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B-Series Kubota Package Deals from German Bliss Equipment

At German Bliss, the company offers a number of Kubota tractor package deals that include brand-new, top-of-the-line Kubota tractors equipped with the most critical components, attachments, and features that you are going to need to make the most of your tractor investment.Kubota package deals

With a focus on versatility and value, German Bliss' Kubota packages deals delivers a high degree of value for an economical price. For customers looking for something unique or custom, the specialized professionals at German Bliss are also able to custom build tractor package to meet specific needs.

Because the B-series of Kubota tractors are some of the most affordable and yet highly functional and reliable, below are just a few of the most popular B-series Kubota packages and what they include.

Kubota Tractor Packages from German Bliss

Delve into greater detail and more information about various Kubota tractor packages from German Bliss.

1. B2301HSD Kubota Tractor Package Deal

Kubota tractor package deal

Kubota package deals from German Bliss include quality tractors with a most common implement that you needs so as to maintain your properties.

This Kubota package deal consist of:

  • 4-wheel drive 23 HP diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • R4 Industrial tires
  • A 60 Kubota mid-mounted mower
  • Genuine Kubota L-A-243-A
  • Rear blade and rear gate
  • Box scrapper with scarifies
  • Liberty Single Axle
  • 2 load straps

The Kubota tractor package comes out with a price of $19,799. Low APR financing is available for this Kubota deal with approved credit.

2. B2650HSD Kubota Tractor Package Deal

The deal includes a four-wheel drive tractor with an engine of 26 HP diesel, hydrostatic transmission, R-4 industrial tires, and positioned control at a 3- point hitch. Genuine one has a front end loader with a sixty quick couple Bucket, 4 fits shredder with a bolt drive line protection. The box scrapper is five fits and has scarified too. The Liberty Dual Axle offers 18 different fittings.Kubota tractor package deal

This Kubota tractor package deal consists of the following:

  • Four wheel drive 26 HP Diesel engine
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • R-4 industrial tires
  • Front end loader with pin on 54 Bucket
  • Land pride RCR-1248
  • 4 Fit Shredder with Shear Bolt driveline protection
  • 5 fits box scrapper with scarifies
  • Liberty dual axle trailer (18 ft)
  • Electric brakes on both handles
  • Pull-out ramps
  • 7 way RV plug
  • 2 load straps

This package price is approximate $ 21,199. Low APR financing is available for this Kubota deal with approved credit.

3. B3350 Kubota Tractor Package Deal

If you're looking for something a bit more robust in the B-series family of Kubota tractors, than the B3350 package is tops. With a more powerful motor and a bigger bucket for hauling, this tractor deal includes the following features:Kubota tractor package deal

  • Four-wheel drive 33 HP Diesel engine
  • New R-4 industrial tires
  • Land Pride BB1260 5ft Boxscraper
  • Front end loader with pin on 60 Bucket
  • Land Pride RCR1260 5ft shredder
  • A 5 fits box scrapper with scarifies
  • Liberty dual axle trailer (18 ft)
  • Seven-way RV plug
  • 2 load straps

This package comes out at a price of $24, 999

A customer is allowed to make a choice from the above among another alternative available at our display.

Kubota package deals at German Bliss are a great way to save if you plan on investing in a tractor, a trailer, and other components. The tractors are made using the cutting-edge modern technology and componentry. Its interior and exterior design is of great value as it employs state-of-the-art comfort and easy in-and-out cab.

The Kubota development team is recognized as a creative force of specialized personnel who are well–trained and have a long-standing reputation for impeccable tractor products. Quality is the backbone of Kubota products.

Visit German Bliss to Learn More

German Bliss EquipmentIf you do not see the Kubota package deal that you need, check out the Kubota package deals at to see all B-Series, L-Series, BX-Series, and MX-Series of Kubota tractor packages. Contact German Bliss online for custom Kubota tractor packages or following the address information below.

German-Bliss Equipment
215 Fairlane Dr
East Peoria IL 61611
Phone: 309-694-3700


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