inception of newer technologies such as load scanner system, the mining truck scale market is going through a rapidly changing phenomenon.

Benefits of increased efficiency and improved cost-ratio are the primary reasons for the truckload weighing market have such a high appeal for a load scanner. The mining industry is a fine example with many companies seeking to make a considerable shift of their weight measuring techniques and processes.

Different than the heavier and more expensive truck scales, portable scales and other truck weight measuring scales, load scanners required less maintenance. They reduce such maintenance costs, reduce guessing, outdated truck counting methods and enhance the weighting system of companies as a whole.

The Walz Load Scanner

The Walz Load Scanner is among the top load scanner scales in the market. It provides accurate, fast and simple in-motion or dynamic load scanning which is convenient, reliable and profitable. And it's precisely when you mention the word profit, that companies start eye-popping.

Walz Load Scanner's advanced technological advancements include proprietary technology that's capable of scanning volumes very fast and accurately. And since the scanner is placed above the truck's path, it requires little maintenance and is highly efficient.It is a system that's much more efficient than portable truck scales and heavy-duty weighbridge scales which require greater maintenance. Since they are located underneath the tucks' path, they require constant replacement and adjustments. But truckload scanners are able to work day in and day out at all times.

A load scanner is capable of working smoothly and seamlessly under all weather conditions, such as rain, snow or rail. They are heavy duty but still don't have the same wear noticed in other truck scales which require intense maintenance.

Revolutionizing Load Management for Mining Applications

Now it prompts the question. Why are mining companies seeing this as a great alternative to other types of truck scales?

The reason for this is that the loading and unloading truck systems and processes used in mining companies are still using old traditional methods. But with load scales, they've realized that since loads are pretty much standard, with the same types of mining contents, that load scanners are precise and accurate at scanning and weighing these.

Also, differently than other load volume scanner systems, the Walz Load Scanner is able to circumvent problematic measuring by knowing how to differentiate loads by contents, humidity and density. This diminishes problematic loads making mining companies able to load and unload their loads fast.

As one of the most creative solutions for payload management, the Walz Load Scanner also contains an application which allows all loads to be measured and served through the cloud from one central location on the web. This means that you can view it anywhere, even using cross-platforms such as computers, notebooks, palm tops, mobile phones, iPads, and others.

This way you can manage trucks that are in transit, stock piles, and many other varying elements which allow for smarter managing capabilities for mining companies that want to optimize their business operations, and now all companies in the industry that don't want to stay behind need to also implement these new strategies.


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